Functional Fitness Training for Kids : Boot Camp Calisthenics for Kids Functional Fitness

This is Julio Anta from Anta’s Fitness
& Self Defense Miami, Florida bringing you some classes on children’s functional training
on behalf of Expert Village. Now we’re going to do some boot camp. One of my most memorable
moments in the marine corp. was marine corp. boot camp. We did all types of calisthenics
non stop while that drill instructor would scream at us, but we’re going to do it in
a fun way. Are you ready John Paul? Yes, sir. Okay, jumping jacks, let’s go, jumping jacks,
jumping jacks, jumping jacks, push ups, push ups, push ups, push ups, come on bend those
arms, mountain climbers, mountain climbers, mountain climbers, bring those knees up, leg
raises, leg raises, leg raises, leg raises, leg raises, come on, come on, burpees, let’s
go, move those burpees, move those burpees, do that good push up, bring it up, bring it
up, come on, burpees, burpees, one more, one more burpees, one more burpees.

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