FTX | 11th Regiment, Advanced Camp 2019

11th Regiment, Advanced Camp, Cadets
completed a raid on an objective to gain enemy intelligence on August 5th. “They
were supposed to move approximately 250 meters to the objective and raid the
area no later than a certain time, since they were the decisive operation for the
company mission.” Platoon leader, Cadet Cartale Clark, planned the mission and
followed it diligently but not everything went to plan. “We actually made
it to our release point and we were able to send our security and observation team
out. We set them out and that went perfect as planned. The issue being,
when I came back to set my support by fire, I did not bring my PSG. That is what
caused the whole mission to pretty much fall apart at that point. So, from that
point I just had the PSG come with me with the assaulting element. We started to
take contact and we just had to adjust. We start firing back.” During the
commotion of the mission, two Cadets were hypothetically killed by an OPFOR member, making them casualties. “So, me and my battle buddy were running up to the objective and there was an enemy that hadn’t been been killed. So, he didn’t fire at us but they said he got us and killed us. We had been between the rear security and the objective so they didn’t actually know we were dead for a while. We were just laying on the trail waiting for them to kind of
finish actions on the objective, take accountability and realize that we
weren’t there.” After they were found the cadets adapted, filled positions and
completed the mission. “Especially when it’s a key leader,
definitely you have to adjust and there’s a succession of command that is applied. So,
say for example a squad leader goes down, then you would take the Alpha or the
Bravo team leader and they would become the squad leader. So, you have to
adjust that way and I put certain personnel in positions of leadership so
that they could take control of the mission.” From the CST Public Affairs
Office, this is Reagan Zimmerman.

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