Kürşat Mican – Leader of paramilitary organization threatened LGBT honor march & pride parade!

As you know LGBT members, on 19 and 26 jun on 19 and 26 jun They will march in “Taksim” (District Istanbul) This against our national value and honor…
They will march in “Taksim” (District Istanbul) This against our national value and honor… The march that named “Honor March”… But it’s origin immorality is … And what touching socials moral… this kind of immoral things… We never will let that normalized or to be allowed this kind of things… With jokking of our holy months Receb-Saban-Ramadan (April-May-June)… Our warning for them!!! Don’t trying to do rudeness with this immoral things… We remember proverb of “Ziya Pasha” for who joking (and cynic) with our value: “Who doesn’t listen advice, he deserve to be beating” We must not tolerant this march that destroying our norms & values! This march that giving our son’s and daughters new sexual freedom opportunity! Our action is not against privet life of a person! This is just ordering “GOOD” and preventing “BAD”!!! Who allowing this immoral thing… Who showing the way for them… Who closing his ears… Who closing his eyes… Our dear government authorities… We call you to do your duty against this immoral thing… Other way, we as representatives of our “Deep nation” as “Alperen Ocakları”… In these ground that our ancestors heritage for us with paying a high fee… We won’t allow the immoral to realize their fantasies!!! Other way, our reaction will be really hard!!! We announce this to all public opinion!! And from here we call all our religion brothers: … 16 and 26 June Sunday we will be in square of Taksim!! *a district in Istanbul* We never will allow their immorality!! In so a holy month they are doing always the same things!!! They don’t count (respect) our values and they R laughing at our values!! With help of Allah we will not allow this… We also call you to say together to stop for this immorality!!! We will directly block the march!!! We’ll face with all things… There is nothing more to do!!! We will never let them march!!! they can collect in this place but… in a holly day, in a holly month Ramadan we don’t want that they walk… That is why we won’t allow them… in a country that % 99 population R Muslim we can’t give permission for such of immoral and scandalous thing!!! And also our government must stops such of things… Because this is not a normal thing!!! What they want is not a normal freedom!!! This is Turkey Republic!!! This holy place is trusted from our ancestors!!! In this land we specially “Alperen Jouth” not allow walking without clothes! Untill now we didn’t use power.. Now we just inform press… We just warn them!!! We let know what will be happen!!! After that we R not responsible 4 what will be happen !!! Because as I told before, government must thing about values of a land that %99 muslim is. If govt do not forbid these pplz (who about 5000 pplz and they have in their hand whiskey, champine bottles and they are nude) than we won’t allow this!!! Of the government will do it’s dutty, other way “Alperen’s” will do what it needs.. Thank Allah (God).. ….

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