InBody Spotlight – Bryce Henson of Fit Body Boot Camp

My name is Bryce Henson. I’m owner of Fit Body Boot Camp three locations here in Southern California and I have one location that’s just launching in the state of Michigan where I’m from. Really excited to you know have the InBody system at all our locations as we believe really highly in it.The vast majority of our clients are coming in to lose weight and get in shape and you know drop the extra pounds so we want to have a program that’s really robust and gives them a great result but without the ability to track that result and actually showcase that and market that to our audience we are at a severe disadvantage. So when InBody came along, we kind of noticed the the high quality the gold standard in calibre you know some big names in the industry use the machine you know we took a stronger look at it and after doing some diligence and research and looking at it getting some other opinions and we knew that this was gonna kind of take our programs to the next level and give our clients a way better feedback and result because of it. So InBody has been a huge help with marketing twofold on the front end and the back end. So on the front end, whenever every time we do a group program or we’re launching some sort of challenge specifically on Facebook and Instagram and social media we can advertise you know participation in the program that their InBody scans are included as a part of their participation so it really makes our program much more attractive. Secondly, would be with the results that our clients receive so ultimately as we track their performance and their outputs we’re able to push those results and really you know attract more clientele from our program. Well I think the biggest change is the buzz the excitement the clients are very appreciative and excited that we have a piece of technology that most studios don’t have. So I think number one just from an internal perspective it’s really really helped and then secondly what doors have opened business has grown because as we can track and monitor our clients results we were able to showcase where their areas of challenges but ultimately where they’re succeeding and we can obviously pump that up and give them huge accolades and then obviously push that out to our community which attracts more interest. So you know twofold one internally the excitement energy and the buzz and then on the other side of the coin the growth in business would probably be the two biggest things and the doors that open because of InBody. I trust the InBody because while there’s a lot of things in the market you know from my perspective that InBody is the gold standard in output and ultimately in body composition so it’s really crucial. They also have a huge focus on education so in the process of you know learning about InBody and then connecting with other peers in the industry Todd Durkin, Martin Rooney that I follow and friends with they all use InBody and that was obviously an attractive thing for me that put the trust there as well and then the last part was just the continued education. So the follow up, the blogging and all that. And it enables our clients actually to get access to better information and then allows myself to educate our staff better so I think you know in comparing a lot of products on the market those few things what really made me put my trust in InBody. Our epiphany moment, seeing the clients results and feedback and just really being blown away and then being able to you know showcase the results month or 6 weeks later, it was really powerful so you know from that perspective and moment in time we knew we needed to outfit all of our facilities with the InBody. And as we speak right here we’re launching our facility next month in Michigan it’s where I’m originally from. And it’s just a no-brainer to add a lot of value and really kind of distinguish ourselves in the area to have InBody as a partner of ours and that way we can deliver way better experience to our customers for that camp.

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