How Exercise Makes you Smarter and a Better Student

Everyone knows they should exercise to be
healthy, but it’s also gonna make you a better student. Stay tuned to find out how. What’s going on guys! This is Jay from We all know that exercise is important and
something we should incorporate regularly into our lives because of the multitude of
benefits. From cardiovascular health to bone health,
decreasing the risk of diabetes etc., there are a great number of health benefits. But using health benefits as a motivator is
unfortunately not a very compelling reason to go to the gym. It has been shown that short term benefits,
such as feeling better during or immediately after a workout, are a stronger incentive
to get people working out. Additionally, challenging yourself in a physical
manner through regular exercise makes you a better person all around and carries through
all aspects of your life, including your studies. Here is the key point: exercise forces you
to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I love that because it’s so powerful. This applies to any sport or athletic or athletic
endeavor that requires regular training. As many top athletes have said, suffering
in competitive athletics is inevitable, but being able to embrace uncomfortable situations
is paramount to success, and not just in exercise, but in other aspects of your life. Public speaking used to be one of my biggest
fears and I absolutely hated it any time that I had to go up and speak in front of an audience. But by learning to be comfortable with being
uncomfortable and by getting outside of my comfort zone, I was able to address this weakness
and even learned to actually enjoy public speaking. Another example: I have learned that when
I feel the burn during exercise or pain or discomfort, instead of running away from it
and trying to escape it, I practice mindfulness. I look at it curiously, almost from a third-person
perspective intrigued by what I’m feeling rather than letting it control my thoughts. You can see this happen in action by doing
something as simple as planks. So I’m gonna challenge you to try doing a
regular plank and time yourself. Now, do it again but this time don’t let the
burn consume you and instead watch it curiously, almost from a third person perspective. See how much longer you can go. So how does this help you as a student? Research shows that regular aerobic exercise
enhances cognitive functions particularly executive functions. Here’s the study from the International Journal
of Sports Medicine, link to the article is in the description below. Another study published in 2006 in the Journal
of health psychology showed that participants who went from not exercising at all to even
a modest program of two or three visits per week demonstrated decreased stress, smoking,
alcohol and caffeine consumption. Their spending and study habits improved and
were overall able to improve their regulatory habits; meaning, their ability to carry forward
even when their body and mind is begging them to stop. Enhance their ability to stay calm in the
face of difficulties. This is closely tied to discipline which you
guys already know I’m a huge proponent of. Discipline and self regulatory behavior allows
you to achieve something that you set up to do at a prior moment in time, even when you
don’t want to do it at a later time. And like I’ve said before, discipline is a
muscle requiring regular exercise. If you practice discipline and going to the
gym regularly and eating healthier, you’ll find it much easier to follow a discipline
study routine. That alone will make a significant difference
in your grades. Now, Charles Duhigg in the Power of Habit
which I have recommended multiple times in this channel, again link in the description
below, calls exercise a keystone habit. Meaning, this change in one area of your life
can bring about positive changes in many other areas. These Keystone habits are powerful because
they change our sense of self and our sense of what is possible. As many of you have probably heard, you are
the some of your habits. Most of what we do day in and day out are
simply repeated behaviors that are habits. Changing your habits is therefore one of the
most powerful ways to change or improve yourself. Now, the takeaway from these studies is that
you don’t have to exercise at a professional or Olympic level of intensity. As long as you’re challenging yourself, you’re
gonna reap a multitude of benefits. Like I said in the video explaining in my
own journey to medical school, challenging yourself is a vital part in the process of
growth and improvement. Challenging your muscles and body with increased
exercise intensity and demand also provides the stimulus for muscular growth and strengthening. Similarly, challenging yourself in other areas
of your life and getting outside of your comfort zone will help you grow in multiple different
ways. If you’re finding it difficult to start a
regular exercise routine, consider the following: although it may seem counterintuitive, studies
have shown that people whose goals are weight loss and better health spend the least amount
of time exercising. In this study of 335 men and women between
ages 60 to 95, immediate rewards that enhanced daily life such as revitalized energy, improved
mood and decreased stress actually offered significantly more motivation. Leave a comment below on what your chosen
method of exercise is. Personally, I love cycling and weight training
but I also occasionally go running or hiking. If you don’t regularly exercise right now,
how are you going to incorporate exercise into your life moving forward? As always, thank you guys for watching. If you liked the video, make sure you press
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you haven’t already and I will see you guys in that next one!

100 thoughts on “How Exercise Makes you Smarter and a Better Student

  1. Oh, this video really motivated me. All those facts summed up are a good reason to make exercising part of your life. I sertainly like bodyweight fitness and running for my weekly routine.

  2. First off, I love your videos and am glad I found you! I started exercising 4 months ago, plus eating healthier. I lift weights and walk over 2 miles. As the prior comment, it actually does feel odd not exercising or if I go off the path and eat junk food. Thank you for your time and videos!

  3. I go for runs. I'm supposed to go once or twice a week but I think I haven't been for almost two weeks for various reasons. Thanks for the reminder ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Very cool video! Iยดm not a med student, Iยดm a musician. Sometimes I work on music production at a computer for hours, and a certain week I practiced piano for 3 or 4 hs every day I got these back ache; started to go to the gym and never had it again!

  5. Well, I run and play basketball since I'm 6 (therapist recommendation cause I was an hyperactive kid), through sports I find the way the discipline myself, control stress work (many years later), and the best way to stay focus to improve myself.
    I learned swimming last year, I never had a clue about it, and since I always was a runner, was a big challenge change all I knew about my body and even the way to breath.
    I feel more self confident now, and also I'm learning German no clue about it neither, but I wasn't afraid of it, since I inhaled all the chlorine water for a month..everything seems more feasible. And also I don't get sick easily.
    Oh I'm 31 by the way

  6. I wish I had your wonderful, information-packed, refreshing videos 4 years ago when I was in school! thank you! I still watch them and learn tons. I know, I'm a hopeless nerd lol

  7. I love basketball, hiit and weight training. cycling and softball are fun too.

    your videos are helping me figure out how I want nursing school to go. thank you so much.

  8. Hi! Which is much better? exercise at night or at morning? After bed or before bed?

    What's the difference? xO

  9. In a little over a year I've gone from not exercising regularly to hitting the gym 3 times/week, always in the early morning, and I have to say it has definitely changed me. Rather than making me tired all day (because I spent all energy during those early gym sessions) it actually makes me feel more fresh, happy and energetic. I've been struggling back and forth with the best routine and sometimes I didn't enjoy to go to the gym (considered it something that HAD to be done), but after a while I've actually grown to like it – and like many others I've found that it's now such a big part of me that it's a bigger deal if I don't go, than if I do.
    So, success I guess! I'm happy with it.

  10. Physical dicipline and mental dicipline are 2 different things
    I don't agree with everything said in this video. I train a lot (college athlete) and I don't feel any smarter, find it any easier or more motivated to study
    I have a lot of will power in training but to sit behind my desk and study… I'd rather do everything else

  11. Super encouraging video. Thanks for sharing this! Lately, my forms of exercise have been jogging for at least 15 minutes three times a week (~at least 4 miles/week) and going for walks when I can throughout the day. (Finally) making regular exercise a habit has been a positive change. Also, having a fitness tracker (I use a Samsung Gear Fit 2) has kept me motivated to reach my exercise goals everyday.

  12. I really want to jog every morning but I just saw in news that someone was raped while she was jogging in the morning

  13. I am trying to make some healthy changes to my life. I WANT to change so bad. I find myself watching too much TV, isolating myself from friends, and not taking advantage of my down time. I really make me want to start using my time more efficiently. Keep up the great work.

  14. From my own experience, I believe since I started taking lifting seriously and making it fit into my scheduled days to work out, it has helped me stick to something even when bored with it. I've gotten a lot stronger when it comes to studying because I'm able to bring my mind back to whatever it is and I begin to feel a strong determination to want to know it and understand it. Similar to working out, once I'm tired and feel I can't go anymore, I bring my mind back to it and feel great once I keep going. Also, you've got a great channel. I'm not a med student but I'm going into nursing and your videos give great advice everyone should know, especially those in school ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you and I look forward to more!

  15. Funny… I used to bike and walk more often, but now I hike and lift weights more often, even though I'd rather do a bit of all those. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. kick boxing 2 times a week an hour. and running. this takes me up to 3 and a half hours a week.

    ill say that again. 3.5 hours a week, if you cant bring that up.. your probbaly 2 addicted to your tv/youtube or youre working too much ๐Ÿ˜›

  17. i just put my exercises in the morning after i wake up, like 30 min easy warm up and streching make a whole lot of diference in a day, and now o started cicling again, runing and hiking when i have the time. the habbit tooke two weeks to input in my daily routine , but i was wouth every moment.

  18. It becomes very basic stuff after a while,and you do it because its only logical to do so. Like grabbing an apple instead of a chocolate bar or water instead of pop ,coke, pepsi you know ! all that crap that makes money on them.

  19. Working out with others at a fixed schedule (witch should not be flexible) is the easiest for me. So that I know in avance when I will be working out. Personaly i do bouldering.

  20. The habits part of the video really hit me. Do you have any tips for how to keep energy levels up during/after exercise? I have been trying to eat healthier, getting atleast 7 hours of sleep a night, but i still find it difficult to incorporate exercise because I always feel exhausted afterwards and even during it, and this deters me from wanting to exercise afterschool because I need the energy to study. Its almost like I have to choose between exercising after school or studying well.

  21. Great video.
    I managed to get into the habbit of running in the winter and it completely stopped being hard to go to the gym.
    But I don't feel that it gave me more dicipline in going to socialise (or in anything else)…which I think were useful to do but feels like a chore to me.
    Do you have a tipp on how to get over that? I don't quite have social axiety just some aversion I'd need to get over. I don't know what would be the small enough step to get started but not overwhelmed. The equivalent of just running slow 20 minutes at first nothing more to get into the habit of doing it and ending up being able to run 5km without needing to stopp.

  22. How come you show so many weights in this video when the studies you base your video on clearly says "Aerobic" training? And as far as I know, Aerobic training is NOT lifting weights?

  23. I train martial arts (aikido) for one hour twice or thrice a week and the other days I work out the whole body with push ups, planks, and leg rutines (one hour each day). Also I am looking forward to include one or two hours of yoga a week. Sunday is rest day.

  24. I haven't been sick since I regularly go to the gym. Doing sports is a fucking awesome lifestyle! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. i excercise every day for a short amount of time (10-15minutes) because i have no time to go to the gym because of switching hours of college. that is why these short excercises work better for me and i always feel happy and motivated when i'm done with them ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I've been running three times a week for 3 consecutive weeks so far. I hope to get up to a 21k at least once a week ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I normally go swimming two times a week for an hour (2000m aprox.) but i'm planning to do some full-body 1 hour workouts at home to fill the week with something.

  28. I miss being able to exercise. After my knee injury I can't run, can't cycle, difficult to walk, or walk so far I have difficulty getting back and the only swimming pool in my city is far away and too expensive.

  29. my motivation is a healthy lifestyle and i exercise 6 times a week, dropped alcohol almost completely from binge drinking, i don't eat junk food no more and i gradually feel better with myself in every aspect of my life, a healthy lifestyle is goddamn amazing

  30. Lately its been: swim 1 mile, 3 times a week, bike 10 miles, 3 times a week, weight training every other day

  31. I absolutely love Zumba. It's a kind of dance; however weights are my key reason for exercise since I can mobilize lean mass.

  32. Personally I run on my treadmill 30 minutes everyday before I head to work at home. I take weekends off. It makes feel great

  33. As someone who just started exercising on a regular basis – you really don't have to go to gym to do any of this.

    You'd be surprised to know how much gains you can get (mentally and physically) with just your own body weight.

    Here are some of my fav –

    Push Ups
    Squats/One Legged Squats
    Mountain Climbers
    Butt kicks
    Abb crunches/Double crunches
    Bicycle kicks
    Leg Raises
    Body Planks

    I do my routine in kitchen area of my apartment, every morning right before getting into shower. If you start out with just three of these, it won't take more than 15 mins (including breaks) – give that to your body and mind because you deserve it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. I train Brazilian jiu jitsu 3 times a week + biking there (only when it's good weather) which is around a 40 min ride back and forward. I also bike to school everyday which is a 20 min ride to school and back.

  35. This video will always be on my watch later no matter how many times I watch it. These are principles to use for life that I do not want to forget.
    God bless!

  36. When you get passed that burn; it's really nothing, just some minor shaking and alot of sweat. After time, that shaking will decrease and you'll reach a new burning point.

  37. Sir please reply. I am a school student who has to wake up at 6:00. I READ for 1 hr in the morning. I cycle down to school and after coming home I need to study for 4 hrs. When should I exercise . I have no time. And btw I come home at 4:00pm.

  38. I do a 30-minute jog or 15-minute home workout before going to school. It boosts my energy and makes me feel productive. It needs to be done in the morning, because I tend to get lazy during the afternoon/night.

  39. I just searched ' benifits of exercising' cause I want my self to be encouraged for doing it so thanks frnd๐Ÿ˜˜ …. but lol
    I am so damn lazyy๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  40. Yup, couldn't agree more! As an ex-professional swimmer myself and as a person who regularly exercises on a daily basis i can guarantee you that exercising does help you learn faster and retain better. Headed to the gym right now. Good luck and exercise away

  41. I think of all the dumbshits in schools who were sports maniacs! Did they waste their intelligence because they were unaware of their increased intelligence, or did exercise encourage them to behave stupidly and grunt like animals and abandon all culture? Maybe we've gone overboard with celebrating kids who do too much sports/exercise. "Put in the hard work and study asshole". Maybe the pretty girls are at fault for dating the jocks, and not the nerds. I don't know. This shitty discovery of enhanced intelligence doesn't change a damn thing for kids who do too much exercise and sports. The nerds will read this shit, and move some more and put a greater distance between the dumb jock and themselves in terms of career and educational achievement! Later on most dumb jocks are going to eat too much, experiment with substances and alcohol, run away from education and lose it completely. I have seen too much of this in my life. Maybe some old fashioned kicking is in order, but oops sorry I shouldn't be saying this. Kids have to told the truth of what it takes to make it BIG and this dumb video needs to handled with caution. Methinks, You cannot celebrate the dumb jock too much amigos…

  42. Your videos are THE BEST. I used to compete as a dancer and it has helped me to be more confident and learn to enjoy the pain of the process.

    The discipline skills I learned in my time as a competitive dancer have spilled over into my studies and my current workout routine! I mostly lift weights (leg day ftw!) and do cardio.

  43. Umm I have some anger issues and I was wondering if anyone can lend me a hand and give me some tips for self control I donโ€™t know what to do I lack motivation a lot but idk where to start my journey of self improvement??? Any tips???

  44. I like to go to the gym with my sister every Sunday to do weight training for my arms and legs. Some other day in the week is when I train abs and glutes, usually alone

  45. I couldnโ€™t agree more on everything youโ€™ve said in this video. I started going to the gym about 9 months ago (after many years of being completely sedentary) because I desperately needed a quick fix solution to my anxiety and insomnia issues without having to start taking medication for it. Only about a month or so after I started, my anxiety level improved drastically and so did the quality of my sleep but I was surprised as to how much it positively affected other aspects of my life as well. My go to workout is HIIT on the stairmaster ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. I used to be on my high school/college rowing team, but now I'm starting to get into triathlon (swim/bike/run). I've always found it motivating for me to stay on an exercise routine when I have the mindset of competitive athletics. Hopefully, these habits will stick in medical school!

  47. After being exercising contiuously for more than a year I quited it due to so much pressure and stuff to do in med school with no enough time now although I study more than I used to but less effctively I just can't concentrate and control stress during exams like I used to I decided to go back on my prev. routine from today on,no matter how little time I have..mental health should be a priority this is apart from the physical benefits gained though exercising ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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