He Enlisted In The Army, But May Be Deported

[Applause] Dokka is a very very difficult subject for me I will tell you to me it’s one of the most difficult subjects on because you have these incredible kids in many cases not in all cases in some of the cases they’re having daca and their gang members and their drug dealers to but you have some absolutely incredible kids I would say mostly daca deferred action for childhood arrivals they’re about 800,000 undocumented immigrants who signed up for daca a program created by an Obama era executive order dreamers of what these 800,000 enrollees are called by law they’re all under 36 years old that came the United States before their 16th birthday and they’ve lived in this country since 2007 thank you for coming how you doing I’ve been here since the year 2000 I’ve been in this neighborhood since 2000 that’s Harminder Syene ii he’s 23 years old he lives in Queens and last year he enlisted in the US Army so this man so what is all this this is my future is away from when you serve when you look at this this is a very important document you know it’s for me to become American and I want to get back contributors to this country in every way I can and if Harvinder serves he’ll be on a fast-track to US citizenship but he he might not actually be able to serve in the Armed Forces instead he could be deported back to India a country he hasn’t been to since he was six years old the program known as daca that was effectuated under the obama administration is being rescinded and just like that all the rights that Harminder had had since 2012 as a dreamer his plans to fight in the military his entire future here in the states were put into jeopardy that’s my dad on the Left there’s a little brother at my mama’s right ah I will elementary school middle school did you know that you were undocumented no so I found out in high school when I went to apply for working papers they needed so scary Network my mom said we don’t have a sunscreen over and they told me never in documented it was like shocking kind of just separating me from my friends knowing that I’m not the same as I’m in a way well you know it was heartbreaking impacting me a lot because in the future I knew I couldn’t do things like you know get a driver’s license or apply for a job or get an ID rate for college when daca first come into your life like late 2012 I bleep I got daca I was able to get my work permit you got a driver’s license I was also going to school it was amazing because I know it was a way for me to live like an American also contribute to this country daca is something that can be taken away from any of these dreamers at any point that’s Joe and Polly Callebaut she’s a conservative strategist who worked on the Trump campaign if I go to live in Spain where my mother is from and my family is from I can’t just show up and be like hey I’m here and I have a job at Zara or whatever and I’m working for a living and and I’m here but my mom is panic no it doesn’t work that way why are we just allowing people to say hey I’m just gonna show up and hey I deserve this because I do know you don’t just deserve this do you remember your life in India no I really no don’t know anything the Trump administration is saying the Sabine’s of taka can start making plans to self-deport to go back to their home country what would that look like for you how would that even work that just wouldn’t make sense to me I can’t fathom going to a country I have no connection to at all I was just born there you know better than that no recollection of any memories there no friends no anything whether you knew it or not you were brought here illegally so once you’re you’re coming in without having some kind of ease up you are committing a crime I think that we are willing to look over that particular situation if you have done what you needed to do and you’re here going to school or trying to make your life better we are Americans we have no felonies we are not bad people we contribute to this economy we want to work here we want to join the military we want to stay here we want to do everything we can to become Americans we actually met a young man who came from India when he was six years old he’s grown up here he doesn’t remember ever living in India and he actually enlisted for the US military signed a contract to serve and now he’s in this limbo period what would you say to somebody like him I feel for them I I don’t think that that’s we’re not doing them justice at all they’re willing to go and enlist and defend the country for us then I think those particular outstanding citizens mean to be looked at differently you know what you are here you’ve done the right things you went through the process how do we make it better for you right now the future of Dhaka is very much so question mark president Trump has given mixed messages about Dhaka both during the campaign anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained until they are removed out of our country and back to the country from which they came and as president well I have a great heart for the folks we’re talking about a great love for them he’s expressed both sympathy and admiration for the dreamers he’s also pledged to end the program but then he’s also promised to take care of the recipients the latest is that he wants Congress to figure out the fate of daca in the next six months or he’s going to take action hopefully now Congress will be able to help them and do it properly and I can tell you and speaking to members of Congress they want to be able to do something and do it right and for the dreamers it’s more uncertainty more time in limbo in the meantime no one new can apply for the program and current dreamers whose status is set to expire in the next six months they have till October 5th to file for an extension why do you want to fight for this flag it’s the only flag I’ve known it’s a flag that I’m going around it’s my home it’s my future it’s been in my past it’s my current we had people ask us questions via beam panels and then we passed those questions on to harm endure for his honest response so that’s a separate video I’ll link it below and that’s it for today’s episode of beam news

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  1. See Casey, you promised us that Beme news is not going to be biased. But you give us this piece that interview this great man who served this country and now threatened to get deported if DACA ends. What about the other side of the argument of ending DACA? What about interviewing a victim of a crime committed by gang members who are here because of DACA? I mean I want to see both sides of the argument. Yes you give us this dumbass lady defending to end DACA with a very poor argument and poor analogy. That's weak man. That's biased. And what is up with the gay black dude who ask the woman with a very offensively biased question? All grown ups know that public policy will never please everyone and thus need to be presented in a fair way.

  2. Congress needs to in act comprehensive immigration. so the daca can apply for citizenship. all i ask is we don't end up here agin in 20 years. please secure the border

  3. so a list of thoughts; are DACA ppl still citizens of their country of birth?,; re trump, we should all know to NOT believe ANYthing he says. all his verbalizing is aimed for his benefit of the moment. no residuals. what he may have said a month, or a week, or a day or an hour or just now means NOTHING. that he has PROVEN!; the republican party, by its actions, is totally evil-spirited. remember "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"? life means health, health means life, so let's remove as much health support as can be done. thats what they do. its their record. they can fund this monolith and that bank and this "wall"[ mexico? really?!} but not give a less fortunate CITIZEN the treatment for continued life? thanks casey and beme

  4. That lady that said “you can’t just show up” is ignorant and an idiot. HOW DO YOUR THINK THIS COUNTRY WAS STARTED??? They just showed up and kicked out the Indians. This country literally made up of immigrants. You can’t just stop allowing immigrants to come when that’s exactly what your great great grandparents did!

  5. I feel the main issue here has been completely overlooked, who has the authority to really help the dreamers? Congress, this has always been the answer. I just feel after watching a few videos here that pieces of the real story are missing or being left out.

  6. why would anyone want to fight for the american flag? It represents nothing but an unjust, top heavy, racist disgusting way of running things, its poison.

  7. Trump is trying to fix a problem, one that President Bush also tried to fix. Obama didn't want to put energy into fixing the problem through legislation, too hard for the supreme being, so he kicked the can down the road. Get on Congress to do something by contacting your duly elected Senators and Representatives.

  8. I truly believe that Trump just wants to remove everything with Obama's name on it. I would bet that if the exact same DACA bill was presented to him under a different name, he would support it.

  9. Idk what that ladies name was, and I understand her point. But when people are born. No one is different, when someone is born here or when someone is born somewhere else, neither of them did anything to deserve where they were born. Any American didn’t do something great to be born here and an African didn’t do an awful thing to deserve to be born in Africa and starving. But what you do with the situation that you’re presented in is what matters

  10. Create a path to citizenship. A law was broken by their parents, not them. This country has raised them, The USA must create a clear path to citizenship.

  11. The lady at 3:50 should be punched to her face. Twice. One for idiotic understanding about families. Two fir being thick in general

  12. I love this country and want that for any and all!!! If you want to be here, and go further and serve our country, then STAMP IT! You're in! Trump was correct to send this to Congress! They more directly represent the people and should get off their lazy high-flying private jet asses and get something done! I don't get paid if I don't perform at my job, and neither should they! Congress is failing our country!!!!

  13. Cant wait until you guys are pumping these out when the topics are still heavily in the news cycle. They will get a lot more traction. Also think you should have gotten into Shumer and Pelosi's deal with trump dealing with the funding of the government, its a vital part of the story

  14. I’m Australian and I was born here so this issue doesn’t exactly directly affect me but this whole DACA thing makes me so upset, I can’t imagine being sent back to somewhere I don’t even remember…it’s so wrong.

  15. So I understand why some people find adults illegally entering the United States as a non-negotiable topic and find it in all cases bad. I don’t understand why people find the DACA program bad. The cut off age being 16 makes complete sense as I find anyone under this age has no ability to say no to their parents when they are told to do something and probably do not fully understand what they are being told to do. The daca members in many cases unknowingly came to the US. I find the concept of fair being used when illegal alien adults come to this country as in people arguing that it is not “fair” that these people are allowed to stay because they skipped the process every other immigrant had to go through. Using that same ideal of fairness how do you find the deportation of people who did not know they committed a crime fair. You don’t expect 3 year old to get out of his crib and understand the legal implications of crossing the border. At the age of 16 I would still not expect a child to disobey their parents telling them to cross the border because no one willingly walks away from a source of food and protection. I am not expecting everyone to share my view but I would just like to understand a logical argument for the opposition of DACA.

  16. I hope I am wrong, but I have a feeling, that who will start serving military,would be able to stay in USA. and USA will have bunch of foreign innocent soldiers,fighting for a country who want to deport them. hope this people will be fine and can normally continue their lifes. if not, don't worry, there are better places to live than USA, where you are respected as a human being, regardless your religion, race or nationality. wish you all the best

  17. 3:00 It actually does work that way, Squeaky-Voice Lady. You said your mother is Spanish, and Spain mostly recognizes the principle of jus sanguinis when granting citizenship. So you, as the daughter of a Spanish citizen, have the right to be one yourself. Contact the Spanish Consulate in New York if you want to know how to get your Spanish citizenship.

  18. Can you please stop making these videos in the basement. It gives us such a dark room feeling. Need more natural light

  19. This is not convincing this guy looks like he is playing the system. Americans need to get a spine and kick out this guy and his family

  20. I'm disgusted by what Trump does , as an outsider this repulses me , USA is made of people like those in this video , and the president is incapable of understanding that and taking advantage out of that and giving them a better life. It's better for both parties … Jesus Christ

  21. Context, Casey!
    @5:03 Trump was talking about the previous years' alien flood, not DACA DREAMERS, (if you listen to the whole speech.)
    I, too, admire Harminder and am friends with many like him. I think DACAs without severe criminal records need to be fast-tracked to US Citizenship. Funny thing is – TRUMP does too but he wants it to be lawful and agreed upon so the law does not snap back and make us go through this with every change of administration. IT'S THE DO-NOTHING CONGRESS WE NEED TO BE HARPING ABOUT. Congress is supposed to make the laws. Trump is supposed to execute the laws. That's very plain in the US Constitution. Why is it that no one seems to understand this?

  22. And now get the perspective of all the gang members and bizarre tattooed murderers that are being deported after decades of killing innocent Americans. Can't wait to see that episode.

  23. Why didn’t you report about the daca law being sued by many states? Trump simply ended the law so it can be passed trough congress legally.

  24. Hey Beme team, awesome video, thanks. As a non-American, I think I got the big picture, but important terms like "DREAMers" or "DACA" are not coherently clear to me. If it's possible to still explain those terms, that might sound naturally obvious to Americans, I think the video can touch broader crowds. Thanks again, Love your stuff.

  25. Trump f*cks up USA. I am not an american and i wouldn't live there, but i see how this guy is making the country going back a century.

  26. What's wrong with India though? Not like there are drug cartels and people being shot on the streets. It's way better than the other countries to which people come from to the US.

  27. The government is well known for gifting then taking away. They promised many free things when I enlisted in 1981. Retired now and medical care is not, nor never has been free for us as retired military veterans. And dont get me started on the medical system in the VA hospitals…….it is horrible!

  28. Just a thought. Destroyed countries where everyone has evacuated due to fear of their lives being destroyed. How will those countries ever go back to being in anyway great to live there that people would actually want to live there? No how if no one is there ?  & Terrible how if all that's there is extremists who wont let anyone live as they want to live.

  29. This is definitely a sticky situation. Unfortunately most of these kids weren't the decision maker when illegally entering or remaining in the US. Its a sad story, but unfortunately there are lots of sad stories that we cant always just fix. I think the reasonable solution is to allow DACA to stand for those who have already applied, and terminate the program for those who have not. It seems sad but the hard truth is no other country in the world has the same problem with illegal aliens to the extent the US has. Additionally, no other countries have policies like DACA. It sounds great to help people out but the issue is at what cost? Its easy to say Obama was great and Trump is terrible but really this just shows trump was willing to make the hard decision even in the face of backlash from the left where Obama was more prone to cave to the sad stories. Know how to avoid being deported because of DACA? Don't come illegally. I know it sucks for the kids since most of them didn't choose this but the ownership should be on parents. Right now the system basically says if you bring your kids here you might get deported, but we will allow them to stay…which then gives the parents reason to get back into the country. Its a system hack that shouldn't be there. I know we want to help everyone but America just doesn't have the resources to save the world from any hardship.

  30. 1 of all: thanks for this grate media and motivation. Germans still have problems getting it. 2. of all: CNN is the world of interlaced footage. Like being conservative juste cause: "there is what we need" 😉

  31. From the little I have seen from Beme News, I love their lack of partiality / being biased. They are reporting news and taking no side but making you, the viewer, make your own decision.

  32. Lol this has ALWAYS been a TEMPORARY solution. Was never permanent. But twist your words to make it look like our president is the bad guy. Hopefully the ones contributing to America and working and going to school get to stay here. As for the rapists and murderers or gang members send them away.

  33. I am not exactly an advocate of Trump, but he put what was basically illegal legislation from the Obama administration into the hands of congress to make is legal.  Then he extended the program because he realized that they had too much on their plate to get anything passed in the timeframe he gave them.    Keep in mind that had he not done this, congress could have at any point, decided that this executive order was unconstitutional, and these DREAMERS would have been immediately been deemed illegals ready for deportation.  Once again I am not a supporter of Trump, but he has done a lot to make sure that these people get a fair shot at staying here.

  34. beme is a waste of money. all sample videos are good examples how to produce low quality videos without any coverage. even casey neisat as pusher does not help.

  35. a 6 yr old kid is old enough to remember, what is that movie "Lion": A five-year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from home. He survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple in Australia. If Saroo Brierley can find his hometown, this DACA Soulja Boy can go back and return as a proud H1b visa holder working for Beme and re-list in the Navy to go back and repeat.

  36. what a bunch of trump haters, trump said theirs a deal in the table for the dreamers if the Democrats are willing to add funding for a real border wall, the end of chain migration, and the end of the lottery system, so if the dems really care about the dreamers which they dont, they just want them to vote democrat, then they'll make this deal. MAGA.

  37. People like Harminder have Nothing to worry about. Welfare state and criminals on the other hand…Why didn't they interview anyone else? maybe some ms-13 members

  38. outstanding. TMDF Too Many Damn Foreigners. gtfo foreigner. your parents, your people and their decisions are the cause of your problems, and the bulk of the western worlds problems and decline now. dont like your own peoples place then fix it. that is your responsibility. the western peoples nations have no obligation to accommodate foreigners wants or demands. the niceties of places like the USA were created by and earned by generations of those select america creators. it is your inherent patterns like 3rd world overcrowding, supreme materialism, pollution, extreme tribalisms, discompassion, and unaffordability that ruin every place your people go, with the decline always in direct proportion to your population. the world is full and everyone has long had their own place. their places representing exactly what they are and will create. they have all been taxonomically well observed and classified for hundreds of years at least. its only the people that made the place and them who can keep it 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  39. All Obama did was play with the lives of these people. Instead of pushing congress to approve this law he knew it was temporary and just let it be like nothing.

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