JJ’s Emotional Meltdown | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE tv

♪♪ Hey. So can I talk to you guys
in this room? Out here’s fine. I am absolutely terrified. I just don’t want
to read the letter. And hopefully by talking to the
doctors, we can just move on. Are you afraid to talk about
the foundational things, things that really scare you? Or is it about the superficial
things you wrote in that letter? Uh… ♪♪ Hold on one second. I’m in no position
to be a good boyfriend, to be a fiancé,
or to be a husband. And I get that. In order for you
guys to move forward, you’ve got to feel like you
have something to offer. And that’s not where you are
right now. I’m terrified
to hurt her. ♪♪ The fact that JJ doesn’t want me
to read this letter makes me feel like it’s going to
end our relationship. But I feel uncomfortable
reading it when he’s not around. I never got closure
with my ex-wife. [Sniffles] And [sniffles]
I cannot connect truly deeply with anybody. Here’s the deal
with your ex. She may not allow you
the opportunity to get that closure, but that doesn’t mean
you can’t get it on your own. I’m desperate.
I’m stuck.

9 thoughts on “JJ’s Emotional Meltdown | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE tv

  1. Her physical appearance has nothing to do with his past relationship. He just told her why he's NOT attracted to her. Am I the only one who tried desperately to see the entire letter???

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