How to Become a Tour Guide : How Tour Guides Are Trained

Why do I need training? I’ve traveled a
lot and I love people, and I love travel. And the companies get lots of resumes that
say I love people and I love travel so I would be a great tour director and that helps, but
you know what Donna? If you, you’ve been to Africa, let’s say on vacation and I haven’t
been to Africa, I can lead a tour to Africa better than you can, because I know tour procedures,
I’m a trained tour director, I know tour procedures and that’s how I am hired, the
companies can send me anywhere in the world and they know I know tour procedures. And
I know the right questions to ask, I know how to handle the airports, the hotels, the
motor coaches, the inbound tour operators, the local guides. I know how to deal with
all of that and how it’s supposed to, how to take good care of my, my tour members,
how to handle challenges in those places too and believe me I’ve had a lot of challenges
in places like that. So you need to know how to lead the tour, it’s much more than that.
When I train my tour, tour members, or when I train my students they can go to put on
their resume, they can tell the tour operators, I know procedures for international and domestic
tours, I know safety and procedures for hotels and for airlines, I know tour briefings. They
will often ask you what do you cover in your briefings, and if it’s somebody that is
not experienced they don’t know what to cover in the briefings, you know they’ll
say okay here’s a challenge, what are you going to do if this happens. And if you don’t
know how tours are run with inbound tour operators, outbound tour operators, receptors services,
DMC’s, you don’t know how all that’s run you’re going to have a problem trying
to answer that question correctly, because we are not a host. You need to know documentation,
you need to know the legalities, you need to know who the employers are, who are the
major employers, what do they look for, what are they marketed to, there’s some markets
you’d be great in, there’s some markets you wouldn’t even want to work in. When
I do my training I share all of the names, I have companies that have contacted me looking
for professionally trained tour directors which I post in my online class so when they
go to the tour operators, they can say I’m a professionally trained tour director, this
is what I know, they can list out their skills and immediately they have the attention of
the tour company as compared to somebody and not anything personal, you’d probably make
a great tour director, but that says, I love people and I love travel. They get thousands
of resumes that say that, you have to stand out and you have to know what you are doing.

3 thoughts on “How to Become a Tour Guide : How Tour Guides Are Trained

  1. very informative video. The tourism industry is a fun industry and tour guides have really made some travel times really special.
    Another helpful tip is to have right technology so your voice will carry to every person in the tour. Our channel features some personal PA systems that could help.

  2. Im trying to become a tourguide in NorthEast Brazil, I was born in NE Brazil, lived in USA for 20 yrs. and now living back in NE Brazil. Here, to become a Tourguide one must go through like a year course, and if one only passes and gets the diploma from the course, then one can be sighned up as a tourguide. But the thing is, most Tourguides here, their English is horrible. Could you give me some tips on doing it without the courses? thank you!

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