Introduction – Japanese Lesson 1

Konnichiwa! Let’s start today’s lesson. We
are going to learning greetings. The first one is “good morning”, the casual one. “Ohayou.”
It sounds like Ohio, right? Okay, please repeat. “Ohayou.” The formal one is “ohayou” plus
“gozaimasu.” Put together, it’s “ohayou gozaimasu.” Good afternoon is “konnichiwa.” Good evening is “konbanwa.” Goodbye, you may know this
one, is “sayounara.” Good night is “oyasumi nasai.” Thank you, for the casual one, is
“arigatou”. Then, do you remember this one? The “good morning” casual one? Hai, ohayou.
How about the formal one? Ohayou gozaimasu. Then can you guess the formal one for thank
you? Arigatou gozaimasu. Excuse me, I’m sorry is “sumimasen.” The longest one, how do you
do (nice to meet you)? Hajimemashite, douzo yoroshiku. Let’s practice “how do you do”
first. Hajimemashite. “Nice to meet you” is “douzo yoroshiku.” Put the three together,
“hajimemashite douzo yoroshiku.” Okay, then let’s practice together. How about this one?
Konbanwa. Arigatou. How about the formal one? Arigatou gozaimasu. Konnichiwa. Sumimasen.
Oyasumi nasai. Sayounara. Konbanwa. Formal one, ohayou gozaimasu. Okay, the longest one.
Hajimemashite douzo yoroshiku. Do you remember all? That’s all for today. See you at Japan
Society. Japan Society de aimashou.

100 thoughts on “Introduction – Japanese Lesson 1

  1. visiting japan is a long life dream.i well make use of the basics of the both language and culture before i visit

  2. Also, interesting fact – as a slav Japanese sounds pretty familiar and is easier to learn by using my home language as a base and then building upon that (especially with the two ji sounds, but also elsewhere such as chi).

    One thing that is annoying af is ha and wa. It is literally the same s…. in pronounciation (pronunciation?).

  3. She's cute and very clear. But at times, for non native Japanese people, English subtitles help.
    Like for Good bye it can show sub titles like – SAA YOO NA RA etc

  4. hey, I need somebody who can read some Japanese handwriting and translate it for me. they are notes from the writer of one of my favourite anime which explain a little bit behind the lore of the sci-fi tech I think, but its all written by hand so I cant copy and paste it into a translator on google. anybody who is fluent would be really appreciated. can somebody please get back to me in a reply to this comment? thank you.

  5. アニメを字幕なしで見たい外国人は日本語勉強するのやめな。恐らく難しいであろうからコスパ悪すぎる。もし、本気で習得したいんだったら日本に住んで暮らすしかない。

  6. Good morning Ojayo gozai mas
    good afternoon konichiba
    Good evening combawa
    Goodbye Sayonara
    Goodnight Oyasuminasai
    Thank you Arigato
    (Formal) gozai mas
    Excuse me Sumimasen
    How do you do? Jayimimaste
    Nice to meet you dozo(e) yoroshk

  7. since I’m half Japanese I’m trying to learn more of the language so i can stop looking stupid at family gatherings 🗿

  8. The how do you do nice to meet you is so hard for me to say. My brain can't learn how to say it and when I try to say it I get tongue twisted XD this is helpful tho 🙂

  9. Japanese women just have it bred into them to be sweet and gracious….wish Americans would have been raised that way.

  10. I plan on taking a trip to Japan in the future, so I would like to learn some helpful phrases and simple conversation

  11. Friends who are interested in going to Japan have two programs SSWRP and IM from the government of our country.

  12. going to japan on two years. am i going to learn this language fluently in two years? absolutely not but i’m gonna try

  13. I’m learning because my grandma is last person in my family that is able to speak Japanese after no else will know how. So I have to keep the language alive

  14. You can’t take shortcuts when properly learning a language, it doesn’t work that way, you can’t learn it in your sleep or learn it in 4 hours, it takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work and commitment….

  15. I’m learning because:
    1. I wanna go to Japan
    2. I’m a weeb
    2.5. The version of season 2 of my hero academia I downloaded is filled with Japanese and French dubbed and subbed

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