How I Trained For The Ramen Eating Contest

hey guys it’s Kevin Kreider and in this
video I want to share with you how I prepped for the ramen eating competition if you missed out on that ramen eating
competition you can look back on my past videos but I wanted to share with you
some tips and tools that I used to be able to eat ten bowls of ramen in under
five minutes and first of all I don’t really recommend doing this unless you
really want to impress people and eat or you’re training for a competition but
what I found was pretty easy and simple for me was I practice intermittent
fasting anyway I also practice warrior fasting pretty regularly during at least
once a week but intermittent fasting has allowed me to able to eat larger meals
more pleasurable meals in a shorter period of time because of the time
restriction you have to eating so I have about 2,500 to 3,000 calories in a day
to maintain whatever body frame I’m in and so I have to eat about 15 to 2,000
calories in one meal just to make my caloric daily balanced so I’m not in too
much of a deficit and then I have to eat about 1,500 to maybe even a thousand a
thousand to 1500 calories from my second meal so I’m used to eating bigger meals
anyway now what I did a week leading up to that
competition sometimes you have to do more because a lot of these eaters are
seasoned they do this all year around but what I did was I mimicked what I was
gonna be doing so for instance I knew I was gonna be noodles so week out what I
did was I cooked a lot of noodles and I ate once a day a warrior fasting style a
warrior fasting styles when you eat once a day so what I did was put a bunch of
noodles the whole pack and then I would put in the miso powder soup so I’d make
a miso soup out of it put some garlic in there put some vegetables and I put the
water up to the top and then I’d eat the noodles with the with the with the soy
bean paste which is miso soup and I would eat that in one meal and I would
just pace myself of that it was more about just trying to expand my stomach
so I could eat fast and eat more at that same time and then I’d be done and then
I maybe drink some more water in between that and then the day before that I
day before the actual competition what I did was I stopped eating around 1 or 2
p.m. because I knew that’s when I’d be eating the next day and then I drank
lots of water throughout the day and then the day that I was gonna do the
competition I just drank a little bit of water I also drank a little bit of
coffee but just try not to do anything to fill my stomach up and then when the
competition happened I just went right to it
so guys I hope you really enjoyed that video and got something from it like I
said I don’t really recommend doing this a lot and that often but if you want to
those are the tips and strategies to do it and please subscribe to my youtube
channel what’s great about this too is I use a lot of warrior fasting and
intermittent fasting in my courses and help people not just what their mindset
but also body fat loss or muscle building so you can find that all my
courses if you like and you can look at my website in the link below and I’ll
leave it there for you to check it out if you want to and you can subscribe or
go throughout the whole You Tube channel and just pick and choose whatever you’d
like anyway I hope that helps you guys I’ll see you guys soon

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  1. Good job! Keep posting your experiences. I love your videos. You are a great inspiration! (And nice on the eyes) 😉😁😘👍🏽

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