Hip Pain & Knee Pain Exercises, Seated – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m gonna
show you some knee and hip exercises in a seated position. So if you’re not quite ready
for standing and you’ve already graduated from the lying down, these are for you. Let’s
get started. The first exercise is gonna be for knee extension. It’s gonna be strengthening
the quad muscle here. You wanna make sure you sit in a nice upright position. If you’ve
got a chair with a back that might help you out cause if you’re leaning while you’re doing
these exercises, you’re not doing it right. So make sure that you’re not leaning. You
want to keep your hips in a nice 90 degree angle, and you’re going to kick it straight
out, get it as straight as you can, and slowly come back down. This is not gonna be a good
exercise. Make sure you’re controlling it, make sure you’re going slow, squeezing the
muscles tight, slowly coming back down. This might be really easy for you, might not be
easy for some people. But if it’s easy, you can add some weights onto your ankle. So just
going straight up, and slowly coming back down. The next one is gonna be for hip flexion
strengthening. Same kind of thing, you want to keep your back upright. And now you’re
gonna drive your knee straight up. Coming up this way, and slowly coming back down.
Same thing, you want to go slow and controlled. If you’re going like this, you’re using momentum,
you’re not using your muscles. So nice and slow coming up, nice and slow going down.
And again, if you have some ankle weights, if this is easy, if you can get to 15, 20,
25 and it’s not a little painful sore, then you need to add a little bit of weight. The
last one is gonna be hip extension. Go ahead and grab a band. Yellow is the lightest. And
this time, you’re gonna start up high and push down. Remember with the band, you want
to control the band, don’t let the band control you. Nice and slow going down, nice and slow
coming back up. Those were you’re seated exercises for your hip and your knee, if you have any
questions, leave them in the comments section, and if you want to check out some other videos,
like the ones lying down or if you think you’re ready for the ones standing up, go to AskDoctorJo.com.
Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. And remember, be safe, have fun,
and I hope you feel better soon.

35 thoughts on “Hip Pain & Knee Pain Exercises, Seated – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Hi again doctor jo, great vids!!! I was wondering if you can help me, my problem is I have right tight hip flexors psoa, weak right glute, weak left hip flexors, strong left glute all from my left vmo injury strain. what can I do to balance my muscles?

  2. I can definitely see how that would be throwing your whole body out of balance! Muscle imbalances can cause a lot of pain, but they are fairly easy to fix with consistent stretching and exercising. I have a hip flexor stretching video, and I have a hip strengthening video in standing if you want to check those out too! Good luck!

  3. I would definitely stretch your hip flexors and rotators. I have videos for those, and I have a general knee stretching video that should cover it! Good luck!

  4. I used to work at a retail store as a cashier where I had to stand on hard concrete. now whenever I stand in kitchen or hard surface my knees hurt after awhile.   any suggestions to help?

  5. Doctor jo!!!! Pls help….i have a lower back pain…i dont think its my lower back exactly though cuz i can do hyper extensions without strain bu when I sit in a chai and extend my leg it hurts…what is it ?? Pls help….ive been suffering for a long time….and it also hurts when i bend down with my knees straight to stretch….pls give me a solution for it.it will be very appreciated

  6. please help me Doctor Jo when i walk for a while just started hip pain and knee also after that i will sit for 2 mintes after that i will walk again same pain starts so please help me out there

  7. hello dr jo. just a week out of surgery for a splintered femur, up right at the hip joint. going to do my own rehab, and was wandering a general time table for hip to move? can do most of what you showed in the video, but cant get my brain and hip in sync….

  8. I have pain from my right hip all the way down my leg. My right knee also cannot be straightened without severe pain, in fact when i lay, my knee must be bent otherwise there is pain radiating from the outer part of my knee up my leg to my hip. Would this still be good exercises to do?

  9. "Control the band; don't let the band control you!" 🤣
    I never would have thought of doing seated hip extension with a theraband. Thanks for the ideas and wisdom. ☺️

  10. What do you suggest for a person who is morbidly obese? I also have foot problems so it is very difficult to do standing exercises. I am mainly concerned with my hip since I'm having left hip pain. The problem i encounter is that my large belly gets in the way of raising my legs very far when seated. I am dieting, too, and doing other chair exercises but at my level of obesity, my weight won't change soon. But my hip is getting worse (have a doctor appt) and want to try to avoid surgery.

  11. I have had keen replacement surgery and the inside of my knee is painful.(Not the joint, but the portion of my knee on the inside of my leg). Is there an exercise that will help strengthen that area of my knee and reduce the pain? I can relate to the 80's even though my IQ is more in the 70's. Thanks alot!!!!

  12. Hi…Dr.joe… 6 months ago.. my left femur head fractured…and posterior acetabular wall fractured too… .now am planning to hit the gym again… Please suggest me tips.and.. Rehab videos for hip strengthening…… And exercises especially for my injury… ..#FitnessIsMyLove #Thanks in advance

  13. Me have Q
    After overpronation have knee pain now. Do I supinate feet to fix muscle and patella grove problems now?

  14. Buy a printable worksheet with the Hip & Knee Exercises in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/hip-knee-worksheet
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