Get Fit, Get in Control: Outdoor Exercises for the Core and Legs

hi I’m Jackie Shahar, I’m a clinical exercise
physiologist here the Joslin Exercise is a great tool to manage
diabetes and promote weight loss so let’s get
started and we are here at the River way around Longwood Medical Area. Resistance
training is a great type of exercise to help you
improve your glucose control and promote weight loss resistance bands come at different
resistance in different colors and you need to choose the right band that works for you when you perform the
exercises and reduce the chance of any injuries. You can place the band
around the tree around the bench around any heavy exercise equipment or even using a door
anchor and do it in any room at home So now we will perform the backwardslunch You’re gonna take a step backwards, bend your knee, and slowly move forward, keep your back straight as you perform the exercise gonna
work on one leg you gonna feel the quads the
hamstring the glute muscle and then you’re gonna
alternate with the other leg. Now will perform the
trunk twists exercise gonna hold the bands with both hands with
your thumbs up and your hands are away from your body you gonna twist to the other side and
slowly return back squeeze your abs as you’re twisting and slowly control the movement while you
breathe throughout the exercise then you’re gonna turn to the opposite side to
work on the other side of your core and you perform the same motion as you
do the twisting. now will perform the step up exercise
which is a great excess to work on building strength of your legs. It’s not sued used with resistance bands but you can still perform it in the park or anywhere where you have a
bench. So we’ll have you take a step and you bring your other knee up and then you’re gonna step down and we’re gonna bring the other leg to
an lunge, you do it again step up lift up and down to a lunge, and then we’re gonna alternate bring the other leg up bring be other knee up and gonna lower down to a lunge, up exercise with resistance bands are great
to get started with an exercise program and part of a comprehensive exercise
plan you can increase the number of sets the
number of reps or even the resistance of the band to
stimulate the muscles to burn more glucose burn more calories
to promote weight loss help you achieve your goals
and help you move in the right direction

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