India and US joint military exercise near china border

India, US to hold joint military exercise.
The Armies of India and the United States are all set to flex their muscles close to
the India-China land border, just three months after Indian Navy sailed through the South
China Sea in an affirmation of freedom of navigation in international waters. A total
of 250 US Army soldiers are landing at Chaubuttia in Utharakhand to start the two-week-long
joint exercise called Yudh Abhyas, from 14 September. This is the 12th edition of the
India-US joint exercise and the first in an area close to the border with China. “Interconnectivity and interdependence are
the new global order, interoperability and joint ness as being applied in Exercise 2016
are the new military essentials,” Lt Gen Balwant Singh, GOC in Central Command. India’s military and strategic ties with
the United States are growing rapidly. The Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement
(LEMOA) signed between US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and his Indian counterpart Manohar
Parrikar just a couple of weeks ago was a major step to curb firepower from likely threats.
LEMOA has created a formal platform between India and the US to mutually use each other’s
military bases and other facilities. With a trilateral joint exercise called Malabar
involving Indian, US and Japanese Navies in June this year, India had sent a strong message
to China that it would not allow any country to control the South China Sea. exercise is
an extension of the same message of freedom from fear of threat by forces inimical to
democracy and forces backing terrorism. Abhyas-2016, the Indo-US joint exercise is
a giant step for the armies of two great democratic nations to train and gain from each other’s
rich operational experiences.” exercise will be the first India-US exercise
after LEMOA came into existence. The Chaubuttia military station near Ranikhet is situated
just over 100 km away from the India-China border. It will start with the unfurling of
the national flags of India and the US, apart from the playing of the two countries’ national
anthems. exercise has been strategically planned by
the Ministry of Defence keeping in mind the features of the Line of Control, which India
shares with Pakistan and the Line of Actual Control, which India shares with China. The
exercise will be conducted in the heavily forested areas of Chaubattia, where the heights
range from 6,000 feet to 8,000 feet. The exercise will begin with a difficult march of approximately
6 km with complete battle loads of almost 30 kg on each soldier. Then the soldiers of
both the Armies will familiarise themselves with each other’s organisational structures,
weapons and tactical drills. To simulate a counter insurgency and counter terrorism environment,
the tactical part of the exercise will include “raid, cordon and search” operations,
with the emphasis on using state of the art equipment for surveillance, tracking and identification
of terrorists, using specialist weapons, sensing and neutralising IEDs and establishing effective
communications. In the last three days and two nights of exercise, the validation exercise
will be conducted with troops being inducted by helicopters into a notional hostile area.
The drill will be followed as per the UN mandate and both militaries are looking forward to
the exercise. However, authoritative sources said that “There
is no question of China being the focus, it is only because of geographical features and
logistics that the region around Ranikhet was chosen for this long-planned exercise.”
They add that “It is the policy of both the US and India to seek to have a friendly
and cooperative relationship with a major trading partner, China.” Thank you for Watching. Please Like, Comment
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  1. india and USA are two biggest democratic country and they both can bring peace to the world by sending some strong message to bully country.

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