Get a SHORTER philtrum with this face exercise

Hello, my name is Basia and I’m 34 years
old. Actually I will be 35 this year, my birthday is coming up in October. And
today we’re trying something new! I’m going to speak to you because the
subject, I think, is quite complicated and it might be just easier for me to talk
you through the whole idea, rather than to try and explain everything in little
snippets of text. And the topic of today’s video is the philtrum and the lips.
As we age the philtrum becomes flattened and the lips kind of travel down in the
face. So you get this feeling that the philtrum is actually elongated. So it’s
flattened, it’s elongated and the line where the upper and the lower lip meet
moves downward. Unfortunately this is something that is not easy to fix. Even
if you get fillers, the lip line is still too low. It will not be fixed with
fillers, or even if you over-line your lips. Yeah, it might look like the philtrum is
shorter but still the lip line is too low. And yeah, there are surgical options
of getting a lip lift. But that is a whole different subject on its own and
it’s not very available and it’s not very safe. That’s why I believe it’s
really worth to search for alternatives. More natural and more affordable, and
more accessible alternatives. And I believe that facial exercises can really
really help with this, and can help to lift the lips, make them more everted and
make this area, the philtrum, far more curved. So I’m going to show you today
how to go about it! So the one muscle that can really help with this, is this
muscle that starts here and kind of goes downward and intersects with the lip
muscle. If I remember correctly the name of this muscle, is like the Levator Labii.
Literally the lip lifting muscle and it’s a really interesting muscle! Because
we use it in a lot of ways. When you’re baring your fangs and just lifting that
upper lip, you’re activating this muscle. When you’re doing this disgusted
snarling, you’re activating that muscle. And when you’re doing like a “kissy face”,
like when you’re… you know pushing the lips forward and kind of flipping them
outward, you’re also engaging this muscle. And I believe that this muscle is the
secret ingredient of having a curved philtrum, and having your
lips sit quite high in this area of the face. And I believe that exercising it
can really really help if you noticing those effects of the philtrum flattening
and the lips traveling lower in the facial proportions. So a good way to
exercise it… is basically to do a “duck face” So pushing the lips forward and
then trying to flip them out as much as possible. Unfortunately when doing this, there will be a lot of stress happening in
this area of the face. You might notice the “smile lines” or the nasolabial fold
becoming more exaggerated. So it’s a good idea to put your index fingers along the
nasolabial fold and push them upwards a little bit, to secure this area. And then
do is very exaggerated kiss grimace (so to say). You know you’re performing this
exercise correctly if there’s a lot of the “water line” (the water line is the
wet area of the lip) kind of showing through. So the more you can flip out the
lips, the more you can evert them, the more successful this exercise is. I like
to do it every day, just press here, push my lips forward and then turn
– really really flip them out, and I hold this for a few seconds. I do this a
few times and after a while of doing this I really notice my philtrum got
much much more curved and I really noticed that the lips are fuller and
kind of sitting a little bit higher on the face. Which I really enjoy because I
have a really petite lower third of the face. So it kind of helps if the lips are full and sitting a little higher. I wanted to share this exercise
with you I do hope you give it a try. I do hope you become more aware of this
area of the face and how we can care for it through a very simple exercise. And that’s all I have for you today. I do really hope you give it a try and
hope to see you soon next time. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Get a SHORTER philtrum with this face exercise

  1. Thank you for showing this! How many weeks/months until you saw a difference? Are your teeth together when you do the exercise?

  2. Hello CUKIER. Thanks for your before and after pictures, it really motivates me. Could you please tell how many months or weeks, approximately, did it took you to see those results? Because the space between my nose and lip is a bit longer compared to your before picture. So I wanted this particular information to sort a calculated routine adjusted to my needs – repetitions for my needs and realistic time. Just so I can figure it out for me. Thank you for your simplicity.

  3. Nice one I noticed some changes from the first time.. thank you 🙂, could you do face exercises for puffy eyes please..thanks

  4. Witam, jest szansa na polskie napisy? Na ten temat od jakiegoś czasu poszukuje informacji 🙂 z góry bardzo dziękuję, pozdrawiam 🙂

  5. One question:
    Is it okay to use sunscreen after applying Moisterizing cream?
    I would really appricieate if you answer

  6. can you give the details of how many times we should do this? & how long it should take to see results? thanks!

  7. Aww you are soooo cute ! I have just started doing your nasolabia fold video and I have noticed a huge difference in just 2 days so I wanted to check out your channel and this low lip issue is a problem that I do actually have so I will definitely be trying this as well.

  8. The voice always gives away the age. No matter how young someone looks or how slow they age, if they don't work on the work on the voice, it's usually the giveaway.

  9. hello, i love your videos! i was just wondering if this could potentially make your nose droop over time? i do this exercise frequently and love the results, but notice that my nose droops whenever i do this exercise! thank you for your wonderful content <3

  10. Oh wow, you have such beautiful skin. It's like translucent porcelain … What is your accent please? I had thought that you were Japanese until I heard you speak in this video. Thanks for sharing this information. It certainly makes a lot of sense so I will definitely be trying it as I am 66 now I really not liking the grooves that I am seeing in these areas.

  11. clumsy, bubbly, sunny, your soul speaks youth and just the vibe that made you really look younger! you shine so bright! 😍

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  13. Can you pls suggest a beauty routine that inudes all the 10 steps but are done using natural recipes or clean products .plzzz

  14. Me gustaría que todos tus vídeos tengan subtítulo. Me encanto este y todos💟💟😘😘

  15. Thank you! I saw results in one day! Suddenly saw a tiny wrinkle above my lips too haha 😂😅 but it's worth it! Would love to see more videos, or English subtitles available in your polish videos 🙂 x

  16. Спасибо большое, вы прекрасно выглядите!!! Пожалуйста делайте больше видео с русским переводом, если это возможно!!!! Мы тоже хотим заниматься с вами)))

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