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  1. Im so in love with Taya Smith' voice and suddenly I found out that when she became a singer in Hillsong Worship she was sent to a voice school which improves her voice quality and so with the breathing. shes simply amazing to me. I love love love love her.

  2. Long story short: altos are the middle of every singing voice…
    We aren't the best we are just the middle of the sandwich… and who really wants a sandwich with nothing but bread lol

  3. So is this why I have an easier time singing songs from a lot of male R&B artists as opposed to female pop stars? She could've named more than one artist from years ago lol.

  4. i used to be ashamed about my low voice, but I've come to learn that alto's have such beautiful rich voices and i love my voice.

  5. I was just trying to find my voice range not learning one. We are having a musical and I have to know if I'm alto soprano Tenor or baritone.

  6. I find it really annoying being an alto. You always have to harmonise and you never wow anyone as you can't sing high whatsoever. It's so annoying😂

  7. Sorry don't really need to know I'm a soprano who's was no idea why a lot of singers are Mezzo Sopranos and Sopranos and NOT ALTO??????

  8. From the comments it seems that as an Alto II I lucked out on Chorus Teachers/Professors. Both of them would have complex, 8-12 part music that would have different sections singing the melody while the others harmonized; no one was put above or below the others. All voices were needed and wanted, and while we were proud of our own separate parts, we were even more proud singing together as a group.

  9. Thanks for d lesson. But I want to ask, is dere anything like high alto?. I sing alto but, I am not always comfortable with d low notes. My voice tends to go higher dan other alto singers

  10. i am alto and i can sing John Legend really well. and sam smith some of his song an Ed Sheeran and song female singers

  11. As an alto I am singing aura lee and my music teacher says my lower notes sound really good but I’m afraid to go higher can someone help me with that?

  12. Honestly, it seems that people commonly assume that if a girl is an Alto that they can't sing, and everyone is always so concerned with their vocal range that they strain their voice to hit soprano notes. And I agree with what Nyanna said, how come everyone cheers for high notes in songs, but not relatively low ones? In choir at my school, the sopranos are complete jerks to anyone with a lower vocal range than them, and the teacher is the same way. She doesn't try to hide the fact that she prefers the sopranos over the altos. She constantly forces the altos to hit soprano notes, even if it hurts. "Everyone should be singing soprano notes!" – Mrs. Cotton

  13. Im a 11 year old girl that's a alto when it comes to singing around other people I get a bit shy and don't do my best but when I'm singing with no one around everything changes.

  14. My range is from G3-G5. Everything I've looked up is telling me I'm an alto or a mezzo soprano. I don't know what I am, someone help.

  15. I try and all but I'm new in this singing stuff and I keep getting lost when Sopranos sing with their melody. Any tips guys?

  16. Im a alto but I can do really high notes which is outside of my range but it's hard.I know i'm not a mezzo or a sorprano because,I cannot do whistle notes. Edit:I can do whistles so I think I’m a mezzo oof sorry guys

  17. Hello my name is Aziz and thank you for your efforts and I would like you to listen to my voice through this link
    and tell me about the type and area of my voice with all my respect

  18. THIS IS A SEXIST VIDEO! Singing Alto is an Equal Opportunity Occupation. Men can sing Alto as well as women. In fact, male Altos existed for centuries before women started singing Alto in the Nineteenth Century. Moreover, male alto voices are stronger and more penetrating. Generally, a male alto produces as much sound as three female altos. The fact is, most women are sopranos. Those who sing alto are either too lazy to develop their head voice, have ruined their voice by smoking, or are on the alto line because they are good sight-readers. DISCLOSURE: I sang Alto for 48 years before I was ordained a priest.

  19. Ready to know the truth about learning to sing? Learn all my tips and tricks + how to hit the high notes! By clicking through to my blog!


  20. I wish I was a mezzo soprano because I want to do musical theatre and the majority of songs are in the mezzo soprano-soprano key and the majority of roles are made for mezzo sopranos and sopranos😔

  21. We love our altos! ❤️ They are like a filling to a sandwich, the creamer to a coffee 😁 it's a special skill to have good hearing to become an alto, it requires a lot of voice control that's not easily learnt.

  22. I was trained classically and was taught to use head voice only, just strengthen it in lower notes. Never used chest voice.

  23. I have a real problem I can sing Alto alone but I cnt sing along with other parts. So can u tell me how to improve.

  24. I’m an Alto💘 annd I’ve made a cover a song which is “Thinking ‘bout you by Dua Lipa “ on my channel, you can check it out, your reviews are really important for me ❤️

  25. I'm an alto singer and it's so amazing how I can sing variety songs both in male and female keys. That is awesome.

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