Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition 2019 Cast Spoilers

WE tv/YouTube “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition,” WE tv’s hit reality series, airs tonight at 9 p m. ET.  Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition airs tonight at 10/9c on WE tv. The synopsis for episode 1, titled “Caution! Family Secrets Ahead,” reads, “Four dysfunctional celebrity families enter Boot Camp and face the secrets that broke them ”  According to the network, this season will also include a wild road trip where the families will “face painful truths and find out if blood is really thicker than water,” so fans have a lot to look forward to over the next 10 weeks    The Family Edition cast includes former pop star Aaron Carter, Goonies celeb Corey Feldman, The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Alexis Bellino, and Basketball Wives’ Laura Govan, alongside various members of their families Continue reading for details on the season 14 celebrity cast: Aaron Carter & Mother/Manager Jane    Aaron Carter and his mother/manager Jane are heading to Boot Camp to address a plethora of issues, including Aaron’s “issues with his boy-band brother Nick,” as well as the accusations against his “momager” for allegedly losing all of his money Clips for this season also see Carter struggling with the deaths of his sister and father, both of which he feels responsible for  “I felt like I had been responsible for the death of my sister, for the death of my dad, for my family falling apart,” Carter explained to the group, adding that he’s felt like an adult since the age of 16, when his career was at its peak Corey Feldman  & Brother Eden    Child actor Corey Feldman is joining Boot Camp with his brother Eden and wife Courtney The actor hopes to save his “brotherly bond” with Eden, while also coping with “childhood trauma and abandonment issues” that plague both he and his brother The actor was quick to brag to the rest of the cast about how popular he was as a child, so it looks like Feldman might also be on a bit of an ego trip, or he may be using his popularity as a mask for his inner demons  “Six albums, five TV series, three No. 1 albums. Lost Boys, Gremlins, The Goonies, Friday the 13th, Stand By Me,” Feldman, 48, boasts about his work to his family and costars in the teaser, which he immediately follows by saying, “I don’t like bragging about my own work ” Alexis Bellino & Mother Penelope    Former RHOC star Alexis Bellino and her mother Penelope will attempt to work through “years of pent-up resentment,” all while Bellino continues to deal with her very public divorce from ex-husband Jim Bellino  “You never liked me as a kid,” Bellino, 42, tells her mom in a sneak peek of the season The clip above also shows the mother-daughter duo roll up in a car with a license plate that says “brkn fam,” and the two admit that they have issues communicating, which they hope to resolve during their time on Boot Camp Laura Govan & Parents Gloria & Michael    Basketball Wives’ Laura Govan and her parents Gloria and Michael joined the cast to work through a “daunting past” while they “battle to get to the truth ”  “We as a family decided to join Family Bootcamp for the therapy,” Govan tells the cameras in the clip above “There was an incident that made me lose trust in my parents when I turned 13. I remember telling my dad that I was molested I told him what happened and his answer was ‘well what do you want me to do?’”  Dr Venus Nicolino and Dr. Ish Major are also returning this season to help the celebs and their families get to the bottom of their most major issues, while hopefully repairing their relationships in the process  Tune in Fridays at 10/9c to catch Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition on WE tv.  READ NEXT: Marriage Boot Camp 2019 Premiere Time, Date & Schedule

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