Jhené Aiko – Triggered (freestyle)

100 thoughts on “Jhené Aiko – Triggered (freestyle)

  1. This hits home to guys too. Nothing worst than being cheated on by someone you have spent half your life with. Anyone know how to make it past something like this!………asking for a friend just in case she read this😳🤫🙄

  2. Gambino said:  “I think she’s special. She doesn’t need anyone. Like that’s the thing. Even if we were together, she wouldn’t really belong to me. She doesn’t belong to anything and I would know that." AND YET HERE SHE IS TALKING HOW SHE DOESN'T LET ANYONE FUCK HER IF IT ISN'T HIM (I'M GUESSING BIG SEAN) 🙄😒

  3. She gon make my girl stab me in my sleep, I know she was wearing black forces in the studio when she recorded this

  4. One of the most coldest heart felt break up songs I Eva heard . U let it all out on this one Nene👍😎❤️

  5. Yo I swear my girl started hitting me out the blue cause of this song when I didn't do anything wrong. Everytime she listen to it I see the hands coming

  6. This is my first time I'm hearing her and it is amazing even though I wouldn't listen just because it's not my type of music but you gotta respect talent when you see it

  7. On repeat, replaying /remenancing my past relationship with the one that triggered me in so many different ways

  8. "tryna let the time fly , tryna let the time go by , tryna let the time heal all , tryna let the time kill all of our memories , all you meant to me , all that history , all thats history , ill calm down eventually , fall back eventually , please call me back eventually , fall back into me" felt that.

  9. "I'll calm down eventually, fall back eventually" 😔😪😠💔 "TRIGGERED, I am not ok…. You need to stay out of my way"…… How did I let this man get to me….

  10. The fact that she's in a volcanic grounding makes the song and video 10x better,especially for that dope ass jacket👌💯

  11. Alr lemme move a lil off topic for a minute…ooouuu that windbreaker is fyeeee I want it. With "Jhene Aiko/Triggered" on it

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