Guardians of the Force: Nuk Tunin (2019 Star Wars Fan Film)

Cadets, we have Imperial ships incoming R6, this would be a great time if you could pull something off right now…(happy beeping) Where is this? No, where is this? Ow! I’ve been hit! Nuk to command ship. My thrusters aren’t working. I’m going down. I repeat, I am going down! I’m going to be trying to land on the planet. Shart. Shart! Oh crap! Oh shoot! Shart!! Wooooah!!! That’s the ship. Blast! Hello!? Anyone? Hello? (monkey chattering sounds) Hello-o? (Echo) Hello!!?? Anyone?? Yes! Finally! You’re so stupid, scrap metal! Stupid droid. Bang, pollywag! Hello there little guy! What are you doing in these parts? Your master? Is he here? I’m a part of the Rebel Academy. I’m a cadet. I’m new to the rebellion. Great! I’ll follow you. You’re one of those BB units, right? AB-09? Nice to meet you! I’m Nuk. Uh, oh. I think we gotta’ get moving. I here something in the woods. You know where we’re going, right? What d’ya mean you don’t know? Don’t you have a sensor of some sort? Oh droid, you’re kidding me! Say what? Briggs! Is that you? Oh! (Grunt) Ha! (Fierce grunts and groans.) Droid, where are you? Droid? WHERE ARE YOU??!! Don’t worry. AB-09 is safe! You must be Nuk. AB told me all about you and how you defeated those Guardians. Thanks! I have no idea what you’re talking about though. Those were stormtroopers. I wish that were so but here in the Droz system, there’s a man named Varys and he’s forming an alliance that opposes the rebellion and the empire, so, kinda’ screwed! Nordu: My name’s Master Nordu I was once a part of the Jedi council but I left during the Clone Wars. I’ve been stranded here for who-knows-how long. So one day this droid came, AB-09, in an escape pod. And then he gave me all this new updated information about the
rebellion and the empire. Here, walk with me and I’ll tell you more. Sir, we’ve been searching for the Jedi all day. No sign… I suspected as much. He is masking his location well… His presence is near, yet cloudy. If you find him, bring me back his lightsaber. Yes sir! You’re a Jedi, huh? Yep. I thought Vader killed every single one of the Jedi. You must be ancient. I’m not THAT ancient! Maybe it’s the dirty face! My face? You should see my feet! Good thing you’re here. Varys Blackthorne is one of my strongest opponents, and him and his troops are here to kill me…and retrieve this. With this they can do very evil things. Are you here to learn? Me? A Jedi? I’m only a pilot! I’m not even… I’m just a cadet. What are you here for then? I hear something, go! Take cover!!! What were those things? Those were TIE fighters. I think that’s what shot down me when I tried to defend my crew. And I crashed on this stupid junkyard. Don’t eat that. It’s poisonous!!! Ha! Just kidding, just kidding, just kidding. You’re an idiot! Well, it’s good to have you here. If I can train you in the right ways, we can take down Varys. Him and the Guardians are getting stronger and stronger and soon,
they’ll defeat Darth Vader. Are you OK? I don’t know. Those guys sound pretty bad. And anyways, I gotta’ get back to the- Forget about the Academy! If you join me, we can team up And I could train you in ways that you could never imagine. You’d be so powerful we could take down Varys like that. (Snaps fingers) I just can’t forget about my friends like that at Yavin. Well, once they realize you’re missing, they’ll send their crew out for us. Really? I’m just a cadet! The more you say that, the truer it will become. Be mindful of your words because as of today, you’re my apprentice. (Native fauna chattering) Who is this Varys person anyway? Varys was once a former Jedi Knight
interested in creating a new movement. He calls himself the Guardian of the Force. He thinks what he’s doing will change the face of the galaxy. Yeah, he sounds like a pretty messed up guy. Yeah, he is. What do you see? A building, why? As an apprentice, you must learn to sense
everything around you. Close your eyes! Why? Do you want my teaching or not? Ooh, is that a lightsaber? Yes, but that’s besides the point. Close your eyes. I’ve always wanted to see a lightsaber. CLOSE YOUR EYES!!! Sense the world around you. The Force is powerful, yet, also undiscovered. No one yet knows its full potential. But I believe the Force isn’t about Kyber crystal structure, midichlorian pattern or even laser sword technology. It’s about balance and how to manipulate that balance. So, what do you feel? I sense, the forest. birds chirping… and most importantly, a stick riding up my “crack.” Let’s just go! Ok! Whatever you sa-ay!!! What did I get myself into? Now, you’re going to move this log. You know I can barely move a pebble, right? Yes, but, this is the next step in training and I’d like you to try to move the log. Nuk: Ok. Nordu: There’s lots of patience and focus like before. So, do it. (Nuk grunting in defeat.) Oh! (sadly) (AB-09 beeping something witty.) Aw, shut up you little meatball! Ok, let’s try this again. Let go of all your anger! (To AB) Go away! (Defiant beeping.) Ok, start. (Frantic beep.) Uh, that was good, but next time… go down slower and don’t crush that droid. But he deserved it. No droid deserved that. You lost our best general by A BOY!!! Yes sir, he sure knew how to fight. Normally, this wouldn’t matter to me, but if this boy finds Nordu then they could both be a nuisance to our cause, and you know I can’t have that. Our operation could be finished and all because of…a boy. Man! (disgusted) Should I send more Guardians? No! I shall handle this myself. Yes sir. Alright… Thank you so much for checking out this video! We hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to check out Part 2 of “Guardians of the Force” and subscribe to our channel for more exciting content!

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