Is Mystery Jesus? Review from Mystery & Beckster’s Latest Helsinki Bootcamp!

So what did you think of Mystery when you met him? The first time. He was according to my excpectations but some sort nicer. He’s a really nice guy, he’s really easy to become empathatic with him. To understand him, to understand his language. It’s very easy to have a chat with him, very open to new people. He has a huge ton of charisma. I was already expecting it but the easiness to talk and say “Hey Eric, I just have one question” it’s kind of amazing. So yeah, I love him, I loved everybody. It’s a very good experience That’s why I want to meet people again. And what did you think of watching him infield? It’s the most efficient pick-up I’ve ever seen. Apart from the magic tricks, it’s not that… he’s just doing something so outrageous. No, no. He’s just very good at getting… and, It seems like it’s nothing extraordinary from seeing outside but at the same time it is because he always has the right words at the right moments, the right timing, the right delivery and when you see that work you just see people around him enchanted by him and he’s not dressed up, no, he’s just being his normal self. … in a very high-profile venue, a very good, expensive bar but also in a restaurant in the daytime. He’s always enchanting, so everybody likes him, all the time. It’s amazing. Now I met him, I can understand why because he’s a great guy. All right perfect.
I could put one more… If you want. Ok. I have seen many things here that impressed me. The Beckster scene in the first day I recorded it all but one thing that actually got me, that we were just walking on the street and this random guy comes to talk to Erik and say “Oh you’re Mystery, I’m a fan of yours!” “Oh ok, thank you, thank you.” “I read all your books. I’ve been following your material for 11 years” He said “OK”. “And thanks to your material, I got a girlfriend who become my wife and now we have three children thanks to you.” And that’s the biggest compliment I’ve ever heard someone getting. “I have three children thanks to you” “Thank you” So yeah, this is Mystery. And what did you think of Beckster? When you met him? I didn’t know what to expect because I had not met him before but I must say is better looking than I thought. He’s a great dancer, he has a huge ton of charisma and I just saw him do something I didn’t thought it was even possible. He has this huge amount of energy. At some point you see him with two hundred people around him but he has all the energy and he distributes it. He puts energy here, energy there. It is all about him, he gets it because of high energetic profile, lots of movements, very good dancing and he has this one thing I told you before. He’s a huge catch-phrase maker He’s the phrase maker. He puts it in like six words that combines with women. And you could quote him. I could make so much quotes from Beckster. That’s a huge powerful tool because now when I’m thinking about Beckster, I’m thinking about his sentences that’s a huge powerful tool when doing game. So you asked me why I like game. So why did I come to do this boot camp. Think about this. Many years ago, There was a written book about the thoughts of Jesus that all Christians followed. That’s the Bible but it was not written by Jesus himself. and not in his time but by followers of him. There are so many versions so many interpretations. And nowadays when we read the Bible we look, “what does it mean?” maybe it means one thing maybe it means the other And they were huge fights about it. And I had the opportunity to talk to the man himself and ask him “What did you mean by that?” It’s like if I could go into a Time Machine, talk to Jesus and “what do you think? because I’m your follower” and not caring about everybody else, all the copycats.. “What do you think?” he answered me. Now I know Mystery’s words.– All right perfect, awesome.

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