Jan Lexell | SCI exercise guidelines Sweden

My name is Jan Lexell I’m Professor of
Rehabilitation Medicine at Lund University in southern Sweden and Senior
Consultant in the University Hospital in Neurological Rehabilitation. Physical
activity and exercise is almost like a drug you cannot prescribe it without
having fairly controlled requirements of the amount, the intensity and the
duration it’s like prescribing an antibiotic you
cannot just give the prescription and then expect someone to know how to
take it so we needed to come up with guidelines informing people about the
amount intensity and the duration of physical activity and exercise in order
to meet to get the health benefits of that. The guidelines that we produce
is the first step towards internationally validated evidence-based
guidelines that can inform people with spinal cord injury as well as
professionals in the healthcare system and anyone else what is required to meet
the health benefits of physical activity and exercise and that’s why guidelines
are extremely important in society today

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