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I’m Lucie Fink. I’m a video producer at Refinery29. But every so often I like to try other people’s
jobs. It’s wedding season. So today, I’m going to see if I have what
it takes to make a wedding cake. This is Lucie For Hire. My first challenge was to consult with the
bride and sketch the cake. Making cakes are fun, but usually when I have
people come in and even to intern a trial. By the end of the day, they say, “Oh my
gosh, I had no idea what goes into this.” Developing an idea for a wedding cake is a
learned skill. There’s a lot to know, including the architecture
of actually building the cake and you definitely need to look at some examples for some inspiration. I took a really good look at the cakes Lauren’s
created and after listening to the bride’s request, we came up with a workable design. We settled on a three-tiered, yellow cake
filled with raspberry buttercream, coated with vanilla buttercream, and decorated with
cascading sugar flowers. Ready to bake? I have never been more ready to do anything
in my entire life. Perfect. To the kitchen. Off we go! And once we knew which direction we were going
in, it was time for my second challenge: baking the cake. What we’re going to do first is grab eggs. It smells so good in here. So, this is a two cup. So you could just measure two of these. This is a dream. Three cups of oil. I’ve baked plenty of cakes from scratch before but I’ve never made anything this large. Let’s bake! This is a gym membership, right? Within each of the three tiers, there are
three layers of cake. So essentially for a three-tiered cake, we
needed to bake nine cake layers. For your third challenge, we’re going to
fill, crumb coat, and ice the cakes. So what’s in there? So this is buttercream. Okay. So this is meringue-style buttercream, which
we have already made and have ready to go. We folded fresh raspberries into the buttercream. It adds some nice color. And then I tasted it. But we’ll see. Most important, center the cake on the board. Once you do this you can’t move it right? Exactly. You use your thumb as a guide and you spin
it. And you kind of look at the distance between
there. And you do a dam. So this way it is very thin, but it is just
is sort of your little barricade. Okay, here it goes. Building a buttercream dam is not as easy
as it looks. So would you hire me yet? Listen, that’s why everyone comes in for
a trial period. I filled each layer of cake with the raspberry
buttercream, wrapped each tier up, and popped them in the fridge. After each tier was filled and chilled, it
was time to add the crumb coat. A crumb coat is a thin layer of frosting that is spread over the cake, acting as a base layer so that there won’t be any crumbs
caught on the outside layer. And then we finished it off with a final layer
of icing. For your final challenge, it is to build and
decorate the cake. Okay. Ready? Building a three-tiered cake is a complicated
process. We added wooden dowel rods to each layer to
provide the cake with support and added some final structural buttercream. Because you can never have enough structural
buttercream. Now that it’s built. We’re going to do the decorating. So what we’re going to do is make some sugar
flowers for the cake. Is this edible? It is edible. What we use tastes like a marshmallow sugar. Mm hmm. Marshmallow sugar. So it’s just like doing a cookie, in that
equal pressure, pop it out, and here we go. We punched out sugar flowers of all different
shapes and sizes and then used a ball tool to frill the petals. We painted them with edible gold shimmer and
just like that, we were ready to decorate. Making a wedding cake is an art. And a blank cake is just like a blank canvas. It takes design skills and a keen eye to know
where to place each flower, how to angle them properly, and how many decorations you need
until it’s just right. You made a wedding cake. We made a wedding cake. Beginning to end. How’d I do? Pretty good. Do you think that you would hire me here? As an intern. An intern? Alright, we’re getting somewhere. I was hired as an intern! So this is way harder than I anticipated,
but the pay-off is great. Of course making the cake is only step one. Transporting the cake to the wedding venue,
well that’s a waltz down another aisle that I’m not quite ready for yet. We made a cake. Hey YouTube! Thanks for watching! Click here to subscribe to Refinery29 on YouTube. And click here to watch another episode.

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  1. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Like this if you think I should make my own wedding cake one day!!! Any other jobs you want me to try? Comment below!

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  8. Don't think that owner of the cake shop was very welcoming to Lucy. She fake laughed a couple of times. Lucy you're awesome! Greetings from London! X

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