Learn C language in 30 Minutes & Start Coding For Beginners in Hindi

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100 thoughts on “Learn C language in 30 Minutes & Start Coding For Beginners in Hindi

  1. Video Helpful Raha to Plz LIKE COMMENT jarur krdena ho sake to SHARE karden taki auro ko help mile
    aur vakayi me sikhna hai coding to pura dekhna

  2. Sir plz aap iske age aur video banaiye c programming ke..mujhe aur kahi samjh nahi ati c bas apke video se hi mujhe c samjh me ayi

  3. C Programming

    Introduction to C Programming:-

    Features of C and its Basic Structure

    Simple C programs


    Integer Constants

    Real Constants

    Character Constants

    String Constants

    Variables and assigning values

    Data Types and Input/output Operators:-

    Operators and Expressions: –

    Arithmetic Operators

    Unary Operators …

    view full course on http://www.hanuplus.com/Development/c/index.html

  4. prog.pas:2: no include path in which to find stdio.h
    prog.pas:3: no include path in which to find conio.h
    sir , i am facing this problem
    please reply me with suitable solution

  5. Yes it very important to me…. In my clg i don't understand basics but after watch this vedio i know basics of computer programming… Or ek code blocks per bhi vedio bana do sir

  6. Sir.. plz logic development pe ek video bana dijiye na jisme algorithm coupling and cohesion arrays sorting cover ho jaye…

  7. Tomorrow is my Bsc 2nd year's C programming exam but I don't know even a word of C programming…Sometimes ago i searched on YouTube to know about C nd got ur video… it's so useful
    Thank u so much bro for gifting us such a video❤….

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