Ken Perry – Exercise for the Management of Prostate Cancer

Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with
prostate cancer. They then did many tests over the next few months. I started
a an exercise program with Exercise Physiologists and at the moment I’ve gone
from possibly needing hormone treatment which is not real good, and now at the moment that’s
totally off the cards. And I’ve got no doubt in my mind, I’ve done a lot of research
Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Canada they’re all coming up with the same results and
the results are saying exercise is treatment. And why wouldn’t you do it? An
hour a day three days a week, what’s that? Four percent of your daily,
your daily time for one day. You’d have to have rocks in your head not to do it. Fit Lab, originally started [sic] two years
ago, asked me if I’d head up a breast cancer program and I said look there’s
other cancers out there and you know there’s a whole range unfortunately of
cancers that kill people in Australia and around the world and the Toowoomba
Hospital Foundation approached The Fit Lab, they said could you put together a
prostate cancer program for the people from the Toowoomba Hospital. It’s been
recognised and diagnosed by the Oncology Association of Australia that exercise
should be a part of every prostate treatment. People like Ken who’s stuck
with the program they’ve got the real benefits out of it. When I first started
I was struggling for a few weeks you’re not pushed and it’s, it’s moderate
training it’s not excessive it’s not you don’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to
do it you know. Look at these big muscles here mate! You know I wake up every day knowing
that I’m gonna make an improvement or make an impact to some some individuals
and to know that I lead, I lead [sic] a you know a program, for, you know that
can benefit them not only physiologically, but that can extend their
life as well, you know, makes, you know, you just can’t really ask for more really.
Knowing that they get eight to sixteen weeks all paid for and all covered for
it makes a huge impact. Cause a lot of the time it comes to cost and the fact
that they give you, you know, eight sixteen weeks which is comes down to
about twenty four to forty eight sessions that’s all covered for it makes
a huge impact. The hardest people to convince about the benefits
of exercise is actually people that have prostate cancer. Men are very stubborn, and I hate saying that because I’m a man, okay. But I hate the fact that we’ve got all these
programs available to them and we basically have to drag them in here
kicking and screaming and it should be something that they should, like they’ve
gone to the hospital had some chemo or radium or the doctor said we’ll just to
observe you for a little bit, this can only help. You know, no matter what stage your
prostate cancer is. I wish more people are taking this program, this exercise
program up, you know. We all know, you know men have a bit of trouble, bit of
trouble talking about their problems and they want to keep it within themself.
It’s going to be with us for a hell of a long time
so let’s embrace it and do what we can. I never ever thought I’d say I’m glad I
had cancer, but I honestly mean that. It’s made the world of difference to me.

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