Javi Wants Child Support From Kailyn | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE tv

♪♪ This is ridiculous. Like, you
wanna take me for child support because of your own greed? You wanna take me
for child support because you wanna
prove a point, because of your pride because you wanna control
a situation. It’s 50/50 custody.
No. That’s not it at all. So —
Why would — Like — So we go upstairs,
talk about it. We can’t, Javi.
We don’t know how to have a co– We — This is how it’s gonna be
when we’re by ourselves.
I’m fine. It’s either me and you
have a conversation about it, or our attorneys
have a conversation about it. Again. Because I’m trying —
I’m telling you, I’d rather talk to you. I don’t think she’s —
Right now, I don’t think
she’s in a place to talk, babe. Do me a favor —
walk away. Dr. Ish:
It looks like Javi is trying
to assert some control here — something he admitted to
during the drill — by going after Kailyn
for child support. Dr. V: This is the cycle
of fighting they must break. Let’s give them
a beat to cool down, and then go talk to them. ♪♪ You want me to break? Yeah, you break.
Man, your break is great. ♪♪ -We both think we’re right.
-Peeps. Hey, sir. I have a feeling
you’re here to see me. Your feeling would be right.
Let’s go chat. ♪♪ (Bleep)
[Chuckles] Oh, okay.
Take a seat. ♪♪ -[Sighs]
-So… we heard you guys
talking about child support. Mm-hmm. And what you don’t
wanna have happen is this relationship
affect the health of your child. He brings a lot
of e-extra things that don’t need to be involved
with Lincoln. And he can say
it involves Lincoln, but it doesn’t because I’ve
already been through it one time with my previous
relationship, and it was me grabbing
at straws, whatever I could use because
I wasn’t over my son’s father. Right,
and so what you gotta understand is Javi is not over you. [Indistinct conversation] No, I’m pissed off. ♪♪

45 thoughts on “Javi Wants Child Support From Kailyn | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE tv

  1. Why is she in the business? Like yeah I know that they are all in a house together but girl you have issues with bobby . Fix your relationship first before you jump to boss someone else around.

  2. Kailyn if he was making as much money as you you would fuck his ass up with child support cux that’s what all women do. You were threatening joe for child support but javi can’t ask for it from you?! Pay the man for the next 18 years and shut up. The only person to blame is yourself for making him so dam bitter!

  3. He SHOULD GET CHILD SUPPORT! If that was a WOMAN who was asking a MAN for child support because the MAN made more money, no one would bat an effing eye. Instead, you've got this hoe who makes buckets of money off a trash Mtv show who makes more money than Javi does being in the military…and somehow he's "controlling" by wanting child support? I don't think so. Give that man his money and shut up. You don't get to twist the laws because of gender, no matter how much you huff and puff, Dragon.

  4. Haha she said 50/50 custody… And she keeps saying single parent again another lie.. this girl is so entitled she is disgusting… Stop paying her and her ego would be gone .

  5. Hes sooooo weird. Weirdoism should be an existing disease. Hes OBSESSED and spiteful. He is not happy with himself. She has the devil on her hands smh

  6. He thirsty at this point and bitter and he a damn fool if he think he’s trying to get her money your in the military you can’t be a parent 100 percent anyways dumb ass

  7. Fuck that that bitch needs to pay child support even the other guy ask for child support cuz she's a little bitch that's what she is little fat bitch

  8. Why do her baby daddys keep wanting her money ??!!! Smh. Get your own bag !! They need to stop letting parents who get kids 50/50 take out child support so stupid

  9. I think Kaylin should pay child support because of the 3 or more different baby dad's she has! This whore knows exactly how men feel these days! Kailyn get married already before you break a record on most baby dad's!

  10. Javi is a clown you're an army vet plus you stated that you have a great life without kailyn he is bitter because she doesn't want him anymore he's coming after her because she has her own money and doesn't need him smdh

  11. Oh! But it's ok for a man to be screwed for child support " in this rare occasion the shoe is on the other foot . Men get screwed every day , welcome to our world honey ! .

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