100 thoughts on “Japanese Katana VS European Longsword – Samurai sword VS Knight Broadsword

  1. Katana is the best dammit maybe its thin but its a solid one and i have one given me by my grand father a veteran from the 45th he compiscated my katana from a japanese general he fought with

  2. Long swords are meant for stabbing, dumbass, I'd like to see a Katana try and slice through actual hardened plate armor on a battlefield. And you used a fake long sword, bullshit that a longs word couldn't chop into some ice.

  3. 確かに、日本の刀と海外のソードは使い方自体が異なりますが。

  4. 高級品だろ刀は

  5. The way to swing katana is wrong, it can be used as a knife, like slicing.
    This movie is actually interesting though, thanks from Japan.😆

  6. i find it funny how they think the primary name of the Katana was Samurai Sword

    and also how he said one cut one kill

    and also how he used Kendo techniques when showing off his skills

    why does bob like kendo so much

    wtf that is not the length of a longsword

    and they weighed lots less

    wtf shield werent used with longswords, especially when they are stupid heavy and long like in the video

    anyone else agree that the longsword is a bit to dull

    almost noone used leather idiot

    you see, longswords are meant for stabbing, and cutting. stabbing for armor, cutting for a lack of good armor. they cut bad armor, but forgot to sharpen it

    the japanese did not have metal armor. leather yes, bamboo yes, cloth yes, but not metal. if there was metal, it as decoration of insignificant

    if you are cutting plate armor you have literally no brain in your skull

    how thin is that plate? and how dull is that longsword again?

    also wtf is the long sword made out of in this video? Pig iron? and that katana is what? Toledo steel?

    also, there was no proper cutting motion in anything with the longsword

  7. HiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  8. This is probably the worst sword analysis video ever. He holds and swings the sword like a baseball bat. That longsword was terrible and not sharpened. It’s also not a cut and thrust sword. There’s no way either sword should be able to cut through plate armour. Your intestines aren’t in your shoulder. So much fail.

  9. The “armor” used in this video is pretty nonsensical. Leather armor was NOT used by your “average” footsoldier. In fact, there are only a few pieces of archaeological evidence of it being used as armor by anyone. What’s more, a 15th century wrought iron or steel breastplate would not likely have been punctured by any kind of sword. It would absolutely not have been caved in so severely by one. If they were that useless, nobody would have worn them. Even mail, either Japanese or European, would have provided more resistance against a katana slash than the breastplate used here did.

    The “longsword” used in this video flexed so much on impact that it can’t even be considered a real weapon. It seems more like a stage prop. Swords in general are not supposed to flex that much, even narrow-bladed ones. The fact that it punctured the supposed breastplate even with that much flex is further indication that the breastplate used is ridiculous.

    Other issues:
    • Didn’t even attempt thrusting with the katana? The katana is a viable thrusting weapon, so why was its thrust not compared to the “longsword”?
    • Similarly, they didn’t attempt to “cut” the breastplate with the longsword. And they used significantly different motions when cutting the leather—the katana was used with a downward slash, whereas the longsword was used with a low horizontal slash. If you swing downward instead of side to side, yeah, it’s gonna be more powerful. That’s how gravity works.
    • You can perform a draw cut with a straight sword. The katana wasn’t designed to perform draw cuts, that’s just a useful side effect of its natural curvature.
    • The video seems to describe the hardened steel technology used in katanas and longswords as being invented in both Japan and Europe “at the same time”, that time apparently being the 15th century. That’s just. . . . Bullshit. The famous Japanese swordsmith Masamune was making high-quality steel swords in the 13th century, for example (and he didn’t invent steel, either). In the western world, the steelmaking practice was much older than that, and by the 15th century, well, obviously it was sophisticated enough to make full plate harness viable.

    Finally, because this comment section seems to be an east vs. west flame war. . . . Let’s say some things. . . .
    • A good katana wasn’t composed of pig iron. It was steel. Pig iron was involved in the process, yes—Iron happens to be a necessary component of steel. But the sword was not an iron sword, it was a steel sword.
    • Tamahagane (the steel used in traditional katana-making) isn’t inherently superior to 15th century European steel. It made good swords because the best swordsmiths put in huge amounts of effort to accommodate the material. But those swords were not magically harder or sharper than European swords. The Europeans knew perfectly well how to make hard steel.
    • Likewise, curved is not magically better than straight, and straight is not magically better than curved. They both have their advantages.
    • Seriously, guys, it’s two 15th century two-handed cut and thrust swords. They’re more similar than they are different.

  10. Never has so much been wrong with a video on these weapons.

    Why they used that thin ass leather as an equivalent for standard footsoldier armor is beyond me. Armor was not made out of paper, something such as a gambeson could protect from a cut, even by a sharpened weapon.
    Which brings me onto the next point which is the fact that there is no way in hell that longsword was sharpened. A properly made and utilized longsword could have easily cut through both the ice and leather, the fact the one they "tested" didn't do either is just a show of how incompetently made and used it was.
    Also, why tf was hitting a steel breastplate part of the test? No one who had basic knowledge of combat would ever do that. A blunt weapon like a warhammer or mace would've been used against plate armor, or even something that could be thrust and puncture through it.

    Next time actually do research and stop supporting the stereotypes about the longsword that are simply wrong.

  11. This video kinda doesnt do a katana justice when you use a 50-200 chinese 1045 carbon steel sword…. an actual katana hand forged and tempered would've cut through that armor like a hot knife through butter and not bent itself up like that… cant blame you though an actual hand crafted authentic katana would run you 12,000 dollars and no one would be beating shit up in a backyard with it

  12. In all fairness, swords were basically the glock of your medieval knight. Try a katana versus a really knightly weapon like a war hammer

  13. Ok so first that armour must be .000001 mm second katana would have broke upon impact of real plate third longsword are stronger than katanas the katana was generally horrible quality steel while longswords actually had quality

  14. Since the comment section is essentially a glorified chat.

    IMO the longsword is superior. Better for partying. Good thrusts. And if you REALLY needed to you could use a shield just so you could approach archers.

    But you could half sword and murder ( mordhau) stroke it to make it incredibly effective against plate because the Handle and pommel is weighted like a mace.

    Yes the katana is an amazing cutter, and made by geniuses because Of their lack of metals.

    But just because it was made smarter doesn’t mean better.

    But In reality both were not effective as their polearms for battle.

    But I’m saying duels.

  15. le katana est à opposer a des armures de cuir et de laques et est une arme de taille . L'épée européenne est à opposer a des armures de plates et est une arme d'estoc . ces deux armes sont parfaitement adaptées pour percer les défenses de leurs contrées respectives . cette comparaison est stupide et n'a vraiment aucun lieu d'être. en un mot: BULLSHIT

  16. Here's what I know and it might be wrong: Katana are use for slashing, you can see it from the shape because its focused on one side. Katana also known as the hardest blade in history bcs back the Japan has a very poor metal quality so they made it by folding the metal so it won't bend or break easily.
    The long sword is more effective for stabbing, I don't really know about the detail but if we see it from the shape, it was focused on the tip rather than on the body.
    Also one comment for the video: I don't think that was a good longsword, it bends very easily.

  17. Not even close dude the katana was used around the 11th century wich means the techunice was made before that and the longsword was closer to 13th century

  18. If medieval katana vs medieval European sword meet long sword would destroyed katana, katana used to have low quality steel unlike in modern time where katana is mostly made from modern steel

  19. The long sword is better for piercing armour the katana couldn’t because the armour the samurai wore was made from wood,leather and cloth which the katana could cut through easily but when it comes to plates of steel or iron it can’t it just glances off. So if a Knight and a Samurai both of similar skill met on the battlefield my money is on the knight because the long sword is built for slashing, pommel strikes and stabbing.

  20. Why is he even testing a katana against European armor, it wasn’t made to combat steel armor they didn’t use it in japan. Yet he treats the long sword (without even telling us it’s time period or variation) like trash even though it was made to combat European armor because it was used in Europe! Either way, that European longsword and armor was both trash because he’s biased towards the katana. Can’t we all just accept that their both awesome and you can’t effectively compare them because they were made to combat completely different enemies and problems

  21. 2 problems with the leather armor.
    Firstly, leather armor used by common foot soldiers? At which time? This is what every video on YouTube gets wrong. The Middle Ages spanned 500 years and all across Europe, and yet people say “everything was this.” “No, everything was that” you think everything stayed the same for 500 years everywhere all the time? That’s just stupid. But anyway, I would say that the armor for a “common foot soldier” for the majority of the Medieval period would be gambeson, or cloth armor, which is cheap and very effective in withstanding cuts and thrusts (especially paired with a shield). Soldiers would probably have chain mail on top of gambeson. The only way to get through chain mail is a really hard thrust, don’t believe the videos that test chain mail by tying it to a block of wood.
    Secondly, that didn’t even look like proper leather! I expect it could have been from a cosplay or LARP costume, come on! I said that leather was uncommon for most periods of the Middle Ages, but it was still used, and used for a reason! You know what that reason was? Withstanding cuts!
    And the lack of info is so misleading in this video, there are possibly hundreds of longsword and katana variations and he just shows us some swords off of Amazon and says they were commonly used in “that time” 500 YEARS!

  22. What I learned from this video:
    A cheap modern reincarnation of a Katana is superior to a cheap modern reincarnation of a longsword at getting through fake armor in an unscientific test.

  23. When you really want to see a good testing video, then you should look at this
    It's a german Video, but man the blacksmith shows much more then this little fake video here.

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