Long, Lean Dancer’s Legs Pilates Workout | Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho

Hey guys, Cassey here, and welcome to another
Pilates Bootcamp workout on Livestrong Woman. Today we have Long, Lean Dancer’s Legs to
really give you beautiful posture and lovely legs to wear out for miniskirts and short
shorts. Alright, let’s get started. I want you to point your toe forward, okay, and then
extend the arms out to the side. Nice, long, lean, soft fingers. So I want you to reach
up and down with that leg. That’s it. Lift and lower. Now this is going to really attack
that lower ab and your quad. So try to keep that leg as long as possible, as straight
as possible, and really point those toes. Because it’s going to help you to really tone
that whole leg by really articulating every muscle in your lower body. Very good. Exhale,
up and down. Now what you don’t wanna do here is lean forward, okay? You wanna stay up,
perfect Pilates, dancer’s posture. Lift and lower, good. Up and down. A few more here
— 3 and 2. One more. And we’re going to the side. So, reach that leg all the way out,
and you’re reaching up and down. Now this really gets your side glute right here as
well as challenging your balance too. Nice work. Lift and lower. Now, if you’re having
any trouble, what you wanna do is stare at one place and don’t take your eyes off it.
Trust me, it’s a really good trick. It’s gonna keep you all the way up and not falling all
over the place. All the way up. Exhale, lift. Inhale, lower. Good. Reach and down. Nice
and lower. Few more. And 2. One more — 1, bring it back. Very nice. Now take that leg
all the way behind you. Again, lifting up that chest, long fingers, we lift, halfway
down. Lift, halfway down. Now when you do these, I really want you to squeeze your butt.
Really, squeeze that butt cheek and hold it once you’re up there for a little bit of a
second. Hold it and down. Nice work. Lift and lower. Lift and lower. Is anyone falling
all over the place out there? It’s okay, we’re all at different levels, and we’re just working
towards our own best fitness here, right? Lift and lower. Give me 3 and 2. One more
— 1, and bring it down. Now, we’re gonna stay on that side because I really wanna attack
that booty. So I want you to bring the knee all the way out to the side so that you’re
inner thigh is presented to me on the screen, okay? So arms are still out because I want
you to really work the shoulders too. And I want you to lift all the way up. Now pretend
your knee is in a cast of some sort, so I don’t want you reaching out your leg at all
in this move. I just want you to lift up, up, up. That’s it. You feel your butt? Yeah,
you do. And I bet you feel your calves too. Lift and down. Reach and lower. Good. All
the way up. Come on. Lift and lower. Nice. Reach and down. Very good. Give me 5, and
come on. And 4 and 3. So close — 2 and 1. Hold it, hold it. This wind is gonna blow
me over. And I want you to extend that leg now, and bring it in. Extend and in. Come
on. I know it burns. It’s okay. You’ve got this — 5 and 4. Come on. And 3 and 2. One
more — 1, and bring it down. Whoa, that burns. We’re now gonna repeat it on the other side
to even everything out. Hands up, legs in front, bellybutton in, open up that chest.
Here we go. And lift and lower. Whew, giving that leg a break. Good. How are you feeling
out there? Hope you’re feeling good. And a lot of this workout here today is about posture,
okay? Because if you notice dancers walking around, they have excellent posture. Models
who walk around, they’re really walking with their chest open, their shoulders back. You
look taller, you look slimmer when you do that. So that’s a really easy way to feign
slimness, okay? But, of course, you need to eat clean and you need to workout hard and
do your cardio and everything, and then the whole package comes together. And you bring
it all with confidence, and you’re gonna look amazing. Good. Keep going. Reach and lower.
Up and down. And lower. Very nice. A few more. And 3 and 2. Last one — 1, and down. Reaching
that leg out onto the other side, arms still out, soft fingers, reach and lower. Feeling
the whole outer thigh here. Reach and lower. Exhale, up and down. Make sure the toes are
pointed. Your chest, is it still open? I hope so. Beautiful posture. Standing tall. Looking
at one place in front of you. Nice work. When you’re up there, give it a little hold before
you come down. Lift and lower. Give me a few more here — 3 and 2. One more — 1, and bring
it back. Okay, reset yourself. Find your balance. Open up that chest, bellybutton in, long neck,
arms out. We begin, up and down. Down. So you notice when you go to the back, you’re
not able to lift that leg as high because your glute is in the way? But that’s okay,
just lift up as high as you can. Give it a little bit of hold before you come down. That
hold is very essential. That is what allows you to really work the hamstring, your low
back, and your glute, okay? Lift and lower. And do you notice that one of your sides is
a lot more balanced than the other? I notice that this side, I’m having an a lot easier
time because I’m on my right leg, and I am right handed. Good, keep going — 3 and 2
and 1. Hold, hold, hold. Okay, bringing that knee in and up, we are going to lift, lift
and reach. Good. Reach. Keep going. Up, up, bellybutton in. Long fingers still. Toes pointed
still. Very nice. Lift and lift. Ooh, it burns, but I like it. I bet you like it too. Give
me five more. Here we go — 5 and 4 and 3. Good — 2 and 1. And bring it down. Bring
it up one more time. And we extend and in. Reach and in. Come on. Let’s get that hammy.
Get that back of your thigh. Getting rid of that cellulite. Here we go. And 5, point that
toe. And 4. Good — 3 and 2. One more — and 1. Bring it all the way in. And let’s attack
those calves real quick now. I want you to go ahead and bring those heels together. Shoulders
back, open up, I want you to lift and lower. Lift and lower, good. This is how you get
those nice runner’s calves — when you’re wearing those heels, you can see that muscle
pop through, that’s what we’re working for right now. Hands on the hips or out, it doesn’t
matter. Give me 3 and 2 and 1. Now bring it down. Turn it inwards. Now we’re getting the
outer calves, so lift up and down. Now if you can do hundreds of these a day, you will
so feel them for the next three days. I actually did this one a few days ago and I’m still
feeling it. So, this is hurting me right now. Keep going, lift and lower. Reach and down.
Good, higher each time. Up, lower — 3 and 2 and 1. And bring it forward. Regular ones,
we’re gonna end it here. Up and down. Reach and lower. Lift, lift. Now don’t even touch
the floor. Lift, lift, lift. Mini ones — 10, 9, 8, 7, 6. Come on — 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Done.
Very nice, guys. You just finished your Lean, Dancer’s Legs Workout. You did a fabulous
job. Let me know in the comments below which one of those was your favorite move. And I
love to see a video response too. I wanna see you guys looking super dancer like. So
I will see you next week for another episode of Pilates Bootcamp. Until then, keep working
hard and I love you so much. Bye.

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