I Trained Like A Professional Football Player For A Week

(thrilling music) – [Man] You alright? – Naw. (grunts) We came out to Frisco, Texas, to the Star, it’s the Dallas Cowboys
state-of-the-art training facility. We got to talk to some top ten rookies and some NFL veterans to find out how they train, how they eat and how they take care of their bodies throughout the regular season. Now I’m gonna go through an NFL training regiment for an entire week. (whistle blows)
(upbeat music) (bleep) Think I pulled my hamstring. (upbeat piano) And I did pull that hamstring, but I spent the last month resting it and getting it ready to start this, I’m at JDI headquarters
in Hollywood, California, this is where I’m gonna start my training. From strength and conditioning, mental training, nutrition, and recovery. What does it take to be Rob Gronkowski? – It takes a lot actually,
everything’s crucial, recovering, training it
right, eating, sleep, everything’s crucial. (upbeat music) – We’re gonna take Josh
through a fitness assessment, so when I program it, I can
program the right exercises and the right preventative exercises, and so they can try their best as well. – What is your diet like? – I’ll go, avocado toast, – Vegetables, protein, – Try to get a lot of my
carbs through my vegetables, – Quinoa, sweet potato, – Some weeks I’ll try
and be like, pescatarian, – I’m a huge salmon guy, so, – Dude, me too, salmon’s my jam. They’re gonna put me on
a nutritional program for the entire week, but before I do that, I have to get my gut microbiome test. This test is going to
let my nutritionist know what kind of food I should be eating to get the best results for my body. Now, it’s time to meet my nutritionist. (upbeat electronic music) – My name is Mary Shenouda,
and I’m the resident chef here at Just Do It Headquarters. After looking at Josh’s test results, and talking to the trainer,
it seems like he has a really, really good baseline. He does intermittent fasting, but I still wanna him to
get that little extra more for when he’s in his training. Phat Fudge is a ketogenic
performance fudge, having something like
this under 500 calories will keep him in the fastest state, but give him the energy and the mental acuity that he needs. I’m gonna keep him intermittent fasting, I’m gonna add a probiotic and a prebiotic, and then desiccated liver
pills from Vital Proteins, it’s literally just liver in a pill form and then also incorporating some emotional self-care
throughout his journey here. So it doesn’t matter what I’m feeding him, if he’s not taking care
of the emotional aspect of it, he won’t be functioning
in his highest potential. – [Josh] These are all of the ingredients that will be making up my
meals for the entire week. (electronic techno music) (cymbals clash) We’re almost ready to get going but first, let’s meet Justin Sua,
my mental training coach. – My “why” is gonna be my nephew Ethan. Ethan is 11 years old
and is playing football for his second year, and
I just wanna show him how hard work, dedication and commitment pays off in the end, love you buddy. (heart beats) – You gotta always challenge yourself, ’cause you wanna get to the next level. (scratchy, upbeat music) – Alright, here we go, day one, I’m a little nervous to
see what kind of workout he’s gonna put me through. – So the goal with Josh was to make him more efficient, efficiency during movement makes him look more athletic. (plastic rips) (slurps) – [Josh] We started with a Fascia massage, next is a warm-up with stretching,
mobility and band work. (heavy guitar music) I have weak hips, so even
a simple band exercises were really hard for me and challenged me. (techno music) – Size-wise, Josh would be
a DB in NFL, maybe a corner. Bein’ a DB, you have to be
fast, you have to be agile, and you have to be reactive. – [Josh] They want us focusing
on power and explosiveness. – In his program, we do
a lot of reaction drills, a lot of plyometrics. (techno music) – Squats, bench presses, normal things that you would do, just,
do ’em that repeatedly. (techno music) – The medicine ball core work was awesome, all the twists, the wall balls, the slams. Then that’s it for the workout? – That’s it for the workout today, man. Good stuff. – Alright, that, that’s Day One. – Yeah.
(synth music) – Time for recovery. – In comin’ up with a protocol for Josh, what we’re gonna be doin’ is, cryotherapy, red light charger, electromagnetic pulse,
what we call the PiMF. And we’re also gonna be
using compression cuffs. (low synth music) (sucks) (plastic clicks) (inhales) (dings) (plate scraping wood) (meat frying) – An NFL schedule is based around routine, – You know when you’re
consistent at something, you put in that work, you
know, day in, day out, once the time comes, it’s,
it’s like second nature. – [Josh] So every day, started and finished the exact same way. (plastic crunches) (slurps) (electronic music) – When it comes to playing in the NFL, perfect repetitions are everything. – Alright, we’re gettin’
there, we’re gettin’ there. (chuckles) (upbeat music) That’s only an hour, – That was an hour. – That we just did. – He look like he just
jumped out the ocean. – Yeah, look it, look at me. And this is a fraction
of what NFL players do in an actual day. (upbeat music) (plate scrapes on wood) (inhales) (bottle pops) (dings) (plate scrapes on wood) (light snoring) – You made that commitment
to go push yourself through that workout so,
just push yourself man. (guitar music) – Day three, I am sore in places I have never been sore before. The sprinting drills
that we did yesterday, and the box jumps, my legs are on fire. Tryin’ to balance work and this training is a bit of a task, but, we got this. (plastic rips)
(crinkles) (slurps) (heavy, upbeat music) Everything is full speed, to the max, going as hard as you can. VersaClimber (groans), I wanted to give up so badly, but I had to remember my why my little nephew Ethan, and there was no way
that I was gonna quit. (heavy metal music) – I told you, that’s it. You alright? – Naw. – He is not fakin’ it, that’s real. (heavy breathing) (slurps) (fan blows)
(buzzing) (plate scrapes on wood) (inhales) (gulps)
(dings) (plate scrapes on wood) (light snoring) – Really, it’s all ’bout jus’ rememberin’ the reason that you’re workin’ out the reason that you’re
tryin’ to accomplish, and the goals that you’re
tryin’ to accomplish. – Wakin’ up, day four, I am tired today. It’s been hard for me to
get a full eight hours of sleep, and yesterday’s workout, man, that kicked my butt. (plastic rips)
(slurps) (upbeat music) It’s crazy how an exercise
that looks so simple could be so challenging. A get off, your initial
reaction in football is one of the most important movements, regardless of your position. Each movement is so specific, it helps you maximize your performance
when you’re out on the field. Toward the end of this
workout, Ryan can tell that my legs were kind of wobbling, so he decided to cut the workout short, so that I wouldn’t risk injury. (slurps) (fan blows)
(plate scrapes on wood) (inhales) (gulps) (dings)
(plate scrapes on wood) (snores lightly) – Challenges are awesome,
they always make you better. (upbeat music) – Alright, day five. Today’s the last day,
it’s been an awesome week, but man, I am sore, so, so sore all over, still gonna have to get
a good warmup in today, but, I’m excited to get to finish, training like an NFL player is not easy. (plastic crinkles) (upbeat guitar music) Oh, shit (bleep) (groans) Ooh. Ooh. Doin’ one of the sprints, I landed wrong on my bad hip, and, hurt myself, so I can’t
continue unfortunately, my body just kind of caved in at the end, last day injury, it is what it is. Luckily, they had an awesome
physical therapist on hand to help me do some work, so even by the time I left that day, my injury was not even
close to as bad as it was when it first happened. I was bummed that I didn’t get to finish the last day of training, the fact that we’re doing this for a week, we weren’t expecting to
see a lot of results, but, I was able to take my body fat from 14% to 11% in just six days. At the end of the day, my body couldn’t even take a full
week of NFL training. Do you think you can handle it? (percussion music)

100 thoughts on “I Trained Like A Professional Football Player For A Week

  1. I think i can do that i play football at a middle school to highschool levels and i do a lot of those workout even though i am a linemen but everyone needs to be good at everything imaginable

  2. One of the best amateur videos I've seen where a novice takes on a training challenge… coming from an ex-athlete. Impressed with the 3% bodyfat drop. I'm doing as many of those exercises that I can find.

  3. When will people learn- the title “Nutritionist” means NOTHING. Only registered dieticians have legitimate schooling and training to be giving advice.

  4. What's amazing for me is that he is fit despite I think he is not the naturally athletic dude, that's what I understand from how he runs and how he moves. But boy oh boy cool guy! I better watch him more.

  5. lol A state of the art fitness team for not a state of the art caliber team. Should spend more money on coaching and less on fancy equipment.

  6. beef liver pills? come on man -_-

    doing that much exercise for five consecutive days with no rest day is bound to bring an injury. It takes some serious tolerance over time to get it right but these workouts look fun none the less, I'll be trying some of them.

  7. Since I do a lot of intermittent fastin' my own damn self, pretty much every day, as a black man from Louisiana, who was born in the 70's, I must say that I'm interested in learning more about Phat Fudge.

  8. “Under 500 calories will keep him in the fasted state”- what kind of BS is that to sell a product, what she said makes no sense

  9. I gained a lot of weight because I wanted to be a college linebacker or a defensive end I was 237 pounds now I’m 218 pounds because I want to join the Army

  10. Thats why i love, football athletes. Their workout is prolly one of the toughest. And if you stick to their routine, u can come out with a great physique, be athletic and strong af at the same time.

  11. idk it would be if i tried proffessional something it would probbably be parkour training or something that is my favorite sport but ofc i would have to be 18 at least you should do a video of something like that 1 week of proffessional parkour than you should invite someone from storror to train someone someone probbably callum or toby but they always do that weekly videos to but this looks actualy insane and it was funn to watch nice vide idk why i never watch buzzfeed multiplayer should give it a try to watch something more

  12. Bro…you were already fit. Someone that isn't and tries to do something like this would end up with a pulled or torn everything!! I bet that one week of training probably costs a couple thousand dollars.

  13. Wish I could try this for at least one day. Imagine everyone has the accessibility to try out all of those programs and the recovery equipment, so we can all live healthily and happily.

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