Magnetic Force Does NOT Exist!

Hey Crazies. We’ve all played with magnets before, right? The way they attract each other seems like
magic. But it isn’t. It’s science! There’s just a magnetic force pulling them together. One magnet can reach out over space and pull or push on another magnet. But, what if I told you, magnetic force does not exist? You might react with Skepticism. No no no. No. or Anger: That’s it! You’ve crossed a line! or Confusion: Huh? or maybe even Sheer Madness. Ahh!!! Come to think of it, that’s a brilliant name for a hair salon. Haircut Clone! You should call it Shear Madness! That’s brilliant! But if you’re a little curious, you might ask: How do we know what’s real and what isn’t? We’ve seen this issue before with Centrifugal Force, Coriolis Force, and recently gravity. None of those forces exist either. A force is only real if it exists from every point of view. If it only exists from some points of view, it’s a fictitious force. So all we need to prove a force is fictitious is to find one point of view where it doesn’t exist. Let’s take a look at magnetism. These magnets work because each of its iron atoms has 4 unpaired electrons whose spins line up each other. One iron atom affects the others around it forming magnetic domains. As long as those domains aren’t random, you’ve got yourself a magnet. Electric current in wires can also exert magnetic force because magnetism is created whenever charges move. And, in that lies the problem. Magnetic force depends on motion and motion is relative. An electric current is just a bunch of electrons in a wire moving from one positive nucleus the next. This wire can’t exert any electric forces because it’s neutral. There is no electric field. However, the moving electrons do create a magnetic field, so they can exert magnetic force on other moving charges, like this proton keeping pace with them. Well, I mean, it could be anything positive:
A squirrel, a hockey puck, Milton, a rubber ducky. But, for simplicity, we’ll stick with the proton. It experiences a force away from the wire. No problems yet, but let’s change the point of view. What if you’re moving along with the proton? It won’t appear to be moving at all and neither will the electrons, but, now the nuclei are moving the other direction. Yes, they’re creating a magnetic field, but they can’t exert a magnetic force on the proton because it isn’t moving. It’s confirmed! Magnetic force does not exist. Yet, that proton still moves away, so what gives? It turns out we can’t make sense of this without considering special relativity, particularly, length contraction. The faster things go, the shorter they are. Usually, this isn’t something we have to worry about unless we’re going Fast! Fast! But sometimes it’s necessary even at slow speeds. If those nuclei are moving, they must contract along the direction of motion. But charge is invariant, meaning everyone measures it the same, so the contraction changes their charge density, meaning any spot in the wire has more positive charge than negative. The wire is no longer neutral, so electric force pushes away the proton. But wait, that electric force didn’t exist from the other point of view! It doesn’t exist either! Ahh!!!! The thing is though, no matter how we look at that wire scenario, there is always an electric force, a magnetic
force, or some combination of the two. They’re really just two manifestations of
the same thing. We call that electromagnetic force, but representing it mathematically requires tensors, which can be a bit tricky. So we usually just pretend like they’re separate things. Thanks for liking and sharing this video and a special thanks to our patrons on Patreon who have been a huge help. Please subscribe if you’d like to see more and until next time, remember, it’s OK to be a little crazy.

100 thoughts on “Magnetic Force Does NOT Exist!

  1. Absolutely correct. While special relativity forced us to change much of our views of physics, Maxwell's equations needed no change whatsoever. They were already relativisticly correct. What I tell my students is that magnetism is merely the relativistic correction of the electric force.

  2. I, Annelies Bakker, declare, agree and believe magnetic force does not exist in my life, now and forever, in Jesus Christ his name and by his blood: amen!

  3. so it is the forces around a magnet that push them together or pull them apart, it has nothing to do with the magnet itself or magnetic fields. if the magnet is not moving, it has no force, therefore we can conclude the force comes from an external source.

  4. Ha ha ha, he he he, I know, what about a Jewish Synagogue called, "shear madness" considering the fact that's laughed about revealing that infant baby boys go into neurogenic shock while being circumcised. Shock leads to PTSD. PTSD leads to mental and other sexual dysfunctions. OMG, giggles, I can't stop laughing, so funny. Circumcision is a aex crime. Cutting baby boys is laughed about. Just another purposely taunting sickly element in this fake, made up, poorly designed, controlled simulated existence.

  5. If the charge is stationary then electrons are moving with respect to the charge.
    Why don't it attracts or repells the stationary charge ?

  6. How could I live 3 years without your videos! Love from Portugal.
    Keep going! You're top of tops. I'm a physics teacher.

  7. If the proton isnt moving relative to use then no magnetic force. The proton will stay in its position. But from his point of view a net electric field is produced since negative charges moving. So why the proton isnt attracted to the wire?

  8. Okay, so of the 4 fundamental forces in nature you've shown 2 aren't forces. So I'll see if you have 2 more videos explaining how there are no forces at all. Maybe the word force needs to be redefined? Perhaps we should call them farces?

  9. Nick why permanent magnet which is electrically neutral gets attracted to electromagnet (in which magnetism is caused by length contraction thereby altering charge density)

  10. Why was it said the wire had no electric field or force. The wire is conducting electricity. The electric force and field would run along the axis of the wire?

  11. FYI: There is a short "footnote" video that goes into a little more detail about the length contraction:

  12. Hmm…Does this mean that from different points of reference, light is polarized in different directions?

  13. at 2:10 why the proton would not have magnetic force as it is also moving with respect to the positive charge?it should also feel magnetic force..anyone pls explain this

  14. Not only they are manifestations of the same thing but also is the weak force. Only the strong force seems fundamentally different.

  15. So is length contraction the cause of magnetic force? and if not why do we need to consider length contraction in magnetism in the first place? Or don’t we?

  16. How EXACTLY is magnetic force created if length contraction isn’t the only cause. For example in permanent magnets it’s the spin of electrons creating the magnetic field but is this due to length contraction to or is there somehow many ways magnetic fields can be created that all happens because a charge moves?

  17. That's all well and fine, but how, how exactly to these fields produce a physical force?
    I'm told photons carry these forces.
    Now I'm really at a loss.
    So, are these forces like a 'DC' version, whereas light and RF transmissions are the AC version?
    I guess, the core of my confusion is Field Theory.
    I just cannot understand how a physical force can act on an object without direct physical contact.
    Can you explain this mystery?

  18. OK then. Electric force and magnetic force are 2 sides of the same coin. So the coin doesn't exist. Oh wait! Wait… Of course… Its the SIDES that don't exist! How obvious.. Duh….
    Its time to bring physics back to reality. For too long now they've held us with their mesmerising chains of bullshit in their pursuit of federal dollars. Only privately funded research will guarantee legitimacy.

  19. According to this logic, when a charge outside the wire is at rest and current is flowing, the charge will see current carrying electrons contracted and this with high density. While the positive charge density remains the same. Thus due to charge imbalance, the rest charge too must experience an attractive force. Isn't it?

  20. But a question here: What if we were ONLY looking at a stream of electrons in a vacuum (not in a metal with nuclei) and the proton outside was moving at the same speed as the electrons?

  21. I have read that in QFT or QED the thing that interacts in electrons or positrons are virtual photons, so i think when something repels or attract each other is this interaction, but i have a big doubt about what are the magnetic field made of, or what mediates the line forces of a magnetic field, In some physics blogs, i think scientists, answer these questions and say that the magnetic field is made by virtual photons but nobody tells if the magnetic line forces are mediable by virtual photons … so now when i'm seeing your video and others telling magnetism is just like a consecuence of relativity and it actually is just electric fiel which is real, so is there a way to understand what im asking or a concept could i start to investigate for understand a litle bit more? I already know that maybe my answer is in QED but im new on this ! by the way thank you for doing this, i think all of we that follow your channel apreciated so much.

  22. An extremely bizarre explanation where you say
    1) charge is an objective physical property
    2) the charge of the a segment of a conductor depends on the motion of the observer
    So which one is it?

  23. Hi Thanks. I wonder if forces exists at all. I would prefer to stay on old concepts that forces just creates acceleration, and left the relativity causes for further explanations in their frame.

  24. Excellent video!

    I have one question about this.

    If the proton was travelling up, then, according to Fleming's left-hand rule, there should be a force to the left. However, the proton is travelling perpendicular to the wire so there will be no length contraction in the direction of the current. What physical phenomenon has caused this force to the left?

  25. Look at what happens between two attracting magnets under ferrocell. You will see a new pole forming there seemingly out of nothing, this is what magnets are attracted to, not each other. Obviously something's there in supposedly empty space and its acting on magnets.

  26. Could you explain what the tensors are and how they are used? You're just brilliant at explaining something. And tensors is the stuff I can't fully understand in my age (16). But i'm certain I have enough knowledge to understand tensors. And just don't ask why I need them. I'll be very grateful if you pay attention. You're the best 👌😁

  27. I've remade this video and I've given the topic the time it deserves: (How Special Relativity Fixed Electromagnetism)

  28. Lol nice wordplay on the word "real". In classical mechanics forces can come as pairs and both are treated as "real" (e.g., gravity and air resistance). Frame of reference can change the terminology of what you "formally" name some force but it doesn't make that force fake. Whether an electromagnetic force has more of an electric or more of a magnetic component doesn't make one any more fake or real (just because physicists like to wordplay real and fake with 100% frame of reference doesn't mean they define how the English language "real" and "fake" work).

  29. Its Okay that external charges are repel and attract but why we called this attraction and repulsion force the megnetic field ans me please

  30. Fun fact: atomic theory is unknown. Any PhD level chemist will tell you the standard model of the atom is Incorrect because the more you look Into it, the stranger it gets.

  31. I love a your channel, and would like to support you.
    is it possible to do a one time pledge? Patronum only offers monthly payment.

  32. Is this why inductors store energy in a magnetic field which is kinetic (velocity dependent) and why capacitors store energy in a electric field which is potential (velocity independent) ?

  33. Shear Madness was the name of a long-running mystery play at the Kennedy Center where the audience guessed (picked) the murderer, at a hair salon.

  34. Great video! Didn't know about special relativity until now but I don't think I am at that level of physics so this is a good reference video for my future physics studies. Keep rolling!

  35. So it’s just magic and the science behind magnetism is stupid gibberish that is supposed to explain the witchcraftery?

  36. Hello !
    The only thing I agree with in this show is that the claim that magnetic force does NOT exist – is brave!
    When you already want to explain the existence or non-existence of any force, it would be a good idea to first explain to us what force is in its essence – in the elemental physical sense!
    Science, whatever it is and whatever you call it, has no idea – a fundamental explanation – of many physical phenomena, such as: time, matter, gravity, force, … How all these phenomena become, what is their beginning … ? What creates these phenomena …?
    Today we only know the relations between these phenomena – most often we express them by mathematical formulations …
    It should not be confused that a magnetic force on Earth exists, that it is everywhere present for the simple reason that our planet Earth is magnetically polarized. Only the magnetic force (in the magnetic field) does not register our imperfect senses directly, but only if we have a compass at hand … Of course, there is now the question of the strength of that force.
    Let's go back to electricity and its "connection" to magnetism …
    Just a few facts to think about:
    – electrons, as carriers of negative charge, move at light velocity around the nucleus of atoms, in closed trajectories – according to the law of physics, "charge flow" creates its own magnetic field; this means that there is a magnetic field in the atom! (where there is a magnetic field, there is a magnetic force …)
    – just as light has a dual nature (in certain circumstances it acts as a wave and in some as a particle), similarly we can say about electricity and magnetism – these are just different manifestations of the same phenomenon ….

    Joe McD. "says: … magnetism is merely the relativistic correction of the electric force."
    I don't think there is any relativism. And I'd rather use a manifestation (occurrence) instead of "correction" …
    You see, in the nature (among others) the dominant law is law of balance – harmony. And the law of equilibrium is most easily established if there are only two factors in a process. This is why the binary matrix is dominant in the nature …
    This opens up a broader topic and that's where I would end my consideration …
    Your contribution is provocative, not just with a "bold statement" …
    You provoked my comment!
    Bye !

  37. Yes thats true if you completely disregard the relationships between forces as unimportant.

    Its like science does with the human experience.
    Valuing objective over subjective even though the human experience is created objectively to be subjective.

    So i de deduct that the scientific method is fundamentally flawed due to it dismissing the interactive nature of the world and its forces as an entire one rather that a series of individual events.

    Please any scientists answer this question where is the scientific proof that scientific proof is proof and if so what is it proving?

    Because all it appears to be is reverse engineering of something thats already naturally occurring and applying that to subjective imagined applications which is ironic as it gets.

  38. When it comes to microscopic stuff i have a hard time visualizing it. Does it means that i’m dumb? Any suggestion?

  39. Oh, Nick, I was thinking through this all afternoon trying to get an approachable explanation; then I saw your video and BOOM! Results that neither forces exist, and we just make up fields and forces to better understand and deal with reality.
    Love your videos, man.

  40. In the Centrifugal vs Centripetal Force video, you said that from one reference frame it's centripetal and from another it's centrifugal. In this video, you said from one reference frame it's an electric force and from another it's a magnetic force. It's always one or the other; never neither. Yet we treat the combined EM force as a real force but we don't combine the centripetal force with the centrifugal force, like a CC force, and call it real. We regard both centripetal and centrifugal forces as fictitious. Why the difference when the EM force and the "CC force" seem so analogous?

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