How I Trained for a Half Marathon in 30 Days | Karlie Kloss

So, it’s March 7 and in exactly one month
from the day, April 7th, I will be hopefully crossing the finish line of
the Berlin Half Marathon! Not just me but the entire Klossy team because you
know misery loves company and it’s not true we’re in it to win it! Not actually
win the half marathon, we’re just winning it by like crossing
the finish line, that’s all we’re aiming for.
It’s go time! This is 30 days leading up to a half marathon. Marathons and half marathons are hard no
matter what your running background is. Even if you’re a regular runner, a
long-distance run like that requires some additional prep. We wanted to show
you that it’s possible no matter where you’re coming from. The Klossy team is a
perfect representation of every kind of runner. Let me introduce you to the team. Starting the day with a run! Because we are running a half marathon in t-minus- 3 weeks. First, there’s Annalora. She wasn’t that much of a runner, but
she started to get excited about it once the training was underway. I think, I’m actually learning to like running. Is anyone else experiencing that same
phenomenon? Then there’s Sarah. She’d never run any marathons, half
marathons, or 5k, but let her be your inspiration if you’re thinking
about taking the leap. Helena on the other hand, was our resident pro. but you run a full marathon? She was our go-to for tips and tricks. Nicolette played lacrosse in college… but you probably haven’t run since lacrosse. She’s your girl if you’re getting
ready to reawaken your athletic muscles. Caroline was in the newbie category. Any races ever? No. Summercamp. Aside from the three-legged races at
summer camp. Gina was a newbie to. I am excited! But not afraid of the challenge I’m not afraid! Kelsey had run a 5k before so she knew
what she was in for. 5k? 5k. That’s about it. The pigeons are literally about
to attack you right now. Kelly played basketball at Harvard! Ok, wait, scratch that. But I know people who did. Same thing, right? Alaina was a rower, so getting back
into shape came naturally. Kristin signed up to run the half
marathon on her first day of work and crushed training. Our girl Penni ran the
New York City Marathon with me and she was all ready to kick
butt again. She was our resident researcher digging into the science and
keeping us all informed. Electrolytes and hydration, nothing carbonated
before we fly and then when we fly. And then there was me. I ran the New York City Marathon in 2017, but when was the last time you really ran? The last time I really ran was the New York City Marathon 2017. So, it’s been a while. I got back on the wagon though and really inspired to run this half marathon,
seeing the rest of the team put the work in. The links that held us all together
with the will to do it. As a team of hard-working women ready to conquer the
world, all we needed was each other support. Knowing you’re in the same boat
with other people is a huge motivator. We kept each other accountable and cheered
each other on every step of the way. And then it was off to the races! we started doing group runs together around New York, followed by Instagram
photo shoots. Training starts today! Sometimes the first mile is the hardest. We just ran 7 miles! We saw a dog on a skateboard When Annalora, Penni and I
were in Paris we went on tres chic run around scenic streets and
Gardens. And a side note, even a beautiful view doesn’t always distract you from how winded you are, but it helps. We hosted weekly trainings at the
Mile High Run Club, which is basically a treadmill workout, and yes we work
exactly as sweaty as we looked Not funny, not funny I’m really not in shape for the marathon. It’s going to be great, it’s going to be great Mind over matter. I was so impressed with the entire team for committing to this challenge. Everyone was working really
hard as a team and on their own. Even going for runs in unfamiliar places Before we knew it, the time had come! We jumped on a plane, crossed the Atlantic to run 13.1 miles! All to raise money for a cause near and dear to so many of us, Kode With Klossy. Adidas, thank you for getting us there! Guten tag Berlin! Is that how you say it? Guten tag? Guten tag. I do not think I could learn German. Berlin, guten tag! I’m doing a quick jog to the Berlin Wall Getting the legs warmed up. Have to be ready for tomorrow! All right, it’s the night before the marathon, half marathon, Team Klossy here, is carb loading pasta, pizza There was a piano in our room which, we took full advantage of. (playing heart & soul) I tried not to outshine
Kelly with my musical talent. (playing Shallow) We woke up in Berlin on race day and it
was beautiful. Rise and shine! We’re going on a run! The sun was out, and it wasn’t too hot or too cold. After a hearty and nutritious team breakfast I woke up about 20 minutes ago hardly even, shoveled some granola into my mouth. We were off to the race! I’m ready to run, the rest of the crew is really ready to run. on our way, to mile one. I’m so amped! It’s my first marathon ever… half. The most crucial component of marathon chic. The energy was infectious They played lots of pump up dance music some in German and it probably helped
get us out of our heads a little bit too It is amazing to run a half-marathon
surrounded by thousands of people because you’re energized by everything
that’s going on and you’re distracted by people around you, the things that you’re
looking at, I mean for me is the hardest part of the whole half marathon, was the
last mile. It felt like eternity, it was pure willpower that pushed me
across the finish line. After you cross the finish line,
they gave us medals to wear, which we all wore proudly for the rest of the week and we went and had a nice, in German form, a nice beer and celebrated Kelsey’s birthday so it was a really special trip to Berlin. Time to dig into some food and if you’re Karlie that means Dunkin’ Donuts We have our entire Klossy Team and it’s just really special, this is a really cool experience. we’ll all remember for the rest of our lives I was SO proud of the team, As everyone crossed the finish line, I knew that it meant different things to everyone For me, running is such a metaphor in my mind of being able to set your mind on a goal and even, when it gets tough and and it feels like you can’t do it, pushing through, it’s really all in your head and running and in life. Nothing gets easier you just get stronger, your boundaries are only what you make them you really anything you set your mind to if you put the work in and surround yourself with
good people, who push you to be your best version of yourself, then you can accomplish it!

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  33. "It never gets easier, you just go faster."  – Greg Lemond, winner of the 1986, 1989, and 1990 Tours de France cycling championships

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