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Hi welcome back to the channel just me
Stephen today and I’m here to answer the question what is basic training really
like I could give you tons of one-word answers saying it’s challenging it’s
difficult it’s frustrating but it’s enlightening and it’s exciting but I
really want to get into the meat and potatoes of the subject
so speaking of mean potatoes food is something that most people are very
curious about now the food in basic training you may have heard is met
personally I enjoy many of my meals not all of them but many of them and it
always meant at least 10 minutes in which I was sitting down and eating
instead of standing at attention marching running doing some other
exercise or whatever it was rest and the food honestly most of it wasn’t bad at
all and other food that you might eat in basic training are MREs which you might
have heard of meals ready-to-eat become prepackaged
they come with warming bag of a warming chemical you add water and it heats up
your food for you and you can use that or not and all the food is still
technically edible whether or not you warm it up
there’s even candy in some of them and depending on your drill sergeants you
can or cannot eat the candy inside your MREs now MREs some of them you might not
like I like most of them with the exception of just a few also something
else to know about food and eating and basic training is when you do go to the
to the mess hall or like a cafeteria you have to stand in line and not only do
you have to stand in line but you do have to hold your tray up in front of
you typically this was my experience you hold your Tramp in front of you and
you have to sidestep everywhere you go keeping your feet together and apart
together apart always and you have to do facing movements like an about-face
which is very specific you make to turn to make a 180-degree
turn aside from that you’re gonna have drill sergeants shouting at you in the
food lines to make sure you’re doing ever getting your food and the the
prescribed ways and if you spill food then they’ll shout at you if whatever if
you do so doing something wrong or something that they prescribed as being
wrong then they will shout at you about it it’s one of the drill sergeants most
enjoyable times if you’re a drill sergeant it seems as though that’s what
you enjoy the most is shouting at privates in the food line and as a
private your first couple days it’ll probably your most stressful although
you might find it entertaining although don’t laugh in front of the drill
sergeants time limit when you’re eating there’s always going to be a time limit
especially at the very beginning no matter if you’re sitting on the ground
eating an MRE or sitting in the mess hall sitting at a table eating eating
the the food provided be there there’s always a time limit you have to eat your
food quickly so you can you know eat your food quickly and get out so keep
that in mind also the next thing aside from food something that we are likely
going to be curious about is your sleep now sleeping is done in a bay a bay is a
very large Hall which fict about 60 beds and beds are going to be
on bunk beds so you know bottom bunk top and so there’s 60 beds total lining the
walls and in one Bay you’re only going to have members of the same sex so
you’re not gonna have co-ed bays all right so if you’re a male you will be
sleeping in a bay with sixty other males if you’re a female you’re gonna be in a
bay with sixty other females your basic training might have a smaller number of
females and that’s more common it’s more common to have a large amount of males
and roughly half as many females that all depends on where
you’re going to basic training and just the season so you never know but it’s
typically a smaller number of females but regardless you’re gonna be in a bay
full of members of the same sex as you and you will not cannot ever go into a
bay other than the one you sleep in unless directly told by your drill
sergeant and typically you’re only going to be going into your Bay when the drill
sergeant gives you permission to do so everything you do is done with the
permission of your drill sergeant so it’s not too complicated but do not do
not do not ever enter the bay of the opposite sex unless your drill sergeant
directly tells you to do so and they’re going to have a specific purpose and
you’ll likely have a battle buddy with you or a soldier of the same sex as you
to go with you to accomplish whatever task the drill sergeant told you to do
moving on your sleep is going to take place usually between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00
a.m. that might fluctuate depending on your specific unit you know who your
drill sergeants are who the the commander of your company is and they
might have different rules different sleep schedules and also depending on
what training you’re going to be doing that day or what training you did that
in Prior it might change when you go to sleep that night and when you wake up
you might have a road March that starts at 4:00 a.m. so you wouldn’t need to
wake up at you know 2:30 3 o’clock in the morning so moving on that’s that’s
what your sleep is going to be like Oh also when you’re asleep in your in your
BAE do not talk you’re only look how you’re a g-way during sleeping hours you
are to be laying in your bed it’s quiet you don’t have to be asleep but as long
as you’re in the bed and you’re quiet you don’t even have to be under the
covers if you don’t want to be but you do have to be in your bed and quiet and
you have to be in the uniform that was prescribed by your drill sergeants I
know that you they will be getting that you are given
some warm weathers are some cold-weather gear like some thermals unless the drill
sergeants give you permission to wear those in the bay you are not allowed to
wear thermals in the in your bed you have a specific sleep uniform Oh
everything is very regulated is he if you haven’t noticed so far now
also during the sleep hours you may be assigned at duty one Duty is called fire
guard which is you and a battle buddy you and another soldier who also sleep
in that Bay it’s your job to be awake for one hour at least to be staying be
awake in the bay making sure that everything is going fine you’ll
typically be doing some cleaning and there’s there’s gonna be a book in the
bay saying what you should be doing at what hours of the night it’s all given
all the instructions are given to you another god another ship that’ll be
given to you is CQ or charge of quarters in which you will be you in a battle
buddy we’ll go down to where or go wherever the drill sergeant is who’s
also on that shift and they’ll give you instructions on what to do for that hour
and cleaning doing some odd jobs whatever it needs to be done
you might just be told to sit in the chair and wait for the hour to be over
and then you go back up you go back to your to your Bay and you go to sleep and
then another is weapons guard there is going to be times where there will be
weapons out and those weapons will be need to be cleaned or they will just be
sitting out and they need soldiers to be standing by them guarding them that’s
just a rule if there’s weapons that are not locked away there needs to be
soldiers guarding the middle times so that’s another ship that you could have
in the middle of the night so there may be more but these are the ones that I
experienced when I was in basic training so moving on from sleep your safety you
might be concerned about your safety your family might be concerned about
50 after all you are training to be a soldier a warrior you are trained to use
weapons you’re trained to use weapons to kill people
now this means there is some safety risk you were also going to be to going
through obstacle courses you’re going to be jumping you’re going to be crawling
under things you’re going to be you’re going to be out in the woods during some
of these times you’re sleeping in the woods as well as you are going to be at
the obstacle courses you’d be experiencing you know Heights so you’re
going to be up high in some circumstances so you’ll have to face a
fear of heights if you have it so there are some safety risks keep in mind your
drill sergeants have been trained on how to mitigate any risks in these
situations they know the typical problems that soldiers encounter when
coming into these environments and they know how to avoid risks and they know
how to act quickly whenever a problem occurs so your drill sergeants are well
trained and they can keep you safe but your best bet is to always always always
follow their instructions especially in matters of safety that is that’s your
safety now something that everybody is likely concerned with is money now you
already know your your recruiters gonna tell you what rank you’re gonna be when
you join what your pay is gonna look like when you join but when you first
get in your first month you’re you’re your first paycheck when you join the
army they’re going to use that money from that paycheck to pay for your gear
your buta forms your wet your water your rain jackets your warm weather your warm
jackets your fleece they’re like your fleece lining and stuff like all sorts
of things gloves your your PT or physical training uniforms everything
that you need as a soldier will be given to you in basic
training and it will be paid for out of your first paycheck on top of that any
other things that you need to purchase while you’re in basic training they will
they will give you a what’s what they call an eagle’s star card or that’s what
they called it when I was there and on that is $300 that $300 comes from your
own paycheck so they’re giving you $300 of your own pay to use while you were in
basic training and those $300 are the only money that you can use with the
exception of the $50 you’re permitted to bring with you so you might have you may
have learned that you’re allowed to bring up to $50 to basic training so you
can use that and you can use the $300 on the Ecostar card which is like a like a
like a gift card so you can use that to pay for anything you need you’re going
to be buying things like wet wipes possibly cough drops deodorant soaps all
sorts of things so while you’re in basic training so now communication you’re
going to be concerned about communication likely since you want to
be talking to your loved ones there may be and I emphasize on May because it’s
only a possibility that you’re there may be a possibility that your drill
sergeants will allow you to use your cell phone while you’re in basic
training so it’s best just to bring it with you and the worst that can happen
they’ll take it they’ll put it in a ziploc bag with a three by five card
with your name and information written on it and they’ll store it with
everybody else’s phones and everybody else’s phones will be the same thing as
if walk back with their name and when it comes time where they will permit you to
use your cell phone which typically happens at the end of each phase so you
have three phases in basic training red phase white phase blue phase and then I
suppose you can say the last week is red white blue phase so at the end of each
one when you accomplish whatever drill sergeants ask you to do they may
they may deem it worthy for you to use your cell phone to call home see talk to
your family they might give you a couple minutes they might give you five minutes
I heard of soldiers having up to thirty minutes to an hour to be calling loved
ones who knows I had a couple minutes each time so it wasn’t fantastic but
yeah I wasn’t guaranteed the ability to use a phone anyway so those few minutes
were better than I thought I would get but something you can do and you can do
roughly as much as you want with whatever freeze on your given is write
letters and I encourage you to do so right home right your loved ones let
them know you’re doing fine in a letter because you never know if you’re going
to get the chance to to call them so write them a letter and let them know
that you’re doing how you’re doing okay so these are some of the more important
things that you might be curious about and I encourage you one thing one last
thing that I encourage you to do we’ll go into basic training is to be
committed be committed to yourself be committed to the promise you’ve made
when going into basic training when you raise your right hand and you you swore
or affirmed that you would uphold the Constitution and everything else be
committed to that you made a promise so be committed to it everyone and I mean
everyone who has a physically healthy body and a physically healthy mind can
go through basic training everybody can graduate basic training
who is healthy thank you very much for watching please like this video
subscribe to the channel comments your questions whatever information you think
other people ought to know about basic training and again thank you so much for
watching have a good day

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