100 thoughts on “I Trained To Become An MMA Fighter In 4 Months

  1. Hey there! Thanks to everyone that took the time to watch this, I know it’s a pretty long video! I hope you enjoyed it. Since there were a lot of deleted scenes, I’m going to be doing a follow-up video where I talk about the actual workouts, diet, the fight and more – so if you have any questions about my experience, please reply below and I’ll answer some of them in the video! You’re also welcome to slide into my DMs @ariainthavong – if you do that, please also name me your favorite ABBA song. Thanks! ❤️

  2. Aria you're a warrior. You embody the bushido spirit. Those buzzfeed p*ssies who doubted you wouldn't last 10 seconds with you now. Oss

  3. Aria I watched the entire video, you are a fighter. I wish you love and peace within yourself and the mighty. Keep that spirit dude!

  4. The co-workers…
    Can I hit them please?
    You DO NOT leave your friend alone especially when they do somthing extremely out of their comfort zone. Aria deserves better than to surround himself around people who do not fully support their friends until the end. Learn your lesson Buzzfeed. Support your work mates till the bitter end.

  5. well done aria, so proud of how far you came throughout this video. i’m a boxer and to me it’s crazy to think that someone could go that far in 4 months, i would be beyond proud of myself! this would have taught you so much heart, courage and strength. well done, this helped me.

  6. Man he has horrible co-workers. He is so brave. If he couldn’t fight someone he wouldn’t have signed up for this

  7. yea man ur not gonna prepare for an mma fight in 4 months that takes years and years of practice that guy that beat him was problably practicing for years… ur not going to beat someone who has been training for 5+ years when u haven't even been training for 5 months….

  8. I've just seen this 3 Months after this post and Aria you've been more than an inspiration to me. You're freaking awesome bro

  9. i just wanted to let you know that this autoplayed so go ahead and subtracted one from your view count from this cancer

  10. This video provides me more inspiration for me to take up MMA fighting, although not professionally. It's amazing to see Aria's gains after only 4 months.

  11. Okay, 95% of the comments are talking about Aria's colleagues, which I pretty much expected.
    You get people like those when you're willing to do what they are not. You get push back, you get doubt, you get negativity, you get resistance. You get people who dont believe in you, right up until you show up in the very end, in spite of all the doubt, and do what you said you'd do.
    Huge props for Aria.

  12. It’s cooler to tap after u admit he got u over something like this, why would u try to make that guys record 0-2 lmao

  13. Worst thing that u could do is not train grappling wrestling and bjj is very important not all mma fights stay standing up

  14. The things those people he worked with were saying about him were honestly disgusting and shallow.
    Aria you the MANN!!

  15. I very much dislike buzzfeed, but he's got my respect. His coworkers are trash though. And I hate it when people say "You've got nothing to prove." Unless already proven of course we do, all of us, but I would guess the intent was nuanced and she meant "You don't need to prove anything to anyone." Similar but not the same.

  16. „I’m not doing this for the video, I’m not doing this for buzzfeed“
    Also him : goes in the desert and runs like he’s in creed 2

  17. I didn't see any wrestling or Brazilian Jiu Jutsu anywhere in his training leading up to the fight. It is vital to train in all areas especially if a new fighter doesn't have a base in any other combat sport. And you can see it as to the reason why he loses. Good effort though most wouldn't even walk into the octagon, to begin with.

  18. I wanna see his next fight you guys sound totally do the same thing for the next fight but more of a vlog for aria

  19. Do you're a legend for taking a fight on only 4 months training, even though you lost, you still went through with it, big respect my guy <3

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