Marines Recite the Oath of Enlistment

Let me be the first one to congratulate you
on a job well done and to call you a United States Marine. Raise your right hand and repeat after me. I, state your name, I, (name)… …do solemnly swear… …do solemnly swear… …to support and defend… …to support and defend… …the constitution of the United States… …the constitution of the United States…
…against all enemies… …against all enemies… …foreign and domestic; …foreign and domestic; …and to bear true faith… …and to bear true faith…
…and allegiance to the same; …and allegiance to the same; …that I will obey… …that I will obey… …the orders of… …the orders of… …the President of the United States… …the President of the United States… …and the orders of… …and the orders of… …those officers… …those officers… …appointed over me… …appointed over me… …according to regulations… …according to regulations… …and the uniform code of military justice. …and the uniform code of military justice. So help me God. So help me God.

100 thoughts on “Marines Recite the Oath of Enlistment

  1. I cant wait to turn 17 to join the united state marine corps just like my dad, grandpa, and my uncle family tradition   

  2. "pledge allegiance to the state" What if the state becomes a tyrannical government? God Bless our Marines, but please pledge to the constitution not orders if they for whatever reason turn against us 

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, our country is under attack. We have been infiltrated. Our biggest enemy lives amongst us. They have sent our precious troops to foreign lands to fight for them. Our blood is spilled, our families destroyed, our way of life threatened. I feel we need our brothers in arms to return home to stem the tide of subversion here on American soil. Maj Bruce Trahan ret.

  4. I signed a blank check to defend our country. I've taken the oath. Even though I am now retired I have not asked for the check to be returned. I for one will continue to stand on the wall, remain vigilant until the check is cashed. Then me and the good Lord can have a chat. Maj Bruce Trahan ret.

  5. The most motivational video out there. This motivates me to keep my dreams of becoming a US Marine alive and well very much! God bless you Marines!

  6. I can't remember what the date exactly this was. Was anyone else in the video? I remember it was the first day it got cold on PI that year. Granted, I welcomed it during the hike. 1st Battalion, Delta Company, Plt. 1076. Oct, 2012. I think we graduated Oct, 12-13.

  7. Every time I watch this it makes me tear up, because some of the guys I became a Marine with aren’t alive still 😢

  8. Hey wait a minute, are they going off to war to fight for GOD and country when scientists tell you that life evolved? I know it sounds shitty but my non christian grandma got up and left the room at the thought of me enlisting! Hey that scientist tells y'all there aint no god thats gonna bless any soilders or marines, in fact their deaths are then because of something like a lie cause i don't really think anyone would send anyone else off to…. Nah. Nobody knows what that scientist is saying therefore they are misinformed. Somebody needs to tell those others ones across the ocean about Allah and scientific facts. Thank Al gore later for the internet and what you can find on it.

  9. I didn't serve in the USMC, but I did my service with my own country. But whenever I hear this, this gives me the chills. Respect.

  10. Fuck the constitution of America it's the American people they should defend not a constitution because what is more important a country's people or a nations laws. /with no people their is no law.

  11. My son became a United States Marine today. I am so proud of all Marines and what they represent. Oohrah!


  12. I'm not USA citizen but i wanna service USA army.. so that somebody wanna explain to me, how can i join the USA army

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  14. Too bad the United States died long ago. Half of these people are foreigners and would not be considered citizens by the founding fathers.

  15. Oath to fight for freedom. And what's right above all including white house and president period remember this GOVERNMENT WAS CREATED FOR THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE NOT FOR EVIL RACIST GREEDY RICH CLOWN PHSYCOS!!

  16. So that oath does justify the use of deadly force against innocent civilians and children!!! if the u.s. government tells them too!!!! They will come to kill their own families!!!! Or face court martial and death!!!!!!

  17. Please excuse the poor recording quality of a laptop, but here is what it is all about:

  18. I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

  19. Joined and enlisted in '99 boot camp Plt 1066 San Diego. Semper Fi.
    Check has not been cashed, and until I die. My oath to this country remains. Semper Fi brothers and sisters.

  20. Supercop

    Paxis from naval store downtown Wisconsin

    Only 68% from home 22 biological test tube babies under 1 month old

    Mega bus conversion was so throwback hombrè im telling you BABE…

  21. I still watch this in 2019 everyday before my workout for motivation to become a Rifleman in the World's Greatest Fighting Force (The United States MarineCorps)

  22. how many committing suicide after this or dying from healthcare etc while abiding it with their families going through it including kids n wife not their mother n father

  23. thou shall not kill Vs trained to kill………..bit of cog-diss there.
    Some of those that brought Forces, are the same the wear Crosses.
    that wear the badge…..of the chosen whites…..killing in the name of ?
    Diue et mon droit? …Semper fidelis?……or Temple Fiddlers? DIES SANGUINIS

    What are Chaplains for? Posthumus duties?……Thou shall Not KILL , they obviously cant preach that can they?…..SEE a problem ?…….we SEE a huge problem with these men in yellow frocks
    and Ninurtas blackbirds…..are Faster-walkers……

  24. The officers appointed over me not “those officers” still very good but the marine officer administering should get that right.

  25. If there are so many oathkeepers, then how can so few politicians continuously violate the Constitution?
    Seems almost like, vets just mouth the words.

  26. This is the very important part of the oath.

    "I (Name) do Solemnly swear, to Protect and Defend The Constitution of United States against all Enemies, Foreign and Domestic!…."

    Meaning Marines and All Military have a duty to Defend US Citizens Freedoms under US Constitution and Bill of Rights from any Unlawful/Illegal Orders to be used as tools of Government Tyranny than Protectors of this Nation. Especially if Government ever attempts to use Military to DISARM US Citizens from Right to Bear Arms (which also we defend ourselves from)

  27. That’s what I like in the oath, TO SUPPORT AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION. If our own government would try to take away our guns, every marine active or not, would side with the civilians

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