I Trained in the Gym for 24 Hours Straight & This Actually Happened… (Workout Challenge)

(dramatic orchestral music) (clicking) – [Woman] Ew! – What? – [Woman] Thomas, what is it? – Pasta. – [Woman] Why you eating that? – I want to get fit so I thought, if I mix Gatorade with my pasta, gives me energy and carbs. – [Woman] Most stupid
thing I’ve ever heard. – Okay so today… Ah! Okay so I’ve had an idea. I want to do the gym for 24 hours. Non-stop gym action! I don’t know if that’s physically possible but I want to give it a go. I’m gonna try this. I’ll be the human guinea
pig and try this thing. So the thing is I used to do the gym like years ago. If you look back at my really,
really, really old videos you’ll see that I got
a lot more muscle then than I do now because I
don’t have time to do gym now ’cause I’m dedicated to YouTube. I’m just YouTubing everyday bro. Bro. (laughing)
What? I’ve not done gym for like a year so I’m out of shape. I’m not used to doing gym
and now I’m gonna do it for 24 hours in a row. I’m gonna be absolutely
dead after one hour and then there’s still 23 hours to go. Watch this. Here we go. (upbeat retro music) (grunting) Four! (breathing heavily) I’m so tired. That was less than a minute and I’m gone. (laughing) Okay. So… I’m not prepared for this at all. This cannot go well. (laughing) I’m not doing it. Turn it off. Turn it off. (trap music) Okay so there’s two problems
with what I want to do. Number one. I don’t know if there’s
any gyms around here that are even open for 24 hours. And number two. You can’t film in a public gym
’cause everyone looks at you. They think you’re weird. You’re like spying on everyone. Like being a perv. Yeah. (laughing) I’m not a perv.
I’m not a perv. So what I’m gonna do is I’ve ordered my own gym equipment. I’m gonna have all the weights. I’m gonna have the running machine, bike machine, punching bag, you name it. I’m gonna have it. My own little gym in my garage at home, and I’m gonna stay in there for 24 hours. Problem sorted. Okay so I’m gonna need a lot
of supplies for this video. So all this running, and exercise, and lifting and everything. Water’s gonna be pouring from me. I’m gonna need to get loads
of drinks from the shop. (smack)
Water, (smack)
sports drinks, (smack)
energy drinks. You name it, I need it to keep me going. And I’m also gonna need a
lot of food with protein (smack)
like protein shakes, (smack)
protein bars, (smack)
protein, protein, protein? So we’re gonna go to the shop first, buy all the supplies, and then from there we’ll go home, set all this gym up ’cause
it’s all in pieces right now and then first thing tomorrow morning I’m gonna start in the gym. I’m gonna go through the whole day, the whole night right through
till the next morning. I do stupid stuff like this every week. Sometimes twice a week. So why not smash that
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below, I’m following back. So no more messing around. Let’s go do this thing. (heaving breathing) No more running. No more running. Okay, so we’re in the shop. No messing around straight to the drinks. We need loads of these
sports drinks, energy drinks. Real, we’re prepared. Sports drinks. (playful instrumental music) – What? – That’s not a joke that.
Is it? That’s not a joke. (woman laughing) We’ve still got that mini fridge. Nice cold drinks. We’re going to get some Red Bull. Don’t look back. Run. I may have spilled some. Don’t look back. Come on, quick. Quick. – Moon, no. – What? (Moon laughing) – No more jokes. How many? Seven? Eight? – 10, you’re right. We’re going to need a lot. (upbeat retro music) – What? – I’m getting prepared. I’m getting pumped. I’m getting ready. Look, it even says, strong white. (Moon laughs) (upbeat retro music) – Why? – Okay, so we’re in the protein aisle. I don’t know what this stuff is, but I want it. Energy gel, chocolate chip cookies, orange flapjack flavoured– – It’s going to be the
toughest day of my life. Moon, there’s protein breakfast on the go so I don’t even have to stop. I can just keep eating. – It’s really good. – What? (Thomas sputtering) – Okay, it doesn’t seem like we got a lot, but we got loads of stuff there. Load of drinks, loads of foods, proteins and stuff. Should be enough to keep me going. This is going to take so long. I’m not looking forward to this. Let’s go. (trap music) – Hm? (Thomas muttering) (alarm ringing) Oh no. (upbeat retro music) (Moon laughing) Okay, so here we go. It’s the first thing in the morning. We’re going to start this thing. It took ages to build this thing up. Room tour, gym tour. Here we go. Let’s see what we got. First of all, the dryer. You can’t have a gym without a dryer. It won’t fit in the house,
so we have to have it here. We got the fridge full of goodies. This isn’t everything. This is just some stuff, so that we’ve got already nice and cooled. Ready to go. We got the cookies, we
got the breakfast things, whatever that is. I don’t know what that is, and Red Bull. Okay, moving on down. – Okay so next we got the running machine. Look at this beast. I don’t know, it’s like, I think you, is it, oh! (slow whirring) Hey, it didn’t break! We got the running machine. I’m going to keep this up
so we got like an area. We can do weird stuff like this. – Ah! (exhaling) Ah! (Moon and Thomas laughing) – Bike. Next, we got the punching bag. The old punch-a-roo. If you get a bit angry, now you can just like … – And finally, this is the main area. This is where you get the mad gains bro. The mad gains! You got the weights, the bench, the area to use the weights on the bench. I don’t know why I got this heavy weight. I mean I can’t lift that heavy but for now, you know … We’ve also got this first aid kit as well. Safety first.
Safety first! Look at this, just full of rubbish. I don’t even know what that, do you know what that stuff is? – Good ’cause I don’t even know. My girlfriend, Moon, she is
actually a trained nurse. We’re like, we’re fully
prepared for anything like that. You’ve always got to do your warm-ups. We don’t want to start
this thing with a pull if I’ve got to be up for 24 hours ’cause that would be very bad. Oh, it feels good to be back. One year no gym – No. – Obviously to start with, I’m not going to go crazy
and wear myself out real fast ’cause that’d just be stupid. – So I’ve got to save my energy. It feels great to be back. Wait, oh. – But I’m already back. (electronic beep) (smooth funky music) (laughs) (panting) (sharp exhale) – I’m so hungry. I’m so thirsty. I’ve gone in too hard. I’ve trained too much. I’m wearing out real quick. I really need to slow it down a bit. Hm, (mumbles) this is beaut. – Just having a minute, eating my cookie, finish my Red Bull. And then I’m going to go
back in and straight back in. – Do some running. – Do some running. (loud screeching) Moon’s getting cold. I’m sweaty AF. (panting) Come one, let’s carry on. – Ah. My hands hurt. I ain’t got any gloves. – You sure this is going to work? (laughs) – It’s good. – [Moon] Whoa! (whines) – Ew! (Moon retching) I’m absolutely aching everywhere. I’m so tired. All these protein foods taste so bad. I’m just going to have to like lift the bare minimum. – Nothing more or otherwise I’m going to fail. That’s the only way I can do this thing. – Playing darts. – Yeah, but darts is a sport. It counts. – It’s a proper sport. Boxing time. – Why? (cheery music) – Yeah. (loud snap) (groans) – Ah! – Oh, I like this one. (cheery music) (imitates vibrating) I don’t know what this does. I just, I like the way it feels. (imitates vibrating) Moon, I’ve got to open it. – It’s too hot. – Oh, that’s gorgeous. Get … (Moon laughs) I forgot to mention earlier,
I’m doing like a cycle. I start on the running
machine, then I’m on the bike, then I go on the punching
bag, then I do the weights. It’s like a circuit that I’m doing. Just one after another after another. (huffing) – Whoa, it got dark so quick. It’s actually getting so dark outside now. We’ve already through day one. I’m like 12 hours into the day, and that’s like, that’s
actually the easiest 12 hours. The next 12 hours is gonna be even harder because I’m already so tired. I have to come out for a little break just to get some fresh air and stuff. I’m going to have to
get back in real soon. I can’t stop for long. (groans) Come on. I can’t move, Moon. I physically can’t move. My back’s destroyed. I can’t do my circuits anymore. I’m just going to do what I can now. It’s just, it’s getting impossible. Since the sun’s gone down, it’s getting a lot colder so I
had to put my jacket back on. (groans) – I know. I can’t do this the whole night. This is unreal. – That seat is really uncomfortable. – I’ve got to. It’s the only way. – I don’t know, I don’t know. (Moon laughs) Berry flavoured caffeine gel energy stuff. Ugh. I can’t. I can’t do this. I’m ordering a pizza. Yeah, 12 inch please. – Cheese. – Onion. – Pepperoni. – That’s it. – Yeah, it’s not against the rules. I’ve just got to do the gym. Yeah, then that’s it. Thank you. – Ah! – Put camera away. Put it away. – Cramps. – I can’t carry on. – It’s just too far. It’s just … – Honestly, I don’t know if I can do it. My legs hurt. My legs hurt so much. I just, my body is a mess. I’ll come in. (groans) (groans) – I can’t do this. – That’s even worse. – I can’t. (heavy groaning) – What? – No, one. – I was just getting ready. – I can’t. I feel too tired and
too sick to eat anymore. (metal screeching) – [Thomas] It’s morning. (groans) (laboured breathing) – [Moon] What’s the matter, Thomas? Thomas? – I can’t breathe. – [Moon] Let me get you something. (laboured breathing) Quick just get one. I got it on full. Get it. (sharp inhales) (trap music)

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  1. I was a bit concerned when you bought energy drinks for a 24h workout. It raises your pulse and when training hard, can lead to your heart stopping because of the high caffeine level. Good that you survived but I wouldn't recommend doing this with so much redbull again.

  2. Fun fact don’t throw a jab when the bag is right in front of you always throw a hook when the bag is close to you throw a jab when it is far away from you

  3. When killem fell and hit his knee on the treadmill he looked like a old guy who finally realized he is to old to work out

  4. Killem: “Okey so today…”

    Me: 😐

    (1 second later)

    Killem: “AAAaaaaAaaaUaaoaaaaA”

    Me: 😂😂😂😭😭😂

  5. 'you name it, i have it'… do you have a running machine, that, every time you step, one of your beard hairs get pecked out painfully?

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