Marine Corps Training : Do Marines Train on Sundays in Basic Training?

Hello, my name is Staff Sergeant Montgomery
with United States Marine Corps recruiting office in West Valley City, Utah. Today we’re
here to talk about whether or not Marines train on Sunday while in basic training. Marines
do not train on Sunday in basic training. In fact, Marines go to, get the option to
go to church or do their laundry or take care of one of the many other things Marines are
required to do like iron a uniform or study Marine Corps history. There are approximately
90 days in boot camp. Seventy of those are considered training days. Sunday is not one
of them. However, Sunday is not a day off. On Sunday after church, the drill instructor
may have you practice marching or field day. Field day is a very thorough cleaning where
everything gets moved and mopped and deep cleaned and put back, as well as thoroughly
clean their weapons. Again, Sunday is not a day off, however, it is not a training day.
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