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I’m Lucie Fink! I’m a video producer at
Refinery29, but every so often I like to try other people’s jobs. Today I’m at FOURTEENJAY in Tribeca, New York, and I’m gonna see if I have what it takes to be a hair colorist. This is Lucie For Hire. My name is David Adams and I’m a hair colorist. And I’m one of the owners of FOURTEENJAY salon here in Tribeca. The job of a hair colorist specialist is to look at somebody’s haircuts, to look at their skin tone, their eye color – and then the hair color is sort of the painting on the canvas. We have to have a really good solid understanding of how you see color and how I see color. While I would’ve loved to dive right in
and paint someone’s hair, I first needed a crash course in color theory from master colorist, David Adams. So Lucie, your first challenge today is going to be color theory. Color theory is really understanding how color works. How we see color, how light affects color, and the most important thing is knowing which colors to put together and which colors not to put together. It’s like art school– Exactly! in elementary school but I’m about to put
it on someone’s head– Yes. for a few months. Exactly. You could mix red and yellow, which will make what? Green. Oh, that’s blue and yellow. I’m close. Close, but far away. I’m gonna hand you
off to Deanna now. After I felt a bit more comfortable with color theory, I was ready to meet with my victim. Uh– I – I mean, my client. Emily. Welcome to FOURTEENJAY. Thank you. Hi Emily! Hi! Lucie Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Okay, so I’m just pretending I don’t know Emily, but really she’s a New York City private yoga instructor and
a friend of mine. We had a brief consultation to hear what Emily wanted. I’m looking to transform. It’s been a really big year of transformation for me. So now I’m thinking red. Something low maintenance would really be best. It would suit my lifestyle. I’m a busy lady. And as my coaches taught me, at the salon, everyone, even friends, must be treated like any paying customer. This is beautiful. Gorgeous, yeah. I really love a lot of these. The first step to realizing Emily’s hair dreams– pre-lightening her hair. As I learned in my color theory crash course, it’s essential to lighten the hair a few shades before coloring, to achieve the correct final tone. This is a major technique. Okay, I’ve got it. I followed Deanna’s directions. Crease it. Slowly. Carefully. Making sure to not make any mistakes. Only 50 thousand more to go! And after the pre-lightener sat on Emily’s hair for a while, we washed
it out. So I just did my circular– I went around Now, being a hair washer is an entirely different skill-set that takes time to master as well. I’m going to flip my hands like this and I’m going to get the highest point of the head. Got it. Very soapy. Yeah. Your second challenge today is going to be formulation. So formulation is understanding the guest’s natural hair color and how it will react to color. So we really have to
understand which color we put back in the hair versus which color we take out of the
hair. Deanna and I went into the back and began mixing colors. So we’re gonna be melting three different
shades. Time to formulate. We had to balance just
the right amount of the different materials to achieve the exact tone Emily wanted. This is red? Yeah. Wow. And this just activates all this. Yeah. This stage involved a ton of math, measuring and mixing. And it’s perhaps the most important stage if you want to get the color right. So this is gonna be a fun fall color– in the middle of winter.
Your third challenge today is going to be application. So, It is really looking at the
hair, and once we know exactly the result we want, then we’ll select the right technique to use. This is it. Thanks. Yeah. It won’t look like this on your head.
All gloved up. Deanna showed me the exact right technique for applying the color diligently. I had some issues being neat at first, Make that a little more clean right there. Keep it clean! Otherwise David said you’ll be cleaning the floor. But eventually Deanna set me on course and I was cruising. Do I look like I’ve been
doing this for 30 years? Yeah. Cause I’ve only been alive for 25. I felt I had gotten the technique down and about 30 minutes later, she was all done. Your final challenge today is going to be blow-dry and styling. Now came the fun part. Wow. We rinsed out Emily’s hair. Nice and colorful. I even
gave her a hand massage in the FOURTEENJAY way and then we moved her back to the chair for a blow-dry. Emily played with the salon dog. Meanwhile, I’m busy at work over here. I fully dried her entire head. So you’re gonna have to go like this and
just wrap it. Oh, I see. And then close it. And just don’t even close it. Oh don’t close it. Okay. Nope, you just gotta leave it open. And then, there you go. I see. And then went through with the curling iron and gave her some loose beach waves. And just like that she was a new woman. 1, 2, 3! Wow! I was on my feet for almost six hours coloring Emily’s hair. I learned not only how many years of schooling it takes to get here, but also how much thought, theory and hard work goes into each client. If Lucie really worked here as a hair colorist, would you be happy coming back to her again? Oh, absolutely. Yes. And I think if she wanted to come here and train as a hair colorist, we’d definitely say, “Yes, Lucie, come!” Alright! Okay, okay, okay! You don’t have to ask me. I’ll take the job David. Excellent. Thank you. Great. Thank you. Thanks, Emily. After today I have a complete newfound appreciation for hair colorists. This has to be one of the most difficult jobs I have ever attempted in Lucie for Hire. And it had some of the highest stakes. But I think we did a great
job and Emily looked lovely. Hey Youtube! Thanks for watching! Comment below. Let us know what you thought of this hair transformation. And as always click right here to watch another video, here to subscribe to us on Youtube, and right here for my personal Youtube channel. See ya!

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  1. I love you Lucie!!! You are such an inspiration, and have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone!❤️❤️❤️❤️💖 Edit: Oml!!! Thanks for the heart ❤️ ❤️❤️✨❤️✨

  2. Coloring isn’t that hard. It’s cutting that’s hard! Not to mention there’s more pressure! It’s easier to fix bad color than a bad hair cut 😅

  3. Lucie should be a MAKEUP ARTIST (MUA)

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  4. I kinda wish you guys went into a little bit of the chemistry involved, but still a great video!! A lot of people don't understand what it takes to be a good haircolourist/stylist, so thanks a bunch for giving the outside persons look into our world 🙂

  5. i'm a aII around hairstyIist and i'm so gIad that peopIe now wiII understand that it's far from easy to do hair IoI thanks for the great video

  6. I am super impressed at the level of attention/service @fourteenjay. The electronic "lookbook" of styles/colors is very helpful. I need a transformation too. Inspiring!!

  7. Lol I love how she's not showing her red colors on Pinterest and I don't really think you need to lighten brown hair if your doing red.. it just damages the hair more smh

  8. 1:43
    " Red , something low maintenance"

    Ahahah ahaha ha ha ha… ahhh

    att. Hairstylist.

    Ps why on earth would there be a salon dog? that poor dog must hate the strong smells there

  9. well my hair is a very light brown with natual blonde highlights in it so when im older im not going to dye my hair because i like the colour it is

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