Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about
the assassin hero, Hayabusa. Hayabusa has a good set of mobility, burst,
super burst, and extreme burst skills. Our Crimson Shadow, Hayabusa, is an assassin
hero. I consider Hayabusa as a sneaky assassin since
he can teleport to his shadows. Not only that, being alone against Hayabusa
will make you see the heavens quickly, literally. Now, let me share some tips and tricks on
how to use Hayabusa based on our experience. I will also teach you some combos and techniques
on the latter part of this boot camp. But before that, let me explain his skills
one by one for further understanding. Hayabusa’s passive, Ninjutsu: Shadow Heal,
lets Hayabusa’s skills inflict 1 Shadow to enemies.stack A Shadow stack will be inflicted on the targets
everytime they are hit by Hayabusa’s skills. Every stack increases Hayabusa’s skill damage
by a certain percentage. The Shadows can stack up to 4 times. Hayabusa’s first skill, Phantom Shuriken, lets Hayabusa throw three shurikens forward to hurt the enemies. When the shurikens reach a certain distance,
the shurikens will travel back to him. Each shuriken deals a certain amount of Physical
Damage to enemies, reduces their movement speed, and regenerates
certain energy points to Hayabusa. The damage and the regenerative effects of
this skill decays when the same target is hit. We will further discuss on this the Tips and
Tricks section. Every level of this skill grants Hayabusa
certain percentage of Spell Vamp. Hayabusa’s second skill, Quad Shadow, lets Hayabusa produce phantoms where he can teleport to. Upon using this skill, Hayabusa will dash
towards the specified direction, and will be leaving a Phantom behind him. After the dash, 3 Phantoms will be released
in 3 different directions. When the Phantom hits enemy heroes, it will
be absorbed by the target, dealing Physical Damage and will slow them
down. When you use again this skill, you can teleport
to a Phantom’s location. If the Phantom is inside the enemy hero, Hayabusa will teleport to that hero and will deal a certain amount of Physical Damage. Every time Hayabusa teleports to a Phantom,
the cool down of his first skill is reduced. Hayabusa’s ultimate skill, Ougi: shadow Kill, lets Hayabusa turn into a shadow and dash around the battlefield. Upon using this skill, Hayabusa will turn
into a non-targettable shadow, and deal Single-target attack to enemies in
an area for 5 to 9 times, depending on this skill’s level. Each attack deals certain amount of Physical
Damage. There are so many items that you can buy for
Hayabusa. You can focus on items that grants Physical
Damage, Physical Penetration, and items that deals extra True Damage. You can actually consider the “Hayapusha”
build, if you want to deal more damage to turrets
and tanks. You can also consider the “Hayagubat” build if you chose Retribution as your spell and wants to farm faster. But let’s talk about the Kurumi Way further. Your starting item will depend on what spell
you have. If you have Retribution, then you might want
to consider Raptor’s Machete. If you are not using Retribution as spell,
then just consider buying Hunter’s Knife. These items will let you deal more damage
to jungle monsters, and gain more experience from killing them. This can help you farm faster. Raptor Machete grants Physical Attack and
Physical Penetration. Its unique attribute grants additional damage
to monsters. Another unique passive of this item is Breakout. Every 10 seconds, your next basic attack will
be buffed with additional true damage. The amount of true damage increases as your
level increases, and slows down the target. Dealing basic attacks will reduce this unique
passive’s cool down. Another unique passive of this item is Greed. This passive grants additional experience, and recover some health and mana everytime you kill jungle monsters. Another unique passive of this skill is Gorge. This unique passive grants you Physical attack
everytime you kill a jungle monster. This stacks up to 15 times. Lastly, this item makes the spell retribution
applicable to enemy heroes. Using retribution to an enemy hero will have
his movement speed reduced, and will deal a small amount of true damage. For your kicks, you can consider buying Magic
Shoes. Magic Shoes grants additional Movement Speed
and Cool Down reduction. The cool down reduction can help you cast
your skills again sooner. Buying attack items such as Endless Battle
can boost your damage effectively. This item gives you additional physical attack,
health, mana regen, lifesteal, movement speed, and
cooldown reduction. Mana regen doesn’t apply to Hayabusa since
he consumes Energy for his skills instead. Its unique passive grants you additional true
damage on your next basic attack, after using a skill. Triggering the passive of this skill also
grants you additional movement speed. With the cool down reduction and its unique
passive, Hayabusa will be more explosive with this. You might want to consider Blade of Despair. This item grants additional physical attack
and movement speed. Its unique passive will give you additional
physical attack, when the target’s health is below a certain
percentage. The movement speed bonus can also help you
chase enemies, or escape death. Buying attack items such as Bloodlust Axe,
will let you sustain your health in team fights. This item grants Physical Attack and Cool
Down reduction. Its unique passive grants 20% spell vamp. Spell vamp regenerates health points from
damage dealt by skills. Since Hayabusa deals burst damage with his
skills, then you can still sustain inside team fights,
while piercing them with your blades and shurikens. You might also want to consider Malefic Roar. This item grants Physical Attack and Physical
Penetration. Also, basic attacks will ignore some of the
turrets defense. Lastly, you can consider Immortality. This grants you Physical Defense and Health
Points. Its unique passive lets you resurrect after
2 seconds upon death. This resurrects you and give you 15% health
points, and a shield that lasts for a few seconds. This item has a really long cool down. The item build for Hayabusa really depends
on the enemy’s line up. So make sure to read each item’s description
so you can adapt in-game. One of the best spells to be used on Hayabusa
is Retribution. This will deal True Damage to the target minion
or jungle monster. When you have a jungling item, having this spell will decrease the damage taken from jungle monsters, permanently. This spell will help you farm more gold faster. Building items quickly in the early game will
give you advantage against enemies, making it for you to prey easier on squishy
targets like marksman and mage. You can also consider the Forbidden jutsu,
Execute. This deals a certain amount of True Damage
to the target. The damage also depends on the enemy’s lost
Health Points. This spell ignores the shield effect of the
target. If the target has been slain using Execute,
its cool down will be reduced. In my opinion, the best emblem set to be used
is the Custom Assassin Emblem set. Custom Assassin Emblem could provide extra
stats according to your needs as an assassin. Set Agility to its Max level because it can
give you additional Movement Speed. Higher Movement Speed means higher chance
to chase enemies or escape death. Setting Invasion to max level will provide
you Physical Penetration. Higher Physical Penetration means higher damage
on your basic attacks and skills. Get High and Dry to increase your damage to
the target when he is the only nearby hero. This is advisable when you try ganking a single
hero. But in case you are not that type, just consider
Bounty Hunter or Killing Spree instead. Set First skill to max level first. Prioritizing this makes the cool down lower,
and your Spell Vamp higher. That means, this skill will help you sustain
more in the battlefield. Prioritize Second skill less since your Firstskill
is what you need more. But you can also max 2nd skill first,
if your priority is the cool down of your 2nd skill. Always upgrade his ultimate skill when available
for upgrading. Hayabusa’s Passive skill is what you need
to deal extra damage to the enemies. His passive skill only stacks upon using skills
and not basic attacks. That’s why it’s really essential to use your
first skill, and make most of the shurikens hit to an enemy. This is to ensure the enemy has full stacks
of Shadow before you use your ultimate. The indicator above the target’s head indicates
how many Shadow stacks it has. So better use your ultimate skill when the
target has lots of Shadow stacks. Hayabusa’s First skill is what you need to
reach full Shadow stacks easily. The 3 shurikens released can give you easy
3 stacks if all caught by the enemy. But do take note that the shuriken will fly
back to you. So, the chance of the enemy being hit again
is really high. So it will grant you an easy-peazy lemon-squeezy
4 stacks. Also, the damage and energy recovery of this
skill decays, over the times it hits the same target. Meaning, upon using this skill, the first shuriken hitting the target will have the highest damage. The other 2 shurikens hitting the target will
have less damage. Same goes with the shurikens flying back. Hayabusa’s second skill is what you need to
chase down enemies, or escape death. With the ability to charge towards your desired
target, that target will have absorb your phantom
which slows them down. Not only that, you can teleport to that Phantom,
making them feel unsafe wherever they would be. You can use this to juke enemies to either
escape death, or to play with them first before you give
them their agonizing death. Hayabusa’s Ultimate skill is what you need
to burst down enemy heroes. While this skill is ongoing, you are untargettable. Take note that this skill can deal single-target
hits only. So, if your target has allies minions, creeps,
or heroes nearby, they can also catch a hit from your ultimate. So if you are going to use this skill,
make sure there are less enemies in the area. You might be wondering if this skill deals
basic attacks, or if it is a skill damage. We will experiment on that later. While this skill is ongoing, you can teleport towards to a Phantom, if ever you used second skill beforehand. If you are against a Hayabusa, always help your ally by catching some damage for your ally from Haya’s ultimate. You can also use this skill to dodge skills
because you are untargettable. Be aware that this skill has a short range. So skills that can knock you back,
or disable you will hinder you from casting this skill. Also, you can use this skill to easily clear
a minion wave. This is best for defending and pushing lanes. Here we are again with our experiments. We have our favorite lab rat, Rackatan, to demonstrate with us some of Hayabusa’s Pros and Cons. First, let’s have Lancelot. Lancelot’s 2nd skill makes him untargettable. What if Hayabusa uses his ultimate skill on
Lancelot? As you can see, Hayabusa stopped when Lancelot
used his 2nd skill. This just means that skills that makes you
untargettable can counter Hayabusa’s ultimate skill. Next, we have Karina. We all know that Karina’s 1st skill can make
her immune to basic attacks. We will use Hayabusa’s ultimate skill on Karina
to test if this skill is a basic attack, or a skill damage. As you can see, Karina still got hurt. So definitely, this skill deals skill damage
instead of basic attacks. Next, we have Ling. Ling’s ultimate skill also makes him untargettable. The outcome of this would be obvious, but
still let us show you how it goes. As expected, Hayabusa stopped slashing Ling
with his ultimate skill. Next, we have Nana. Nana’s passive makes her untargettable as
well. And of course, Hayabusa stopped on using his
ultimate skill when Nana turned into a cutie. Next, we have Zhask. Zhask’s ultimate skill makes him ride his
gigantic spawn. Let’s see what happens with Hayabusa’s ultimate
skill. As you can see, when Zhask boarded his spawn,
Hayabusa still continued on using his ultimate skill. But the spawn received the damage instead. So this can definitely counter Hayabusa’s
ultimate skill. Next, we tried if Winter Truncheon could counter
Hayabusa’s ultimate. As you can see, when Racky used Winter Truncheon, we stopped on using our ultimate skill and had a staring contest with Racky. Next up,
we tried if we can teleport to Rackatan after he uses arrival. Will we be able to teleport to where he teleported? As you can see, it says that there is no valid
target. Meaning, this skill has a range restriction
as well. Next, we tested if our ultimate skill will
follow the enemy after he uses Arrival. As you can see, we disappeared. This is because we are secretly punishing
our lab rat in the nether realm. So in short, Hayabusa’s ultimate skill still
follows the enemy even after their Arrival. Last but not the least, we have Harley. Harley’s ultimate skill pop out damage after
a few seconds of casting. Let’s see if we can dodge the popping damage
from it. As you can see, we weren’t damaged by the
popping damage. This is because it popped out while we were
using our ultimate skill. It could have saved us, but our lab rat learned
to fight back. In terms of his combo, we usually follow a
series of combo for Hayabusa. In terms of just harassing enemies, you can
follow this combo. First, we use our 2nd skill to plant a phantom
inside the enemy. This will give them a proper scare on what
to happen next. Then, we use again our 2nd skill towards the
enemy. Then, we use our first skill to give them
a bloody greeting. Then, you can opt to teleport to your phantoms
to mamba out. It’s up to you if you want to go agressive
further, or just scare them off. Now, you can follow this combo if you just
want to have a bloodbath. We still follow the same combo. Use 2nd skill to plant a Phantom,
then use it again to teleport to the target. Then, use first skill to gain some shadow
stacks. This will ensure that you have almost or full
shadow stacks on the target. Then, use your ultimate skill. While using your ultimate skill, you have
the option to teleport out using your phantoms. So make sure to think what’s best on that
situation. If you have Retribution or the Forbidden jutsu,
Execute, then it’s time to use them. Then, deal basic attacks and use 1st skill
whenever available in case they are still alive. Additional Tip:
Practice makes you better. So even if you watched this Boot Camp, and
you still can’t execute some of the combos, it’s okay. Practicing a hero is a learning curve. It might take you more than 30 games to get
the combo. So it’s fine as long as you are doing your
best. You will get there eventually. We believe in you. The tips I mentioned are just some of the
ways you can use Hayabusa. This video just guides you on how to use Hayabusa,
the Kurumi way. We would like to thank our Wakandian brother,
Rackatan, for being our lab rat again for this boot camp. You can search for him in-game and tell him
how much you appreciate him, willing to sacrifice his pride and honor to
be a pro hooker. Watch his in-game streams and send some flowers
and hearts. So, once again. This is Kurumi and that’s how you use Hayabusa. Thanks for watching! Do not forget to like and share this video. Also subscribe to our channel for more contents
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