17 thoughts on “How to Avoid Homesickness | Boot Camp

  1. lol. No brother. AIT stands for Advanced Individual Training which is your school where you go after you graduate basic. you sign up for this specific school at MEPS when you sign your contract. I just happen to have the longest school in the Armed Forces. which is about 2 years total time in TRADOC. (US ARMY Training and doctrine command) while others can be as short as 12 weeks. If you cant pass a pt test at the end of basic they send you to a fitness company for about 1-6 weeks.

  2. Well if at the end of training you are not fit enough then they send you to a unit where they just pt the shit out of you until you pass the pt test. During if you're not fit you just so the training and suffer the consequences of being a fat body.

  3. Please help : ( don't care about my age) I'm in school and we're goin to Scotland and I live in Belfast I don't know if I should go because this is my last chance to go…. And I'm going with my class so I get really homesick… Please help me out

  4. These are some great tips! I'm getting ready for USMC Boot Camp and the thought of leaving my girlfriend and my family has been relatively difficult. I just have to get my waiver for my shoulder then I'll have my enlistment physical at MEPS. Then I will be DEP. I'm looking forward to it! Thank you for the video!!!

  5. I'm shipping out to the army in a few weeks and I've been so worried about how homesick I'm going to be. This video really gave me some good tips. Thank you sergeant!!

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