Joining the Underground – Tibor Benyovits

A guy appeared in the building dressed as a
fascist detective or whatever with the feather on his head and a long coat and boots and
he came with the super to our apartment and demanded that I be given to him because he
had a document to take me to an International Red Cross for some work. Well, now, in Hungary, 12 brought you into
a paramilitary group, okay? That was the age. So my mother was absolutely terrified because
my brother was already away, my too father and younger brother was taken and here I am. And then, somehow, the guy who came, he very
quietly told her to give me a coat which has the Star of David, not sewn, but just pinned
with a needle and that gave her the clue that that is not an enemy. And that guy took me, as soon as we left the
house area he said, “Take off the star,” and took me to a place close to the Danube, Mérleg
utca, the name of the street, where I met a whole bunch of my friends from the organization. And there we had a group of varied Zionist
members from out of town and young. I was the youngest one. And we had probably about a hundred, a hundred
fifty in that building. We had so many rooms and so on. And from there after a few days I was asked
if I’m ready to go to an office where there is activity of the Zionist underground, to

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