Kadu no MIT Bootcamp

Hi! My name is Kadu, I’m 21 years old I’m from Divinópolis and I study in the UFMG Law School I know it may sound a little bit of cliché but I trully believe in the transformation of the society within the Law I can’t resign with the idea that such an important science is used only to maintain the status quo Since I got into the law school I carry this idea with me In the first semesters I had the chance to work as a volunteer as finance director of the Student’s Union and also as paid researcher for FAPEMIG After that, I went to the IX South School of Internet Governance, organized by the OAS In this event I’d my first contact with the connections between Law and technology Last year, I was one of the thirthy young people selected by the Internet Society to represent the youth at IGF, one of the most important forums to debate new technologies, organized by the UN After that, I was sure that the transformation i believe in will come from the connection between law and tech That image of the dreamer freshman who want to change the world still exists in me With this mindset, I was selected for the MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp A program that challenges participants form all over the world to raise a company from the ground dealing with the struggles of 2-3 years of a startup throughout one week Each six months the MIT, which is one of the best universities of the world release a global call for applications for this program, that already formed a series of high-impact entrepreneurs Unfortunetely, the tuition fee is too expensive, and I won’t be able to fund myself alone Because of that, I’m launching a crowdfunding campaign and all contributions are really welcome! If you can’t help me with money, share this video with your network! I need your help to bring all the knowledge and experience I can get in the MIT here for the Brazilian lawtech context Thank you!!

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