How to Work Out Properly : Getting Physically Ready for Marines Basic Training

Hi, my name’s Amy McCauley, and I’m going
to discuss with you how to get ready for Marine Corps basic training. You want to first start
with a run. Try to get yourself up to two to three miles–you’re going to be doing a
lot of running in the Marine Corps, so get your endurance up, and try to get that, again,
up to two to three miles. Focus on pull-ups, a lot of upper body strength, as well as push-ups.
Try to get as many as you can. Set a goal, and each week try to gain a little bit more
strength as you go with your pull-ups and your push-ups. You can vary going back and
forth from a pull-up to a push-up. And try to circuit train with that, as well as working
on your abdominal muscles–try to get your core strength built up, because you’re going
to be doing a lot of abdominal work. Jumping jacks, eight count body builders, any kind
of leg lifts, getting the hips strong are really good ideas. So, again, think about
a two-three mile run, try to get that up, pull-ups, push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks,
and any kind of bodybuilders maybe try squats, lunges, just to get yourself ready for the
training you’re about to endure. Stay positive and good luck.

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