Life as a Military Photographer

My name is Tiffany Dusterhoft. I’m a
specialist in the US Army My parents were very supportive. They knew
that I needed something, you know, in my life, more than just going
straight to school. I needed that worldly experience, travel. I wanted that more
than I wanted to go straight into school. Garrison life as a photographer tends to be a lot of ceremonies. Recently, I had a Hawaii Medal of Honor
Award ceremony, and I got to go cover that, and that was really great. I’d say the best year of my military career was deployment. I got to go out with so many different
units, on so many different missions, covering all different sorts of events, and just a wide range of opportunities you get with this job. I would explain it as the best job in the Military, honestly.
There’s so much travel, you meet so many people you know uh… people in the states, people in different
countries. I’ve been to so many different places, met so many
really awesome people. As far as duty station go, Hawaii has been the best duty station. It’s beautiful! If you’re an outdoors person, then this is a great place to be. There’s hiking, there’s
waterfalls, there’s surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving. There’s tons of things that you can do out here.
It’s amazing, and I do it. Every weekend, I hike to my favorite waterfall that’s by my house,
and you know, I’m real close to the Marine Corps base, so I use their facilities there.
You know, their beach is beautiful. I try to express the military through a camera, and I think it says a whole lot more than than words
can say.

42 thoughts on “Life as a Military Photographer

  1. Thank you Army Spc. Tiffany Dusterhoft you really inspired me because I do want to make my father proud by enlisting into the military since he was in the Marines and I really respect him and love him! I also love taking pictures and I am thinking about being a photographer to also make my mother proud so this fits into my career choices! 😀

  2. War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.
    –John Stewart Mill–

  3. we can only sleep peaceably because there are hard men willing to commit violence on our behalf they deserve our respect and our thanks.

  4. Everybody, check out what the former Director of the Army War College says about 911. Youtube, "why the military knows Israel did 911." Do you really want to go to a war started by a false flag? This is NOT serving one's country. This is slaughter. Spread the word; stop the war.

  5. You are dead wrong. The government is relying on stupid, uneducated sheeple as your ignorant self. Google, "why the military knows Isreal did 911."

  6. The government is relying on your ignorace. How could 1,000 engineers be worng? How could buildings literally explode? How could building 7 explode and not be hit? How could the pentagon not even have a plane? The government is relying on your ignorance. Google, "why the military knows Israel did 911."

  7. So we didn't piss Al Qaeda off whatsoever by injecting a dictator in the middle-east that would trade oil with our allies?

  8. I had to! This shop doesn't have anything else. 🙁 I know I was sad when they used that footage I knew I was going to get it. hahaha

  9. Now I think that will be my 4th choice in my career list being a photographer in the military, because its fun to see and experience. Also the people MUST know this and that.

  10. Thank you Spc. Dusterhoft for that inspiring video. I too was a Combat Cameraman/Photographer in the U.S. Army for ten years. That job also helped me get into great jobs once I left the military. So learn all that you can because it will help you when you decide to get out of the military in finding a regular job, become an expert in your genre especially in Photoshop and Lightroom. And remember to take photos of yourself doing the work, that is one thing I forgot to do and regret it now. And you are right, traveling was the best part of the job and meeting new people, being attached to countless military services gives you a broader understanding of what the military does and how we all are one in the big picture. And thank you for your service, you are part of a great organization! Combat Camera leads the way, hoah!

  11. I want to be a photographer in the Airforce more than anything in the world, struggling in high school right now senior year and i have 3 difficult classes i have to pass. My father wants me to stay in my small town and take some college courses for at least a year but i don't think i can make it doing that and i very strongly feel i will go crazy staying here. Anyone have advice to help me?

  12. I was a Navy photographer…I didn't see any women that looked like her….if so, i would've done 30 years! It really is a good job, she explained it very well.

  13. I want to be an airforce mechinac cuz i love how things like motors weapons vechils ect work but most of all i love airplanes and helicopters and have since i can remember.

  14. in 2019 ,this is just basically an ad to enlist right? I have a huge interest in being a military journalist but the accounts i've read online (not only in the line of work but in the effort it takes to get into it) make it seem like this is a vastly understated interpretation

  15. We All Show Our Support In Diff. Ways…///EMPLOYMENT:Volunteer Reporter/Journalist—On call basis to cover a variety of stories throughout the Bluffs Comm's. Requires excellent writing & journalistic skill. Perfect for a University Student(3-4th yr) or Retiree.

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