How To Create A Gig On Fiverr (2020 FIVERR TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS)

hi guys so in today’s video I’m gonna be
showing you guys how to create a gig on Fiverr right
maybe you’re just starting out on Fiverr or you have a accounts for your while
well you’re not making sales you cheek I’m gonna be showing you in this video
it’s gonna help you create an account that will rank on fiverr’s first page
right now let’s go to my screen let me show you how to create a gig on Fiverr
guys I create a key from here oh okay yeah this is much less what you need to
do go to the profile I’m creating a hammer that geeks created already so
Monica might be a little different from yours
she has my name and everything right so this is me right now
so um draft, denied gigs, paused bla bla bla I can actually come here and create a gig
right and come here create a gig so I’ve got to become critically one two three
four up see to have a new movie breath you can create a maximum of seven years
yeah as a new seller on Fiverr important as a new Seller
you can create a maximum of seven gigs right you can see it here some gigs
right so um I hope you kick in my draft let’s see what it is my great WordPress
blah blah so I’m just gonna deleted so it’s late okay
was gonna delete available space for us to do what we have to deny give you get
ours denied for is investments with fiber the post gig let’s see okay I was
the mood Savage so I post this personable this deletes
this gigs I’m gonna delete them so I can have space GG guys so this is a classic
making for you guys I’m just going to delete history geeks a space to quit a
new key for you guys so you see how it’s done so hostage okay
delete right deleting my gigs are actually to time to create you guys you
know so if I can see value from this video please leave a comment in the
comment section below let me know that sharpish you what I’m doing for you
write those messages actually helped me give me the energy to keep doing this
for you guys because I know that you enjoy it and you know like I’m I give it
you can you value right it’s my in to actually help your future
win but I want us to be together right so okay so I’m moving on file in your
wire so let’s do this crazy new keywords it’s a restless so I’m going to create a
geek on logo design right so um – good needs for reinventing the wheel if I can
you tell you please guys hit subscribe button right here and once you guys all
appreciate that and change video with your friends also so that they would
know how to make money online of fiber sweet right so it’s easy to be mean for
all of us right so you will need your friends on within I’m happy you are
happy and everybody’s happy together so guys let’s go back to federal form right
here as you can accommodate new table okay opening right here good beautiful
so we go to graphics a new graphic design right logo design so let’s you
have equal to a union to go and put a do you very well so there’s no need for us
to try to reinvent the wheel right so we just copy on this model of course you
have to be careful when moving to this day if you copy them blindly and five I
just for anything that you’ve done so this
person is ranking number one way little a new type of open this guy in a new tab
so these guys that means something very well for them to rank on fader so we are
going to do this but I’m going to be teaching you guys a trick that I learned
you know the last time which though I don’t think anybody knows she yet almost
happened I’ll jump into a lot of videos on YouTube but nothing about it to do
not rip I don’t wanna give you guys this it’s easier this exclusive you know how
to rank your key your paper geek very high so good now when you look at this
game you see the types of right he said I would to beautiful hand designed logo
if you come into this place you know if you were asked you out so you understand
how important and your keyword be your URL is right so if you come here a cane
what is it if you come here again you see I will be signed a creative
distinctive logo for your business if you complete two new seeds right then if
you complete again now these are the third highest ranking Lu think I have
seen for what i thinkúit is beautifully explained what this means in a while so
in this guide if you see is you would you see is quality and design is you
know it’s English you are right now when you come down here you don’t think I’m
fabulous honey okay but the down here to the bottom you
see it’s related that’s right okay good now let me show you guys something
let’s assume that you are you a buyer you come on fight we’re looking for Lulu
design let’s say 500 come on fellows calm right okay let me let me zoom in do
doesn’t have this one over to me I call my Firebird
on music thing we do his thoughts related to order to me alright type logo
yeah boo-boo right that’s I’m looking for
Luke ooh Empire as from a fiber design right so you see that this thing works
the same way the same way God works Goku suggest when it comes to SEO let’s
go to to show you guys on the route we go go dot-com your su is very
important assume is very very very important when it comes to fibers as
well as important when it comes to Google right so let’s type for logo
design right this is okobu suggest so instead of the usual et voila what
people are searching for people look like the rule is actually you are what
people are looking for so recently have a copy back model from
Google so in do logo design business issues you always in Wichita blue goo
it tends to suggest what you’re looking for based on what other people like you
have typed into the displaced so it’s important for you to note these things
down these are the key words that you have to embed we are creating your key
so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna open in notepad document right here in the
notepad document next part it has a creature gift professionally
nobody will teach you this right nobody teaches some given it after you guys do
you guys free of charge so unless you own its logo design right the next one
is logo design business if that one is logo design minimalist the fourth one is
unique design this is very important
signature logo design signature logo design new design modern logo design at
more than this is very very important right
okay so weekend is now beautiful so let’s go back to these guys and see once
they are true again so we come back here you know you come back here we see this
time the assets what hasn’t given him something very right so how do you the
forehand design logo design for you so this is this is what I do me first time
what I’m greeting my my each right and this is what you should do you copy
these keywords instead of doing our design logo design Communist world
control see Pastis in here right it shows you lights too long if they titled
not a short story if you like 84 okay so I would our logo design you will design
this this is redundant it should be between the mutant itself here I’m going
to take this out design business fluid design minimalist design so what I’m
trying to do is to signature right okay this is our latest innovation and I’ll
explain why I’m doing this so category graphics and design of
course a subcategory logo design right I’m trying to quickly get follow you now
what kind of mobile you do can you select one not defined
I prefer not defined unless you want to do signature or when you are actually
three different needs for different categories like for flatter minimalist
or the color signature blah blah so if you you know have any skill about you
who design as in video machine operator here right
that’s this small icon here click on this edge when I’m gone watch that video
how you can start building making glucose right as a sentinel fiber fill
of champenoise to your right so I’m giving you guys values I guess in
value please let me know in the comment section below
right but there’s something that you want to ask a question that you don’t
understand or something let me know in the comment section always make
immunization responded to comments right from you guys so I’m selling the best
format for your AI JPEG PDF PNG PSD appear CDR as we call it or you know so
if you do really understand this thing now such that this is also very
important now if you look at this guy’s house soon you guys did such type for
these guys down yeah you know serious hashtag custom logo vintage handmade
stutter right this managed to get a subside professional level minimalist
no design business logo unique designs this one let’s look at least I mean mod
so if you look at all these guys that something very striking right here and
that’s the fact that this particular guy is really packs I related to what we go
from you suggest right so I’m going to use these guys as mild for as a model
for my Lou this keyboard products were trying to optimize this game for so that
is given right hi so the first thing there is a logo design logo design come
on logo design
oh ha ha all right so a focuses on these tiles you will design minimalists unique
logo design unique logo design logo design body okay that’s long then you just type
minimize maybe your professional you know how about the five themes
minimalism was annexed in signature loop signature logo thickness or the last one
sorry last one is what a logo design okay I want to rocky this is five
already right so I know we did right this is our thankful for now these are
attached it for now so save and continue okay but he said I’ll have this one
instead of easy so I’m gonna take out something I’ve seen me try let me take a
look right save and continue okay had to contain a system look we’re
okay to only logo design business would say minimalist design unique design
gonna take our logo and try and see what happens
she had two quantities of same loop excessively swung geography to with our
Lulu Lulu Lulu we not have to the ruthless these are how to make sense all
explained right just be what you guys do what you don’t have make sense it’s all
explained again you should work now okay yesterday
beautiful so hard over they just want a beginning
because it’s our major key whatever child to rifle right
so the next thing for us to become what is B duty to tell you is anyone get back
a disease and everything well I’m gonna watch it because of time what I’m going
to explain what it is right in a little while so this is too low you know it’s
not downloaded okay this is the packages now and when you watch this like these
guys do in hospital packages basic standard premium right physically 75
stylish 125 premium is type 50 you get so um that’s that we are going to do
busy standard premium now that’s when it comes to pricing I want to give you guys
and I will tell my students right um cheaper price rule right what you’re
trying to achieve right now is to get reviews right so if somebody comes on a
valid form for instance of a Google design and he sees this guy that has
over a thousand reviews with 62 mothers in Q and a 4.8 its overall rating right
and usually use Salaamu review right now selling the sempre that this guy is
selling you get has reviews not using a stone like the whole you know is proven
and everything if I create buyer I would lose let me buy from his life was just
no reason for me to buy for you so as a beginner I’ll advise you to keep your
price no absolute advice keep your price blue so I’m just using for somebody to
actually buy from you because your price issue once you get this review destroyer
after right now when she didn’t you is going to up your price that’s how it
works right that’s the best practice so um that said this guy basically basic is
5 and so those will do my basic for where I was depriving in hope your price
I’m not going to basically busy although the for such thing called a
basic Google design yes it’s a keyword I’m trying to
logo design also a cultural see appreciative yeah yeah okay whose you
know changes physics to stun the space and this one to premium baby huh right
do we design okay so this is it right so it’s on then this for description
despite your busy time blooded laughs I’m just gonna comment on this class
within yeah is busy I’m just a copy okay there’s no topic here if you if you copy
a piece like this fellow who does deletes your eat right some does gonna
do basic who design you see that key what is he again which one simple
hand-drawn element one or two colors with one simple unique that’s that
secure the right the key word here unique logo design it once improve
unique design right nostril duties and describe the details for this second one
control C control V and that local design we want simple unique local
design so let me see what has done with the standard standard multicolored
design which okay the color is important so it’s unique design and to hold or two
colors sorry we design with two images to
develop one that we differentiate this guy standard from premium which up to
five called off this one is usually multiple colors when to hit control-c I
place this guy yeah premium premium design which want to
cool multiple colors right this one will take me it is this one will take me to
this to do this won’t take me through this to do right this is the rest of how
much time you need to actually get this job done then a revisions are not often
with mr. lucky and those leave this blank
another our profile officials for them right initial concept one you should
confirm what used to usually values values of five the source file and
giving sauce file for these I’m not given for this and if local transparency
I’m given is for this guy have a solution yesterday do you fold it three
of them treating more these stationary designs nope not doing a good us as a
separate job so this one are do this for ten dollars this one hour do this for
$20 and this one hour do this or a $5 write a short fast delivery you wanted
to be right first ELISA extra big extra right this is not fun posture right want
to deliver extra files of the different is one day for instance it is an
immunity so what you can do is to increase this by this two days if you
want to deliver one day one day one day two day pay a little extra for this $95
is my appearance for $10 and he’s gonna be honest
$15 so additional additional additional
grossest files the only source file you buy an extra $20 to get a source file
that wonderful transparency for this month or a good conference you can
extract in the last additional one day trading mokhov 1.3 tomorrow give an
additional $10 additional one day one stationary design you can additionally
find the last additional to this social media keys multimedia keys you can
additional $35 additional today’s write the profiles when the vector file be an
additional $20 permission on one day right you can add your own gig extra
write Sigma continue so let’s see if we’re good to go
looks like it yeah changes saved beautifully so the next step is
description right what is description this is what it is let me show you guys
this text is long text editor inscription is basically right so I’m so
he’s gonna I like what you did here so I’m just gonna copy his give his give
description please do not copy and paste but what I’m doing is copying and it
easy right custom logo these these days so um what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
bring this our guy back is our q1 gonna bring it back oh sorry conclusive Russia
you know so welcome paste it in here if you do it like this
I’m gonna just little google unique logo design we design visual design unique unique is
not correct unique logo design fish the new Google design from a certified and
moving professional design a which is fine which is fine I would design or
design or design a logo a business look go for your business you know for you
right for you know I’m trying to put these keywords in here okay so why are
you writing your description I want you to make sure that you get up to 1200 or
at least want a long one 150 right so smartly putting this keyword in inside
this place make sure you mention these things once in a while well if you have
a lot of logos right it will flag it because it’s know that you’re doing
keyword stuffing right so um rewrites what is guys with him right there will
be ready to suit your need and embellish logo smartly in this keyword smartly
inside what is going to happen inside your description our designing business
logo design a unique and more than business logo for you you know with over
10 years experience experience I am blah blah blah right people love unique new goods and personalized but
I’m trying to just you know the real Joe’s right is right well find a way to
actually write for these guys written you cannot you can compare what these
other guys have on Yahoo right one that actually suits you better right
I’m finding way to maneuver is to like do if you look at this when you see on
his on the top of his nutrition – look there right if you come down here again
this is on Honolulu yeah right there’s another new GU year right so logo is the
keyboard that you are actually not because that is what you want to sell on
this particular key right also you want to sell at this particular
look a lubricant is forever Lulu Lulu you know like you know so in
your first and second paragraph missionary mission Oobleck where two or
three times right what in the other ones if you mentioned it’s plenty times here
right if you make sure it’s more than I think that you are allowed to mention
like five same Road like four four times I think if you do wanna double five you
can do model dance I would like your yogi you know like your description in
movie will let you will go beyond this point right I make sure you finish the
words the more words you write the better but don’t write Jewish make sure
it doesn’t if lose right 100 characters you can 201 58 years old
you can also add frequently asked questions that is not very difficult to
do just from here the guy said what is to share with your kids right those four
moves can be like you these are questions I think your customers may
actually be asking what is social media kids right copy this guy’s answer
visiting yeah LEDs such a media kit includes commerce
analyst reasonably balanced balanced coverage for all four major social media
is a media platforms for example like Facebook Twitter Alexandria range
disguise bring easy for spring Facebook and you know like rearranging three I
write and you add another one okay it’s right here add another one right so this is late of this right so I
don’t know that one I feel you had another one the second one is I’ve
really from the it’s hard when you don’t at all so I’m gonna transfer this
particular because odds are today so I remain so Sigma continued attendee safe
to human if you notice requirements what do our what we need from our clients to
help us do the job right so for you we need a design idea idea if
you have any then don’t take these books I’ve had issues with a box you know I’m
in a little mistakes right I learned from them which is why I don’t want you
to make those mistakes I was a kid I didn’t exist you know the getting
provide what I needed and I couldn’t contact him at all and he was dead the
money was there I couldn’t I couldn’t finish the job
right because so always make sure you check this box and three days most one
solid as far as perfect X right then add if you just as you need maybe you need
what you need what you need it’s still doable existing logo or design you
admire right existing logo design you admire on check this again and that’s
fine this will allow them to attach a file right at the game and said I’ll
continue one shadow means everything that you think you need to actually get
each other continue to Nauticus together every right now let us go back here and
let me show you guys something about it now when you come to this page once you
see this you know this guys doing does Luke on CB s– radio so you basically
put your best info your best foot forward right as a video I did on my
channel this China I think was my last video where I
sang to do before a cleanse right so I’m going to put that video right here
Jeannie right here right now so please click on this icon right here and who
was that me to see how to design those foolish because I didn’t that I’m going
to use it as a cover image right here right well in some of my images are
going to go to browse then I go to waste a logo here somewhere
was another company’s speech right speech speech go register right please
look at it for clients this operation so I’m just one also learned the paternity
page I think alike these businesses stage thinking like this and you’re
gonna select it or if you see study places photo right history knows that
the best size is five fifty by three seventy so I have to delete this guy
delete and we’ll do it so I broke my fireworks fireworks familiar fireworks
it that’s what I use I just prefer I was up using for my vision university so we
understand each other very well who need to open it off earlier so what inside the game 550 by 370 write
my ticket about this amongst yeah you I actually do 600 factory the gate let me
do it that’s the minimum new mum is 3050 by
what am I give you 5 50 by Theresa media you know as minimum is a goober I was
sponge just ingenious range that I doesn’t become the 30 I’m gonna impose
that particular who are trying to use you know what a local way to be here for
where you see ya okay and then stitch is this coil this is the way so this is
what I’m trying to use you know I’m just gonna be like this stage beautiful so
I’m just gonna save us save us nothing when your city is important to use I’m
going to use this in babies store soon in the as I’m sitting right so knows
gonna see me the my big stop I say JPEG file but your name is you movie that’s
Google design right we’re gonna use the design if you can actually making it
very long copy of this and put here we enter it’s not good idea
that’s why do we say another than with cities on my next though yeah come back
here browse I go to my desktop right so you
think what I’m for you to put keyword everywhere little good design this is
valuable thing is it so it’s it’s bigger now my felt better for best foot forward
so I time cuz I love the tree right so this is a design I did for a client or
so than I did for a client also you know that if we a client I can do okay
looking for a design for a client whatever if ya did this to doesn’t open
here right you can put it table also if you have a
video leaves in a great importance from experience videos converts more than
pictures right so if you have a video put it into a very nice video and put it
here right save and continue to learn continue so we are deceived next step is
to publish our gig right publish our key now let me show you guys the front end
of this okay five condo this much money coming to me doing so I show you guys
I’m not calm / the video grew one right video everyone see how does six pinch
right here not particularly the working on right now is
right it’s not Shane here so what I’m going to do is I’m going to come here
for this or a geek once you click on publish it you are going to see that is
it is going to show up on the front end right don’t I’m going to see that this
kid is gonna when i refresh this guy a particular gig is gonna show down here
at the bottom show up right at the bottom you see beautiful right beautiful
so if you look at this our logo to our city Chicago without Google design
business blah blah blah this doesn’t make sense
it doesn’t make sense what I was trying to achieve is when you click on this
link right you see that the URL right here actually is carrying my keyword
let’s go back here right go back here click here
refresh this guy let’s see what happens right here I will create a unique look a
unique our modern logo design for your business or general to that this team is
staying the same right so our team would we have smartly put
our keyword inside our URL you know this works like magic sauce like magic guys
believe me this works like magic right so that brings us to create in our graph
with the Rocky

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