How to Train for Boot Camp : Jumping Jacks Cadence for Boot Camp Training

CHRISTOPHER HOWELL: Hi. I’m Chris from Expert
Village, and today I’m going to cover how to prep yourself for going into military,
training-wise. Another exercise that they would do will be the jumping jacks, just like
regular jumping jacks; the only difference is you’re keeping in synch with the whole
cadence thing again. They’ll be doing “One, two, three” and then everyone will say, “One”
They’re doing counts of three in most situations. One, two, three. Two. One, two, three. Three.
One, two, three. Four. And they’ll kinda ream right into you and kinda drill it into you.
When you do the one, two, three, hands are directly above your head, feet are spread,
and then hands are to your side, feet are together. Now, there are some people out there.
“You can’t do jumping jacks like that.” So it takes a little time and a little training.
You might think it’s pretty bad but you could be one of those people, so you know you just
need to practice all these things, make sure you have it down the right way. Right and
left, right. Right, left.

6 thoughts on “How to Train for Boot Camp : Jumping Jacks Cadence for Boot Camp Training

  1. wow this guy is fake its not fucking jumping jacks in the military its side straddle hops his shirt isnt tucked in and are those basketball shorts??? omfg

  2. i come from a military family my grandfather was a marine in nam my uncle was a grunt in the first gulf war my father was a demo spec. in germany my cousin is a mud puppy in iraq i think i know a little bit about the military and no im not in the military but that will soon change =P

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