Gavin Harrison’s Bass Drum Exercise

– Hey, how’s it going everyone? I’m sitting beside Gavin Harrison and I wanted to get you to teach
us one very powerful exercise to help with your base drum
articulation and coordination. – Yeah. So, I’ve got a little exercise. Let’s take a base drum pattern like Bill Wither’s Lovely Day. Right? And, everyone would
normally play that like Or maybe, What I’m going to ask you
to do is slightly unusual. If you’re a right-handed
player, I’m going to ask you to play 16ths, but starting
with your left hand. This is going to feel weird
when you now play this base drum rhythm because
your hands are not used to being in that position,
when those notes come in. So one, two, three, four. And it’s good to play it slower than that. So you really understand
which notes should be together with the hi-hat. What we’re really
looking to do is not play Not have any flams. But the base drum and the
hi-hat, whether it’s with the left or the right, without a flam . – Right. – So that’s a kind of a way to start. If you’re a right-handed
player, play on a tightly closed hi-hat, 16s starting with your left. – Right. – And then, you can try doubles. Right, right, left, left,
right, right, left, left. As 16s. It’s just about really hearing if you’re together or not. These are starting to present
little bit of a coordination problem because I’m not used
to playing 16s like that or like that with a left lead. To take the example a bit further, you can play paradiddles. And just, same thing, focus on
the hi-hat and the base drum being as tight as you can get them. It’s not even about playing
them particularly in time. I deliberately slow it down
so I can kind of zoom in a little bit more with my
ears and hear the differences. – It’s not about being on time
with the click at this point. It’s about being in time
with yourself, right? – Yeah, we’re not even playing
to a click at this point. – Right. – It’s really about internal sync. And I’ve heard so many
drummers play almost in time. You hear a drummer play There’s like these tiny
little flams, right? If you’re the bass
player, you’d be thinking well, where shall I put the bass? Should I put it with the
base drum or the hi-hat? It’s the difference between sounding really professional or amateur. – [Host] Right. – It’s a tiny detail that
makes the world of difference. It’s not about a big fill
because 99% of the evening, we’re playing easy rhythms. – Right. – Whatever gig you’re doing. You’re probably going to
be playing at some point, you know, You’re doing that nearly all the night so don’t spend you know,
a majority of your time working on the 30 second
note fill that you only might play once. Where all night, the
hi-hat and the base drum need to be in time. And the snare drum with
the hi-hat, regardless of what music you’re playing. – Thank you! Such a good tip. Great exercise. It’s
harder thank you think. I’ve given it a try so
hopefully that gives you guys a bit of a challenge. If you like this, this
is just one exercise out of the 40 that we have
in a whole course that Gavin Harrison did with
us, inside of Drumeo. So if you like this concept,
head on over to You can see the full course
we’ve done on this style. But good luck practicing this
and we’ll see you guys online.

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