MARCOM Central BPA’s Web to Print Portal Basic Training Video

Narrator: This video is designed to assist
you with a basic understanding of how to customize one of BPA’s Energy Efficiency marketing templates
located in the portal with your utility logo and contact information. For more detailed
instructions for customizing the images, graphics, and content in the materials, please see our
advanced instructional video. Remember BPA marketing staff is still available
to assist you at any time. If you ever need assistance with the website or have questions,
please don’t hesitate to contact your Energy Efficiency Representative.
Let’s begin. First log in to the MARCOM Central Portal
After you log into the website, you will see the Product Catalog with the selection of
Energy Efficiency sectors to choose from. We’re going to start with Residential.
In the Residential catalog, you will see several different programs that contain promotional
materials. For this demonstration we are going to try the Heat Pump Water Heaters. In this
section you will see a large selection of materials for heat pump water heaters. We
have partner one sheets, customer one sheets, customer direct mail, advertisements, and
bill inserts. For this demonstration we are going to test the advertisements. This is
the page where you will be able to customize the advertisement with your information. For
this demonstration we are going to do a very simple customization with only a utility logo
and contact information. You will be able to change the company logo
located at the bottom of the advertisement and the contact information also located in
this bottom paragraph. Let’s start by uploading a utility logo. You’ll
notice here the company logo and company logo. And well select upload. The upload button
brings you to a section where you can browse the files on your computer to locate your
logo. Select your logo and select the open button. Now you can upload your logo to the
MARCOM central site. This view shows you what will be added to
the advertisement, if it is correct, click save.
Now that we’ve uploaded our logo, well want to edit the contact information which is here.
We’re going to start by adding our utility name to paragraph one. You’ll notice this
sentence has a placeholder where it says “Insert utility name here”. We’re going to insert
our utility name just like you would do in a word document. The next place where we are
going to edit the information is the very final contact information. Here’s a sentence
that we will edit to say who we’d like you to contact and their contact information.
Here we’ll edit the sentence to say “Contact Dave Moody” after we’ve added Dave’s name
we will add his email address and then edit the phone number. Again, changing this contact
content is just as you’d change content in a word document. Now that we have uploaded
the correct logo, added our utility name to paragraph one, and changed the contact information,
we can update the proof to see our finished advertisement. Here you click the update button
underneath the word “proof”. Next to see that your information is correct, click enhanced
view at the bottom right of the screen. From this enhanced view you have several options
to see if your information is correct. To show the advertisement on a full screen, press
the four arrow button. To check to make sure the information you added to your advertisement
is correct, click the plus magnifying glass and you will be able to see your logo, and
read that your information is correct. Here we added the name Bonneville Power Administration
to the first paragraph and then contact Dave Moody in our contact information. Now that
you’ve confirmed the information is correct, you can select “Digital Delivery”. This is
a really easy way to send a co-worker, a printer, or yourself a high resolution pdf for printing
purposes. You have several different options for the file delivery. For this purpose you
are going to select PDF-High Resolution and we are going to select Generate File. The
pdf high resolution file is the most common file for printing purposes. It is a file that
you will be able to print in house or send to any commercial printer. Once you’ve generated
the high-resolution pdf file, you have two options, you can download the selected pdf
and save it to your computer or you can email it. We’re going to test the email. Here you
are able to email the high resolution pdf to yourself as well as a coworker or a commercial
printer. It will list the senders name as your account name with your account email.
You can add a coworkers email. You can edit the subject here if you need to. You can add
a note. And sign it. Once you’re finished go ahead and send the email. It will notify
you that the email has been sent. Your coworker will receive an email with a link to the high
resolution pdf. The high resolution file will appear and you will be able to confirm that
it is print-ready. Again, you will notice that we uploaded our logo. We added our utility
information here and added the contact information here. This file you can save to your computer
or print. This concludes the basic introduction to MARCOM Central. Please remember that we
are here to help you if you need any assistance with this web portal. Please contact your
energy efficiency representative. Thank you!

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