How to Do Handstand Push-ups for Bigger Shoulders

The quickest and easiest way to get better
looking arms and shoulders is to do handstand pushups like I’m doing here.
But before you can get strong enough to do elevated pushups like I’m doing
here, I’m going to first show you what you need to do to get strong enough
to do the handstand pushups like these. So, the first thing you need to do to get
strong enough to do handstand pushups is to just practice getting into a
handstand like this by walking your feet up a wall and by walking your hands
back on the floor, and getting your hands as close to the wall as
you can. Once you’re in the basic handstand like this, just hold this,
basically a handstand position for five to 30 seconds or longer. After you finish holding this handstand pushup
position, get out of the handstand, and repeat this basic exercise
again, by going into another handstand pushup position, and holding that
position for another five to 30 seconds. You should start off doing five to
ten sets of five to ten reps, where you’re holding each handstand pushup
for five to 30 seconds, for each rep. Rest two to five minutes between each
set. Once you’re able to get into a handstand pushup
and hold that position for at least five seconds, then it’s time for
you to start actually doing handstand pushups. When you’re just starting
out doing handstand pushups, you don’t want to come all the way down, so
you want to place some boxes, steps, or any other objects under your head
to prevent you from coming all the way down to the floor. Once you can do about five to ten handstand
pushups at any level, then you go down lower. Once you can do about five
to ten handstand pushups at this level, you go down even lower. Once you can
do about five to ten pushups at this level, you go down lower again. Once
you can do handstand pushups coming all the way down to the floor, that’s
all you need to do to get better looking arms and shoulders. If you
want to get even better arm and shoulder results, or bigger arms and shoulders,
you can do elevated handstand pushups. Just start off doing your
handstand pushups elevated, just a little bit off the floor; by using
boxes, steps, or books to get elevated. Once it gets too easy, just go higher and
higher, and even higher as it gets easier. Just make sure you use boxes
or objects that are sturdy enough to support your body weight. At some point,
you won’t be able to elevate yourself any higher. So, at that point, you
can do your handstand pushups wearing a weighted vest for added resistance.
You can also use a weight vest for even when you’re not doing elevated
handstand pushups. Whenever you finish your handstand pushup,
you can get out of a handstand pushup position, by walking your hands and
feet out like this. Or you can get out of a handstand pushup like this. If
you get stuck doing a handstand pushup, you can also walk out of it with your
hands and feet, or you can get out of a handstand pushup like this. If
you’re not comfortable doing handstand pushups, have a spotter or a friend
stand behind you holding your heels, as you do your handstand pushups. Handstand pushups not only work your arms
and shoulders, they also build your back, traps or trapezius muscles, plus
it works your abs since you have to keep your abs tight while doing handstand
pushups. If you really want a good arm, ab, and shoulder workout,
do handstand walks like this, back and forth, for five to ten sets of 30-second
to three-minute walks. Another good handstand pushup exercise for
your arms and shoulders is handstand step-ups. These handstand pushup
exercises are really the only thing you need to do to get better looking
arms and shoulders. But if you don’t want to or can’t do handstand pushups,
you can still get good results by doing other exercises like military presses,
push presses, elevated pushups, or [inaudible 00:04:10].

100 thoughts on “How to Do Handstand Push-ups for Bigger Shoulders

  1. but before you can get strong enough to do handstand pushups like i'm doing here, first I'm gonna show you what you need to do to get strong enough to do handstand pushups like these. So the first thing you need to do to get strong enough to do handstand pushups…

    we get it, you're strong enough to do handstand pushups…

  2. ok..u need to stay straight cuz in that video when ur doing em ur body tend to bent to your right. anyway good job i know its a great exercise.

  3. that's silly. from 2:23 he is starting to do the exercise when using inertia which is the first sign of doing too difficult exercise. using inertia is less efficient then doing it in slow-motion.

  4. Cool video .My ex girl use to tell me how she loved my shoulders…

    not my chest, arms . now i saw your video saying wide shoulders attract females..

    That is true and comes from having idea shoulder and waist according to Adonis index and Golden ratio natural attraction..

    Im presently 72 height , waist 35 and 49 shoulder

    My perfect body would be 72, 33 and 53

    so i have to lose 2 inches on waist and gain 4 inches on shoulder width
    how wide does this make your shoulders

  5. Work on your form. Please, if anyone is going to do this. Keep your back straight. That "wiggle" he does as he's coming up is him not being strong enough. Work up slowly.

  6. inshape4u is this excersise bad for the brain?
    all that blood going to the head?
    Must admit after seeing this i am going to try it
    Thanks for the post i am inspired

  7. There isn't a doubt that these kind of exercises are good for whole body and not only for any specific part though it does work on specific part more. IMO, it is better to get results through these kind of slow building exercises since it involves and develops the whole body apart from specific region and hence makes you look more balanced yet ripped. Trying to build specific part through weights might give faster results but it can make you look offbeat unless one is working out on whole body.

  8. Hi hi! Have you tried the Fat Blast Furnace (search on google)? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin burned plenty of stubborn fat.

  9. Remember not to holf your breath and breathe out when going up 🙂

    Concentrate on being relaxed but still keeping your core tight.

    And dont swirl up like at the beginning of the video 😀

  10. How do you recommend scheduling this? Only on upper-body days, or everyday like sit-ups/push-ups?

    Thanks! I appreciate your workout.

  11. wow man, very impressive. seeing anyone doing full range handstand pushups is a rarity. but a guy your size? you must be really strong! when i saw you put the vest on i was like WHAAT! i can do them with my head to the floor max 10~12 reps, but i've neglected this exercise lately. i'm currently focusing on clean one arm chin ups (no assistance from the other hand), but after that i will likely return to progress my handstand push ups. i'm a lot smaller than you though, haha.

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  13. You're right. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming.

    btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard.

    i found it here

  14. Hey Adrian, thanks for posting this, it's a great video, really clear and thorough. I tried this today but I couldn't get my hands any closer to the door than about a metre out. The verticality even at that distance was quite weird, but maybe that's something I have to get used to. I'll try again tomorrow and see how it goes.

  15. Hello everyone. Fantastic video clip.

    My brother was formerly flabby. He went from 285 lbs of fat to 212 lbs of pure muscle. We think it is outstanding! I just subscribed personally because I want to strengthen my whole body. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  16. You sir are a beast.

    Thanks for the video you have inspired me to keep trying the handstand pushup, I think its quite a bit harder for people with longer limbs though.

  17. bro ım not tryna be a hater or form police or sth but ı think you should stop shakin your head at the bottom of the deep hspus you might snap some shit up

  18. amazing strength, I wanna get to that level. I just started doing handstands and I wanna start doing handstand push ups so I can have huge traps and a meaty big thick back.

  19. Hey man super impressive strength and skill but I would refrain from the way your body starts shifting after the 3rd rep. I think this may lead to serious muscle imbalances in the long run. Thank you for being you.

  20. I have a doubt: a friend told me that this is bad for your back. Is this true?

    Nice body, Adrian. Keep up the good work, man! Greetings.

  21. Nice work, Adrian! I did some the other day. I'll have to try them facing the wall like you did… watch?v=MYK3lFNJ0hg

  22. You think its OK/SAFE enough to do them with back to wall (full rom)? Face to wall is safe but im kinda ehh with back to wall

  23. I do alot of grandstanding but when I try to do handstand push-ups by wall I fell like my blood comes all over inside my face and brain

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