He Did This One Biceps Exercise for 30 Days (WOW!!)

JESSE: All right. So, as you can see here, we have – we’ve
got Ursa Minor, Ursa Major. I think that’s Scorpio, Leo. Is that Orion’s Belt right there? That might be Capricorn, as well. Is that one the North Star, Jeff? JEFF: I think so. JESSE: You don’t like my astronomy lessons? JEFF: No. JESSE: Aw, come on. JEFF: What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. And Jesse. No intro. JESSE: No intro this time? JEFF: No intro. Done with the intros for now. Guys, we’re talking about building bicep peaks. That exercise that you saw me doing in the
beginning of this video was something that goes way back with me. As a matter of fact, when I was working out
with my brother, the story as I’ve told it before – he really didn’t let me do anything. He was my older brother and I had to be relegated
to cheerleader until I was old enough to pick up the weights. But I did have access to a single dumbbell,
and I remembered seeing an exercise that Sergio Alebo – way before your time, Jesse. JESSE: Way before my time. JEFF: Sergio Alebo did, for his bicep peaks,
where he took a single dumbbell, just like that, and lifted it in that fashion. That stuck with me because I have covered
on this channel before something called a “Master Tip” and the value of keeping your
wrists out of it. Bent back as you curl up to negate some of
the extra forearm contribution of the curl and put more of the work on the biceps. I forgot about the exercise. JESSE: How do you forget that?! JEFF: Because when I got access to two dumbbells,
and a chin-up bar, and a barbell I was switching them out for other things. Like barbell curls and chin-ups. In a question you asked me recently, “What
can I do with a single dumbbell?” JESSE: Right. JEFF: Besides regular curls. I remembered back and told them about the
value of the exercise and then you went and did it for 30 days. JESSE: Yes. JEFF: But what I did was, I told Jesse, “Okay,
we’ll do another experiment. No more ‘Baby Shark’ for 30 days. Something real for 30 days.” And what I said was, “Don’t do any traditional
barbell curls.” JESSE: Right. JEFF: “Don’t do any traditional dumbbell curls.” JESSE: Correct. JEFF: Full disclosure, you still did chin-ups. JESSE: Yep. JEFF: You still did rows. JESSE: Underhand rows. JEFF: Right. So, that’s been part of your program anyway. JESSE: Yeah. JEFF: So, the only difference was the inclusion
of- JESSE: This exercise. JEFF: This exercise. The one, again, that you’re seeing here as
Jesse points out all the constellations in my veins and vascularity of my arms. That’s the one you were doing. JESSE: Yeah, and I substituted for the traditional
curling. JEFF: Right. Just to give them a sense of how often you
were doing this and if you did it in – what? You were doing some of the total body workouts
from BEAXT. JESSE: From one to two times per week. JEFF: Right. JESSE: Sometimes three. JEFF: Depending upon what- JESSE: The program I was on. JEFF: Whether it was ‘push, pull, legs’ or
whether you were doing a total body. JESSE: Yeah. JEFF: So, it was not 30 days of this. JESSE: No, no, no. JEFF: Just within a 30-day period. So, you probably wound up hitting at about,
let’s say 9 to 12 times. JESSE: Yeah. I would say so. JEFF: That’s the only bicep exercise you did. So, let’s take a look at the exercise itself. JESSE: Okay. JEFF: Go ahead and pick up – I’ll coach
you through it. So, we’re talking about making sure the top
of the dumbbell here always faces up toward the ceiling. What you get is, you lower it down and you
have to change the position of your wrists to make sure this stays level. So, you go down to, about that far. I always try to say you get down as low as
you can, as you saw me doing. Just under there. Now, as you lift up, you have to change the
position of your wrists to make sure this stays up here. One of the benefits we’re getting is some
good, longhead of the biceps because the arms are staying close. Similarly, to how they would in a drag curl. We’re getting that. We know that the longhead of the biceps, the
outer portion here of the biceps, are what is responsible for that peak. We get to the top and it’s an insane contraction,
right? JESSE: Yeah. JEFF: So, you hold it – come up closer. Let’s see what they see here, now. Right about here. Now, go down. Concentrate on this back arm over here, as
we see. Good. And up. Arm’s right here. Drag it up. JESSE: Ooh. JEFF: Up to the top. Good. Come down. One more. Up, up, up. Right there. Squeeze it. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Good. And again, it incorporates that master tip
that we’re talking about, where you want to dead-arm those wrists. JESSE: Right. JEFF: Get them out of it. Go ahead. You can show off a little bit. So, what do we see here? In all honesty, you can see here in that area
that Jesse’s got much more development of, first of all, this entire bicep. But he’s starting to get more height on here. Go from the backside, so they can see the
outside of it. Yeah. I mean, there’s no doubt. There’s a much more defined peak up here than
you had at any point before. JESSE: Yeah, I totally agree. JEFF: So, as far as an experiment I would
say, in relation to Jesse, it’s a success. Right? JESSE: Yeah. Absolutely. JEFF: When you compare it to mine, I would
say it’s a failure. Right? JESSE: That’s not fair! JEFF: But we’re not – it is out of proportion. We’re not there yet. Right? JESSE: Right. JEFF: But the fact is, I think there’s some
merit. It’s a good exercise. More so than anything else, it’s a change. JESSE: It is. JEFF: If you haven’t done it before, it’s
a change from what you’ve bend going. I wouldn’t say this is the only exercise you
should do from now on, but I think it has some merit. Especially as an effective exercise to place
some tension on the biceps, and all on the biceps, in the position that they can benefit
the most. Especially when it comes to activating the
longhead of the biceps and adding more tension to the peak. JESSE: Right. JEFF: Right? So, give it a try. Success? JESSE: Definitely a success. JEFF: All right. Cool. JESSE: I think you’ll find success, too. JEFF: Good. I’m glad we made it through a whole video
without one of those lame-ass intros. JESSE: They’re not lame. The comments prove that they’re awesome. They like the sharks and the laser beams. JEFF: If you’re looking for programs that
put the science back in strength – all these little details matter – we have that built
into all our programs. As I’ve said, it’s not just the exercises
you do, it’s how you do them that matters. I’ll coach you through every one. They’re all available in our programs at ATHLEANX.com. In the meantime, tell us what you want us
to cover. If there’s something else you want to see,
make sure you leave it in the comments below and we’ll do our best to do that for you. If you haven’t already done so, make sure
to click ‘subscribe’ and turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when we put
one out. All right, guys. See you soon. JESSE: As far as intros go, let me know what
you want to see. More laser beams? More lightning? Explosion? Sharks? I’m all for it. JEFF: Sharks. All right. See ya.

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