LEGO Force-A-Nature – Team Fortress 2

How’s it going guys my name is ZaziNombies, and today I’ve built the Force-A-Nature double-barrel shotgun from Team Fortress 2 Entirely from Lego bricks. Another tf2 weapon to add to the arsenal. Uh the gun measures 23 and a half inches long The two main colors were dark grey as well as brown here You can see a sense of scale for it with a Minecraft diamond and a minifigure It also has removable Lego shotgun shells that fit into the gun It has the realistic brake barrel action and that was built with a couple hinge Lego bricks is built right around 600 LEGO pieces it has a massive stock on it as well which fits very comfortably against the shoulder in Team Fortress 2 The force of nature is a primary weapon used by the Scout that’s automatically given to any player who obtains 10 Scout achievements That’s how it’s unlocked. Also. It can be crafted in Team Fortress 2 It deals a ton of damage dealing a maximum 113 damage at close range It can hold only two shots before it needs to be reloaded as opposed to the six shots the scatter gun holds But they deal a much greater damage also the recoil on it is so high in game that if you aim it at the ground and shoot it can be used as An effective third jump so it’s a sawn-off double barrel hunting shotgun. It’s got that massive stock That was a little tricky to engineer with Lego But I built it up with uh some four wide base plates the stock; the whole gun is four wide And then the barrels are eight studs wide also It’s got the little plate on the back of that was built with some gray smooth tiles also I built the stand for it with us some black pillar LEGO pieces some slopes on a four by eight base plate just to sort of keep it up as it’s got that massive triggering that it can be I guess damaged easily But there you have it Team Fortress 2’s force a nature shotgun built entirely from LEGO bricks I hope you guys enjoyed this model. If you guys do want to see some more Team Fortress 2 weapons built from Lego Be sure to give the video a thumbs up and let me know in the comments your idea for the next LEGO creation so as always thank you guys so much for watching my videos and I’ll see you guys in another video with another LEGO creation a Great place as well to store some Lego golden coins As you can see right there

100 thoughts on “LEGO Force-A-Nature – Team Fortress 2

  1. You should make a short film or something where guys with normal guns are after you because you can make weapons out of LEGO that actually work as weapons and you basically show off all your stuff in a epic showdown!

  2. If only Lego factories would create custom Lego building instructions so that if you made something and sell it to Lego you could share your idea to anyone who wishes to make the same Lego creation

  3. I have just one correction you said it was used by the scout but it is really used by the scunt
    (I'm a scout main)

  4. huh. this looks great! i will try to make a lego force a nature too….

    0.5 seconds later

    no fuck this shit im out

  5. "it's cost 400,000 blocks to shot this weapon for 2 seconds"

    I know is 12 seconds but is the force a nature duh…

  6. Lego force of nature

    20% faster reload
    -does not shoot actuall bullet
    -once accidently dropped, the gun will break into piece
    -99% slow rebuild

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