okok this game is going on youtube we are on korean’s servers and today we are eeeeeuh…. trying to play video games in a correct way in order to win the game eh rock, oh no not rock at all very good i dont have to do anything my dps are monsters aie you got me wow moira wow wow wow Luckily left click is bouncing on this character
help,help ! My team didnt push with me at all very bad position from me tho its ok im going to cut moments were i play bad on youtube so montage which make me look like someone who’s good at videogames ok i got it theres the cutscenes from poko’s stream left come come come left left left yeea behind behind, *bad words* follow me its crazy how dumbs you are actually everybody there do a straigh line, they are not doing a line and we are not getting speedboost im coming back with a blade its going to be huge there you going sam hes escaped, hes shooting me throught the wall SAM ! oh i cant anymore happens happens Theres the moira from ealier hes trying to add me as a friend he was a true crazy guy, he was doing karaoke the whole game i didnt understand anything, he was singing let it go from frozen *korean singing* ive no idea whats going on nononono reaper reaper reaper nonon no dead no dead *more korean singing* you okay ? help help help hopla this is touching, who goes to the cash register ??? they have a tracer now, can you pull so i can ult ok fuk it mercy is going to try rez Oh shit mei took the rock hes a mei of attack very very good okok we are preparing the rock between the two trees not connecting the mei is going to ult, im getting ready annnnnd wonderful idk why i croutch when sigma is not doing any sounds becaaaaarful ya im a dumbass its very serious okokok rock or not leave me alone sigma sigma sigma its loosable, its loosable… nice try 3 2 1 nice tryyyyyyyyyyy, maybe not worth ok im going to focus cuz now im not playing well at all im a big shit i let my orisa died in the animal chain im a cockroach and you dont wanna be a cockroach we going to get them, drone drone drone oh no the shield which is disguting shes going to ult ive spotted her or maybe not has he ulted a single time this game? wtf is he doing ok now hes going to use mei’s ult so soooooooooo Oh nice one nice one Ohla orisa use her thingy wait they are going to die got scared i saw the widow i smelled from the left nose only i dont think the mei used he ult once this game its cuz i put too much pressure thats why the guy is scared he doesnt wanna be ashamed he sees that me against him so he knows im not nobody oh shit they are doing weirds stuffs its a very bad position why would they go there ? they are the worst strategists Oh wait theres a little hole there its not good at all you guys gonna need to step up they are leaving the tail between the legs its connecting, wait wait wait its very scary, when you heard bap voice line you are not sure what that means but you know cant stay there how does he dies here, why he could go anywhere on the map, anywhere and he decides to go here ohla ohla here we go come here manure oh they used the ability drone, im scared mom stranger danger its very annoying, i didnt take any fun, bad , i didnt take any fun, bad ohlha he almost got trapped, lets not hesitate to stay 3 payloads mei still got her ult he’s persevering hopla rock in ur forehead we are having fun hes loving life its not going very well nobody came to help my zenyatta Rock ! Stop stop stop make peace ohlalala the bouncing on the car obviously here in korea if you want people to listen to ur calls you need to scream Ohla ohla lets go dude dont give up aim for the hairs Oh shit he threw that to our face help help help aayyyy, bap drone drone shit i got destroyed can you pull can you pull, its very hard to play tank and not being able to communicate with ur team im not sure if anybody is listening they are escaping shut up sorry gael ive to stop saying whatever i think tracer has the bomb careful if i could put the bomb on the shield and push it idk push it on who but would be class ohlaohalha didnt work at all, he stucked my forehead wait wait wait do you see what i see there oh shit it didnt go to well but wait wait okokoko okokok wheres widow ? up there go back i almost got trapped wouldnt have been to nice oh god’s pull he solo ulted widow nice one wait mei has an ult ? mei is really the red ligne of this video now im saying its a video im not even in live anymore bullshit game, rock or maybe not can i play the game or what fuk that wait wait cuz i have to focus now, theres only 1 fight left if you lose this one its bad wait wait wait i got my ultimate randoms french footballers names modest victory thank you youtube for watching it was my pleasure make sure to subscribe, leave a comment and share on social medias ofc thank you


  1. yes j'avais vu le live trop content qu'il l ai publié sur yt :). En plus j'avais demandé si il allait la mettre mais a l'époque poko sur yt c'était plus une blague qu autre chose ahaha

  2. Super vidéo poko vraiment je kiff ton contenu pour le moment 😄 et sinon avec quoi tu rec et montes tes vidéos ?J'aimerais aussi en faire vraiment 😁

  3. 6:55 "Vidé balle sou yo" c'est en créole et c'est l'équivalent de "cribler les de balle" mais sa ne se traduit pas mot pour mot en français

  4. Great videos poko. Love the editing and memes and music. Looks like you out a lot of work into this one. Keep up the great work.

  5. Hello poko. Comme tu le sais Baptiste est Haïtien et donc parle le créole haïtien, proche de mon créole guadeloupéen. Quand il lance son ulti, il dit "vidé balls si yo" qui veut dire mots à mots "videz vos balles sur eux" et en traduction plus courante "videz vos vos chargeurs sur eux" ou "balancez tout ce que vous avez";) voilà. Petit point culture des Antilles

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