How To: Combat Pimples And Acne | Affordable And Effective Remedies

Pimples are honestly the villains of the beauty
world. Defeating bad hair days and makeup faux pas gone frighteningly wrong, these happiness suckers rank number one on our list of beauty bashers. So if you’re hosting your skin’s personal version of Mount Everest on your face. We’re about to list some amazing, preventive and corrective measures to avoid the popping up of these little devils at the most inconvenient of times. There are many common mistakes that we ourselves make to provoke the arrival of unwelcome zits. The first one is picking at our own skin. Now this doesn’t just mean squeezing the occasional pimple, but also refers to hours spent in front of the mirror prodding and poking at even the smallest blemish that’s barely even visible. This particular habit that a few of us may secretly be guilty of is what’s known as ‘excoriated acne,’ which is basically the compulsive urge to tear at your skin to the point of creating more acne and wounding your skin in the process. So if you’re nodding your head right now because you recognise your symptoms, know that the cause for this particular type of acne is you, and the only thing that can cure it is exercising some serious self restraint. So come on guys, in the name of beauty, control yourself! Next up on acne caused through personal error is scrubbing excessively. This mainly refers to over-exfoliation of
the skin. For those of you who don’t know what exactly exfoliation is, it is the scrubbing off of the topmost layer of the skin which mainly consists of dead skin cells to bring the newer ones to the surface to create a healthier and fresher look. Additionally, overdoing exfoliation causes scrubbing off of even the healthy skin found underneath the surface. So if you feel the sudden urge to exfoliate
again even though you’ve already done so a day or two ago – control that OCD, because it’s about to get you in a world of trouble! The last one up in the self inflicted category might be a bit of a shocker. Yes indeed, it’s your on-call best friend
– your cell phone. Pun intended. Sure it connects us to our best mates within seconds, ensures that we don’t have to keep the latest gossip to ourselves and has more emoticons than there are emotions, but that’s just its pro list. Sadly, it’s got its cons and one of them is
causing your breakouts. Here’s how it works. Bacteria is the number one cause of acne and our phone screens come loaded with it. They’re like little dumping grounds for
the days bacteria that is transported either through our hands or through exposure to other invisible dirt. So when you hold this to your cheek, the mechanical stimulation caused by your phone, activates the oil glands in your skin causing them to secrete oil. And as if that isn’t gross enough, the heat from your phone breeds yet more bacteria and sets of more acne attacks. Now of course we’d rather perish before we think of solving this issue by ditching our phones – I mean, all those emoji’s
really aren’t going to send themselves but we do suggest that you wipe down your phone screen before applying it to your skin by using either a cotton ball or a soft lint-free
microfiber cloth, like the one that comes with your sunglasses. This brings us to how to tackle acne once
it already lives on our face. Unfortunately we cannot charge it rent but what we can do is evict it through assault of topical application of natural remedies. A few good options to try are Apple Cider
Vinegar and Lemon. Apple Cider Vinegar contains many organic acids that are known to kill bacteria, curb inflammation and improve the appearance of scars. Always be sure to mix one-part apple cider with three parts of water before applying it to the affected area with a cotton swab. One of the top home remedies for curing acne, lemon earns itself the spot because its acid content reduces oil, kills bacteria and reduces redness. You can use this by dipping a cotton ball into some lemon juice, squeezing out the excess and then applying it to the affected area. Be sure to wash this off once the lemon juice dries. A great product is one that comes packed with
natural goodies. A good example of this is the Green Tea Clear
Face Mask by Plum Goodness. A 100% cruelty -free, paraben free and vegan product, its top two components are Glycolic Acid and Green Tea. The big up on Glycolic Acid is the fact that it facilitates GENTLE exfoliation and removes the dead skin cells and other impurities. Now, the key word here is gentle because this is what prevents over-exfoliation. Its next appealing ingredient, Organic Green Tea has some amazing antioxidant benefits and what’s best is that its this very product that controls acne, especially in the long run. The number one reason for the absence of acne is clean skin and that is exactly what this product manages to provide. So a smart tip we can give you, is that it would be a good idea to add this little number to your bathroom cabinets. We hope you got all that down because for all you beauty devotees out there, this is valuable stuff! So make sure you put these down on your anti-acne
checklists! Until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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